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Chihuahuas are funny, feisty, and lovely dogs. You can’t stop giggling even when they show their teeth. They are so famous that their photos are perfect meme material.

Though they are small in size, they come as a big surprise to people, ask any chihuahua parent, if you don’t trust us. Today we will learn about some funny chihuahua facts. Without wasting any more time, let us begin.

Chihuahua Facts 1-11

1. Chihuahua’s history is not known accurately. It is named after Chihuahua, a Mexican state where it was discovered for the first time in 1850.

2. Some say that Mayans or Incas raised and developed this dog breed. Others say that Chinese Crested or Maltese dogs were crossed with Mexican Techichi to produce Chihuahua.

3. The usage of the breed is also uncertain. Some say that the breed was used for food by the Central American Indians, and others think that they had some religious importance.

4. Adelina Patti, an opera singer, was gifted a chihuahua hidden in a bouquet in 1890. President of Mexico gifted the Chihuahua.

5. Chihuahua slowly but surely won the hearts of millions and billions in the world, and it is now one of the most popular breeds on earth.

6. Before the name Chihuahua was finalized, they were called Arizona dogs and Texas dogs because they were found there.

7. American Kennel Club registered this sassy breed in the year 1904. AKC and other kennel organizations recognize only two types of Chihuahua – long coat Chihuahua and smooth coat Chihuahua.

8. The hair of a smooth coat is short (½ to ¾ inches long), and the long coat one’s hair is around 1 to 1.5 inches long.

9. AKC recognized these two breeds in 1952.

10. It is the smallest dog breed in the world. They are smaller than Pomeranians, Papillons, Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus, and Pugs.

11. Midget was the first Chihuahua to be registered in 1904. Hamilton Raynor of El Paso (Texas) registered his long coat Chihuahua dog in AKC. Other Chihuahuas that Raynor registered in AKC are Chiquita, Nellie, Bonito, and Tiny Tinkle Twinkle.

Chihuahua Facts 12-22

12. In 1923, the Chihuahua Club of America was formed. It is an official company of the AKC.

13. The only breed to show clannish behavior is the Chihuahua meaning Chihuahua’s prefer the company of Chihuahuas over any other breed.

14. Earlier, AKC encouraged breeders to produce smaller Chihuahuas. However, they changed the standards and now don’t show any preference for smaller Chihuahuas.

15. Most of the Chihuahuas puppies have a cranial or skull opening. The opening is called molera or soft spot. 80 to 90% of the Chihuahua puppies have molera.

16. As puppies grow and mature, the opening closes. However, there are many Chihuahua dogs in whom molera stays for a lifetime.

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17. According to folklore, Chihuahuas help in treating respiratory issues like asthma, allergies. It is said that they do it by absorbing the issues from their pet parents. However, there is no evidence backing this.

18. One of the lightest shedders in dog breeds is Chihuahua. As per a survey conducted by VetStreet, they rank 7 among dog breeds that shed the least. Females shed more than males.

19. Though small, the Chihuahuas are full of bravery. In the year 2007, a Chihuahua called Zoey saved her pet parent’s 1-year-old grandson from a rattlesnake. She (Zoey) was bitten, but she recovered after taking proper medical treatment.

20. Another incident where Honey, a Chihuahua, saved her pet parent’s granddaughter from a bigger dog. There is a multitude of such cases where Chihuahua saved the lives of their loved ones.

21. The meaning of the word “chihuahua” is between two waters. It is a Nahuati word.

22. El Paso Padres, a minor league baseball team, wanted to be a bit different from San Diego Padres. A naming contest was held in 2013. An overwhelming number of people wanted them to have the name El Paso Chihuahuas. They agreed, and their new logo was growling Chihuahua.

Chihuahua Facts 23-33

23. Cities of the US celebrate Chihuahuas on Cinco De Mayo. They host costume contests, parades, owner-dog lookalike contests, etc. on that day. Interestingly some of the vet clinics offer free spaying for Chihuahuas during this time.

24. The unofficial state dog of Arizona is the Chihuahua.

25. It was common to see wild Chihuahuas in the SouthWestern US during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Raynor (the one who registered the Chihuahua in the AKC for the first time) captured these dogs and started a kennel.

26. It is not uncommon to see large groups of wild Chihuahuas in some parts of the US, even today. A large number of wild Chihuahuas were seen in Phoenix, Arizona in 2014. The area around San Fransico Bay experienced similar sightings.

27. If you want to have a dog that will be a companion for you for a very long time, then the Chihuahua is for you. They live for around 15 to 20 years on average, which makes them on the longest living dog breeds.

28. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is held once every year in New York. Here purebred dogs are judged based on how well they conform to the set standards. Chihuahuas are participating in this dog show since 1877, and they didn’t win even once. Other dogs that didn’t register any victory are Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Great Dane, Shih Tzu, etc. Chihuahua, however, won Best in Group (Toy) only once.

29. Chihuahuas have the habit of burrowing – be it sand, blankets, pillows, towels, or any other random thing. Scientists think that Chihuahuas got this instinct from Techichi ancestors. Techichis probably burrowed in vegetation and/or sand for warmth or to protect themselves from predators.

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30. Did you know that wild Chihuahuas are excellent tree climbers? They can easily climb trees and small mountains. They used to climb for either warmth or protection.

31. Chihuahuas are either apple head or deer head, depending on the facial characteristics of this dog breed.

32. You can find 30 varieties of coat colors in the Chihuahuas. You can find the Chihuahuas in black, fawn, white, red, blue, etc. Solid white color is the rarest coat color for the Chihuahuas.

33. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, small dogs, irrespective of the breed, around the US-Mexico border were thought to be Chihuahuas.

Chihuahua Facts 34-44

34. As the long coat variety in Chihuahua is a recessive trait, two smooth coat Chihuahuas can produce a long coat puppy.

35. Chihuahuas are depicted in sculptures and pots which date back to 300 BCE. They are depicted in paintings of the 15th century like Two Venetian Ladies by Vittore Carpaccio and Sandro Botticelli’s The Trials and Calling of Moses.

36. These sassy dogs have the largest brain to body ration in the dog world.

37. You may not believe this, but they are excellent watchdogs. They always on alert and keep listening, and if they see any animal around, they will bark to let you know.

38. It is believed that Pomeranians were crossed with smooth hair Chihuahuas to get long coat Chihuahuas.

39. Chihuahua is popular among celebrities. Some of the celebrities who have this pooch are Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Lupe Velez, Madonna, Hillary Duff, etc.

40. There is no teacup variety in Chihuahua’s case. Breeders may say that, but don’t believe them as neither AKC nor any reputed dog organizations recognize any teacup variety of Chihuahua.

41. Canadian Kennel Club registered Chihuahua in 1928.

42. The most famous and common name for a Chihuahua is Chico. It is a Spanish word meaning a small boy.

43. A Chihuahua named Gidget appeared in the advertisements for Taco Bell. The advertisement introduced Chihuahuas to the Americans who saw a Chihuahua for the first time ever!

44. As per a 2017 Google Trends map, Chihuahua is the most difficult word for South Carolina and Arkansas users.

Chihuahua Facts 45-55

45. They are natural retrievers. A six-pound Chihuahua became a police dog for Japan’s Nara Police Department in the year 201. Thanks to its small size, it can squeeze itself in tight places and help in the search and rescue team.

46. They are pretty destructive. In their lifetime, they can cause $1,300 of damage!

47. This breed featured in several movies and TV shows like Lady and Trump (first appearance in 1955), White & Blonde, Legally Blonde 2, Phineas and Ferb, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, etc.

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48. As the puppy’s head size is big, and the mother’s birth canal is small, most of the pup delivery happens through the caserean section than any other dog breed.

49. Lily, a smooth coat Chihuahua, has a wardrobe worth over $19,000. Lily’s pet parent, Sian Butler, bought hundreds of Chanel and Dior-inspired dresses for Lily.

50. Most of the Chihuahuas suffer from small dog syndrome, meaning; they compensate for their small size by barking and standing their ground when confronted by large dogs or people.

51. In 2015 in Dayton beach, 209, Chihuahuas dressed up to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and to set a new world record for the largest ever gathering of Chihuahuas in dresses.

52. As per the British Chihuahuan Club, the first dog to dine at the House of Commons is Rozavel Miguel, a Chihuahua. The pooch dined in 1952.

53. Chihuahuas are famous for nursing abandoned kittens. In the year 2015, Lucy, a six-year-old Chihuahua, helped in raising two abandoned kittens.

54. Just like their coat, the pooch’s nose can be of several colors, and they can be in two tones as well.

55. The pooch falls under toy breed and is a companion dog, according to the AKC.

Chihuahua Facts 56-66

56. The second most euthanized breed in shelters is the Chihuahua. Pitbulls take the first spot.

57. According to an Aztec legend, an Aztec princess had more than a thousand tiny dogs (ancestors of Chihuahuas), and each of them had a servant. When the dog died, the servant was also killed so that the servant can serve the dog in the afterlife.

58. Chihuahuas may be a little overbearing sometimes, but they are so loyal that they can die of heartbreak!

59. Chihuahuas have floppy ears when they are born. They become erect when they get older. If the ears are not up by six months, then they will remain floppy forever.

60. Christopher Columbus might have brought these pooches to Europe.

61. Earlier, Chihuahuas were a little larger than what we see today.

62. They are intelligent, energetic, compassionate (with their families), and sensitive. With early socialization, they can be great with other humans. They love children.

63. The average weight of Chihuahua is from 3 to 6 pounds. They can be from 7 inches to 9 inches at withers.

64. Like any other dog, they are vulnerable to diseases like Patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, heart murmurs, hydrocephalus, collapsed trachea, pulmonic stenosis, open fontanel, dental problems, and shivering.

65. Though they are energetic, an exercise of at least 15 to 20 minutes.

66. The average litter size is 4 puppies, but the largest litter for a Chihuahua is 10 puppies!


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