What is Dating?

Have you ever wondered what is ‘dating,’ and how it differs from ‘dating someone?’ Before we delve deep into our list of awesome dating facts, let’s understand the definition of dating.

Dating means you are actively going out on dates. You are meeting people, and you are spending some time with them.

Dating someone specifically means that you are dating a specific person. Dating someone can happen on a regular basis with a certain purpose. It usually connotes romantic time you are spending with someone, which can eventually culminate into a steady relationship.

Okay, now that you know what is dating and what dating someone means, it is about time we take a look into some awesome dating facts.

Are you ready?

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Awesome Dating Facts: 1-5

1. Before a couple enters into a serious relationship, they will go for at least 6-8 dates.

2. Speed dating was introduced in 1999 by a rabbi who lived in Los Angeles. It was based on chaperoned gathering tradition of Jewish young singles.

3. Studies suggest that most of the breakups take place within 3 months to 5 months of a relationship.

4. Violence in a relationship is not new. One out of every three teens have experienced this.

5. 12% women dump their overweight partners while 31% men do the same. This was studied by Elle magazine and MSNBC.com

Awesome Dating Facts: 6-10

6. Couples will trade house keys but that won’t happen before 12 to 14 dates.

7. A study conducted through dating sites suggest that women posting their photo get double the emails than those who don’t.

8. The same study suggests that men who posted their annual income to be USD 250,000 get 156% more emails than those who report USD 50,000 income.

9. 44% of US members of Match.com have children.

10. 10% of accounts found on free dating sites are spammers.

Awesome Dating Facts: 11-15

11. A study shows that women are attracted to men wearing blue. So, if you are a man and cannot decide what to wear on your first date, consider blue.

12. Of all single parents, 92% prefer to date other single parents.

13. Online daters have a uniform segregation. 33% end up in a relationship, 33% do not and 33% simply give up.

14. University of Chicago researchers say that a person is more likely to get a date through family and friends compared to bars.

15. In workplace scenarios, 4 of 10 relationships end up in marriage.

Awesome Dating Facts: 16-20

16. University of Pennsylvania’s psychologists studied 10,000 speed daters. It was found that speed daters, within just 3 seconds of meeting, decide the attractiveness of a person.

17. Women in online dating are afraid of meeting serial killers. On the other hand, men are actually afraid of meeting fat women.

18. com conducted a survey on 5,000 individuals. It turned out that 43% people look for people with fresh breath. 10% look for good hair, 14% hunt for good skin and 15% are after sexy fragrance. Remaining 17% go for stylish clothes.

19. 40% of all men are not comfortable while dating a woman for the first time.

20. Here is a quick tip from dating specialists – never cook dinner for someone until the third date is completed.

Awesome Dating Facts: 21-25

21. In early 20th century, dating was actually a courtship ritual. Under the watch of a chaperone, young women would come and entertain young men.

22. Dating was replaced by hooking up by 1960s and 70s because marriage age increased significantly.

23. Movie theaters and restaurants are not at all good places for dating. Good places for flirting and dating are malls, coffee shops, colleges and schools. That’s because people openly meet with others in those places.

24. It is not the words of a man but the posture in which he stands makes 80% of the impression of a woman in first date.

25. Negativity during the first date is disastrous. It is a turn off for almost every one. Happiness is contagious and people prefer to meet happy people.

Awesome Dating Facts: 26-30

26. Groups of loud women is a turn off for men. So for a women looking for potential date, it is important to step out of such groups. Only then a man will comfortably approach her.

27. Mimicking someone’s body language to some extent is good while dating. This conveys a message that a person is interested. However, mimicking every move can be disastrous.

28. Revealing body areas that do not usually leads to instant liking. Examples will be feet, ankle, neck nape, inside calf muscles, inner sides of upper arm, inner wrists etc.

29. Saying the name of the other person at least twice during a conversation in a date leads to instant link. This is because saying out the name means connectiveness and attentiveness.

30. During a date it is important to remember small pieces of information about a person is important. That information should be worked around during a conversation. It shows interest and is also flattering.

Awesome Dating Facts: 31-35

31. Bad teeth as well as bad breath are big turn offs for daters. In case you have bad breath even after deep oral cleaning, have your stomach checked. H. pylori bacterium in your gut is causing bad breath.

32. Sense of smell in women is better than men. Then prefer smells like black licorice and musk. So, men must wear aftershaves or cologne that are pheromones-based.

33. A man’s body type is an important factor for women during a date. Overweight people are less favored. Thin are considered fearful but intelligent. Muscular men are looked upon as good looking, brave and healthy.

34. Women are turned off by a number of things in men. For example, man boobs, hair mistakes, goofy glasses and hair nostrils are some of the basic turn offs.

35. Women are also turned off by bad breath, body odor, missing teeth, belching, flatulence, raggedy nails and cystic acne.

Awesome Dating Facts: 36-40

36. Activities of a group of women tell a lot about their intentions of finding a date. If they are together but their eyes are wandering in different directions, they are looking for dates.

If huddled together, and they are busy giggling, they are not interested in men. If single individuals from the group break away for going to bathroom, they are hunting for men.

37. If a woman is not interested in a date, she will give several signs. For example, she will stare blankly or answer in monosyllables. She will lean away or not smile. They will fake a smile. She will avoid eye contact, tap her foot or look at her watch.

38. In a gathering, good looking women do not get as many winks or stares as average looking women. This is because average looking males are intimidated by good looking women and are afraid of approaching.

39. When should you call a man or a woman and not look desperate? Ideally it should be 4-5 days after first date. Any longer than that will mean you are not interested. Any sooner will mean you are too desperate.

40. It is important to choose an exciting place for the first date. This will make the date fall for you. Studies show that romantic attraction and danger have definitive link.

Awesome Dating Facts: 41-45

41. Fast food centers, strip clubs, X-rated movies, house of your parents, school play or birthday party of your kids are all terrible places for first date.

42. Other terrible places for dating include window shopping, church activities, attending a party where there is a possibility of your ex showing up, swingers party etc.

43. A woman is not interested in dating any further if he is not returning a call after two messages. Leave her alone.

44. Only after 3 dates men fall in love and they know that. Women on the other hand take 14 dates to fall in love.

45. It takes only second date for daters to kiss.

Awesome Dating Facts: 46-50

46. AOL ran a survey and found that 40% women think that right time to have sex is after 1 to 3 months of dating. Men -35% of them – on the contrary think that 3rd date is enough to jump into sex.

47. On an average, daters take about 4 to 6 dates to have sex.

48. Only 29% of US people will have sex on their very first date.

49. A woman looking for a date should bring two wing women. This is because a man will not easily strike a conversation if he sees just two women. This is because, the man will not want the other woman to feel abandoned.

50. If a woman smiles, uncrosses arms and makes eye contacts subtly, she increases the chances of a man approaching her.

Awesome Dating Facts: 51-55

51. For first dates, Italian food restaurants are very popular destinations.

52. Breaking up via email is not uncommon. About 48% of all online daters suffer this.

53. Every man suffers from dating fears which include – getting a high maintenance partner or getting a woman who doesn’t respect him.

54. He also fears getting a woman who will become a stalker or will not allow him free time.

55. A man is also afraid that the woman he dates will come between him and his friends.

Awesome Dating Facts: 56-60

56. In case a woman wants to pay for everything, it indicates that she is not very interested.

57. On the other hand, a man paying for everything is universally accepted and is considered as copulatory gift.

58. In a bar if a woman is talking to a bartender, she is pretty approachable. Guys can quickly jump into conversation.

59. Daters who are desperate are almost always available. They end up fishing for compliments too often. In case they are treated badly, they will try to rationalize such treatments. They are also clingy by nature.

60. 2% of all marriages in USA take place through eHarmony.com. At least that is what they boast. According to eHarmony, every single day, 236 members get married through their platform.


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