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YouTube is the most popular video platform in the world, yet there is likely plenty you don’t know about the site. Consequently, here are some astoundingly fascinating YouTube facts for your perusal.

YouTube Facts 1-10

1. YouTube is the second most viewed website worldwide.

2. YouTube accounts for 25% of all mobile traffic worldwide.

3. Direct traffic comprises 74.57 percent of desktop traffic.

4. Charlie Bit My Finger was the most expensive YouTube video sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) in 2021, fetching $760,000.

5. Over 70 percent of what YouTube users watch is controlled by its recommendation system.

6. The first video was uploaded from the San Diego Zoo in 2005.

7. Gangnam Style was so famous that YouTube’s video counter was broken.

8. By 2025, it is anticipated that fifty percent of viewers under the age of 32 would not subscribe to premium television.

9. 20% of people will abandon a video if it fails to capture their attention inside the first 10 seconds.

10. YouTube offers free space in Los Angeles to users with more than 10,000 subscribers.

YouTube Facts 11-20

11. YouTube is the second most popular search engine worldwide.

12. 61.5 percent of the most-viewed YouTube videos are unavailable in Germany.

13. Baby Shark Dance by Pinkfong is the most popular video on YouTube, with 10.3 billion views.

14. With 4.4 billion views, Masha and The Bear – Recipe for catastrophe (Episode 17) is the most popular non-music video on YouTube.

15. The “Baby” video by Justin Bieber has 12 million dislikes.

16. T-Series is the most popular YouTube channel with 210 million members.

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17. There are currently around 37 million YouTube channels.

18. There are more than 9,000 partners utilising Content ID, including several major TV networks, film studios, and record companies.

19. Since the implementation of Content ID, YouTube partners have claimed more than 800 million videos.

20. The first advertisements appeared in August of 2007.

YouTube Facts 21-30

21. By March 2013, YouTube had 1 billion active monthly users.

22. The first YouTube video to reach one million views was a Nike advertisement featuring Ronaldinho.

23. Approximately 8 out of 10 adult YouTube users in the United States (81 percent) stated in a 2018 poll that they at least occasionally view videos recommended by the platform’s recommendation system.

24. According to a 2018 poll, half of U.S. people who use YouTube think the site is crucial for learning how to perform things they’ve never done before.

25. 28 percent of respondents surveyed in 2019 claimed they obtain news there, second only to Facebook (52 percent).

26. Approximately eight in ten parents of children less than 11 (81 percent) said they let their child to watch YouTube videos at least occasionally, with 34 percent doing so regularly, according to a 2018 poll.

27. The most active 10% of channels with at least 250,000 subscribers were responsible for posting 70% of all videos generated by these prominent channels during the first week of 2019. The most popular 10 percent of these films attracted 79 percent of all views over the week.

28. In the first week of 2019, around 18 percent of English-language YouTube videos produced by prominent channels centered on gaming.

29. 56 percent of prominent YouTube channels published at least one video in the first week of 2019. Only 33 percent of those who uploaded a video did so in English. Only 17 percent of the videos posted by these channels during the week were entirely in English.

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30. Nearly 44,000 YouTube channels have at least 250,000 followers as of January 2019. Alone in the first week of 2019, these prominent channels uploaded 48,486 hours of video and garnered over 14.2 billion individual views, according to July 2019 Pew Research Center research.

YouTube Facts 31-40

31. YouTube was the fifth most utilized social media network by marketers in the year 2020, behind Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

32. Nine percent of American small companies utilise YouTube.

33. Since 2007, YouTube has paid $3 billion to copyright holders as of November 2018.

34. The number of YouTube channels generating six figures annually has climbed by 40% year over year.

35. After T-Series, the most popular branded channel is WWE, with over 53 million subscribers.

36. With 1.9 billion subscribers, YouTube is the second most popular social media network.

37. Every minute, 500 hours of video are posted to YouTube.

38. Daily, we see over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos, which is more than Netflix and Facebook combined.

39. 70% of YouTube views originate from mobile devices.

40. The average duration of a mobile watching session is almost 40 minutes.

YouTube Facts 41-52

41. Currently, the video with the most views is the music video for ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. It has more than 6.6 billion views.

42. Gangnam Style, the previous most viewed video, reached 1 billion views after five months. In contrast, Despacito was recorded in only 97 days.

43. Get Movies’ ‘Masha and The Bear – Recipe for catastrophe (Episode 17)’ is the non-music video with the most views. Currently, it has over 4 billion views.

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44. T-Series has the most subscribed channels on YouTube, followed by PewDiePie and Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes (excluding programmatically made channels).

45. “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” is the video with the most dislikes on YouTube. 

46. In October 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion.

47. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, the three creators of YouTube, all worked for PayPal. The funds from eBay’s acquisition of PayPal were utilized to subsidize the site’s early growth.

48. The ambition of YouTube to reach every household on the earth has not always been smooth sailing. More than 25 nations have barred access at various periods. There are all the obvious suspects, along with some surprises, like Finland, Germany, Brazil, etc. 

49. YouTube’s assault on conventional television formats shows little sign of abating. Recent research indicates that the amount of time spent on YouTube has increased by double-digit percentages. Simultaneously, the amount of time spent viewing television is decreasing by double digits.

50. YouTube reaches more 18-to-49-year-olds in the United States than any broadcast or cable TV network.

51. In any given month, eighty percent of individuals aged 18 to 49 in North America watch at least one YouTube video.

52. The domain was purchased on February 14, 2005. They considered making it a dating website, but ultimately decided against it, and the rest is history. A little over two months later, co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first video.

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