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6 Reasons Why America Will Fall

Recent developments in both economic and political theatres worldwide are pointing at something that Americans are not going to love. A complete collapse of American economy is imminent. It is not the question of whether the meltdown is going to happen or not. It is the question of ‘when’. We are not big shot analysts of world economy or world politics. With very little knowledge we are still able to see what’s coming. Let us find out the problems and sum up 6 reasons why America will fall.

Reason 1: America’s debt is growing rapidly

We must say that ‘America’s debt is growing rapidly’ is actually an understatement of the grave economic conditions looming on the nation. In fact, the nation’s debt is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

As we are writing this article now, America’s national debt stands at $18,385,897,000,000 (i.e. above 18 trillion dollars). If you want to see the debt growth in real time, head for this link. By the time you land on the page, the debt amount will have grown even more. The chart below will show how the debt increased from 2004 to 2015.

National Debt of USA

It is predicted that by 2019, the debt will increase to about 21 trillion dollars or more. Back in 2004, this debt was at 7.3 trillion dollars.

Okay, let us show you a slightly grimmer scenario.

What we are going to see in the following chart is how much of debt every American taxpayer had back in 2004 and how much money they owe today. But before we show you the chart, you need to know one thing – America has a new breed of minority population. These people are not blacks or whites. They are not African or Asian. They are not immigrants or natives. They are taxpayers. Sounds weird right? That’s the truth. America has more dependent people than those who earn. Anyway, let us take a look at how the debt of the taxpayers increased since 2004.

Public Debt of Individual Tax Payers in USA

It is estimated that by 2019, every taxpayer in USA will be in $161,022 of public debt. As of today, every single taxpayer in USA owes $154,549 to the US government. Here is the chain of events that will eventually happen:

  1. Government will increase taxes.
  2. More taxes will mean less to spend and less to save. This means less of wealth accumulation.
  3. With less to spend, standard of living will fall.
  4. Initially, the middle class people will be the worst hit. Once they are hit badly and can no longer take the blow, the problem will spill over to the rich.
  5. The rich people in US are usually people from private sectors with businesses.
  6. As the rich start paying more tax, they will have less to pay out as wages.
  7. With wages going down and taxes increasing, economic activities will slow down and at the same time, with lesser and lesser wealth accumulation, the middle class segment of the nation will be thinned out.

Reason 2: America is far from being a Democracy

America is gradually winding up as a totalitarian nation instead of a democratic nation. In 2014, of the total people who were eligible for voting, only 40% ended up doing so. Public opinion goes unheard in the nation. One person and one person alone is capable of declaring war on other nations. According to World Justice Project, USA trails behind many countries when it comes to complaint mechanism, civic participation, right to information, publicized government data and laws. And… it is no longer a hidden fact that US government has increased its surveillance. The government is continuously operating with greater secrecy.

Reason 3: USA is looked upon as greatest threat to world peace

US has a long standing image of fighting abroad. In 2013 GALLUP conducted a worldwide survey and attempted to find out one thing: “Which country in this world is the greatest threat to world peace?” Total 65 countries were included in this poll and the results were:

  1. World’s number 1 threat to peace: United States of America.
  2. World’s number 2 threat to peace: Pakistan.
  3. World’s number 3 threat to peace: China.

So, when US tries to show itself as a country trying to liberate world from problems, the world thinks otherwise. It turns out that USA sends in less of financial aid and more of missiles, bombs, bullets worldwide.

Reason 4: Rising militarism

Guess what? USA spends $1.3 trillion every year as military expenses. Let us put in perspective. That’s nearly the same as the total military expense of the rest of the world taken together. On top of that, USA is world’s biggest supplier of weapons to the rest of the world. Talk of incarceration and USA tops the world. USA is the prison capital of planet Earth. The number of African-Americans in US prisons today far exceeds the number of slaves that were present in USA before the Civil War of the nation. Military surveillance on US citizens is increasing rapidly in name of war. People are gradually losing their civil liberties.

Military enlistment in USA is gradually declining because of unnecessary war propagandas. US government is now turning to drones and mercenaries. Mercenaries love war and they are pushing for more war. Countries on the other hand that are investing in non-military activities or activities that are not violent by nature are actually getting enriched.

Reason 5: US Dollar is losing its Primary Reserve Currency status

This is the bitter truth. Countries all over the world are teaming up to ditch US dollar as the Primary Reserve Currency. Formation of BRICS and countries after countries deciding to use alternative currencies for settling bilateral trades are clear indicatives that the world no longer wants US Dollar as its Primary Reserve Currency. Formation of BRICS is also a big blow to the hegemony of World Bank. Several countries that are joining the ‘ditch the dollar’ bandwagon include China, Russia, the UK, India, Iran, Venezuela, France, Germany, Japan, Brazil etc. Many countries have started selling of US Treasury bonds and some have started buying gold using US currency. Several countries have decided to conduct bilateral trades using their own currencies. Examples will be Russia and China, Germany and China, Japan and China, Brazil and China, Australia and China, Venezuela and Russia etc.

Petrodollar system is collapsing. After some strict sanctions on Russia from west, Vladimir Putin decided to take US dollar out of Russia’s commodity trading. Russia, which is world’s largest producer of natural gas and oil has decided to sell its natural resources in Rubles instead of US dollar.

Iran, which also produces oil has moved out of petrodollar system and completely abandoned US dollar. Russia backed Iran saying she will sell Iran’s oil in international market in Rubles. China on the other hand is striking deals after deals with nations to conclude bilateral trades in their own currencies instead of using USD.


When USD is ditched, all the printed notes will enter back America and whole of American monetary system will collapse like a house of cards. Apparently, the world is just speeding up on ditching USD. So, we may see US dollars rendered valueless very quickly. How quickly? We don’t really know that. One word of advice – if you have invested in US dollar, leave it and get gold. Pet, love, caress and if possible even talk to this yellow metal. We think that sooner or later gold will once again become a reserve currency and all countries will start backing their own currencies using gold.

Reason 6: Gold’s skyrocketing prices only reiterates that US dollar is losing importance

Gold is considered as ‘anti-dollar’. The lower the price of gold, the stronger the US currency is. The story is extremely scary here for USD. Let us take a look at the graph below to find out how Gold has been rising:

Rising Gold Price

Of course there have been ups and downs but since 1991, Gold has been steadily becoming stronger against USD.

There are many other reasons that will eventually lead to the fall of US. For instance, actions of Obama Administration has cost America some of its friends and more of the hostile countries are now getting along with US rather than long standing allies. Obama has been showing double standards since he came into office. Take a look at this video to get a better understanding of what Obama administration has been up to:


So, what is the future of America? Will America fall and cease to become the sole superpower of world? That is what it looks like for now. The only regret we on the other side of the world will have is that when it happens, US citizens will be the people who will be worst hit. However, we do think that US needs to be taken down from the position of world’s most dominant power because the country has for long shifted out from the principles that were the founding pillars. Today, the world see America as a hostile nation that will do everything to maintain its powers, even if that costs the lives of millions of people around the world and even within its own boundaries. It is run by banking and media cartels owned by Zionists who know nothing more than money and power.

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  1. i heard these things the last 4 or 5 years now and it make very upset and sick cause i used to love my country the usa but now i am ashamed of it and we are losing our rights too and last president was one bad person and lot of people think he is the anti-christ but i do not know but he does not love usa at all at least we the people of usa and as far a our country goes it is not the nation that was found on and it look like russia every day…. thank to out fed government and the deep state goverment who is really running this country..


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