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Looking for sites and apps for educational games? Well, you are at the right place. Game-based learning transforms potentially tiresome study time into an adventure filled with appealing tunes and digital incentives.

It helps maintain children’s interest in the topic and motivates them to explore further knowledge. The best part is that web- or app-based gaming seamlessly fits into both online and in-person courses.

With Flash’s retirement at the end of 2020, several popular educational gaming websites ceased to exist. That is why we bring to you a popular list below to include the most up-to-date and greatest websites and applications for K-12 education games.

Numerous sites are free (or provide free basic accounts), and others equip instructors with progress monitoring and analyzing capabilities. All of these factors contribute to children’s enjoyment of learning.

51 Sites and Apps for Educational Games



A fantastic keyboarding resource for children in grades K-12, with over 400 games.


Turtle Diary Online Games

A comprehensive collection of videos, games, lesson plans, quizzes, and other digital resources for kids in preK-5, searchable by subject, grade level, and Common Core standard. There are both free and paid accounts.


Tate Kids

Explore art-related activities and quizzes on this visually stunning site from the Tate Museum in the United Kingdom. Rather than focusing on exam results, activities emphasize learning and exploration. A remarkable approach to get children thinking about and creating art.



With adaptive tailored gaming, Sumdog’s standards-based arithmetic and spelling practice platform seeks to increase student learning and confidence. This platform hit with children and backed up by research. Basic account is completely free.


Solving the Rubik’s Cube!

This top-notch digital explanation for one of the most difficult hands-on puzzles ever comes from educator Ryan Chadwick. Includes illustrations and suggestions on how to increase your speed while solving the Rubik’s cube. It’s completely free and requires no registration.



A groundbreaking new website that enables instructors to differentiate training via the use of a novel game-based learning method. Teachers may monitor students’ development using reporting tools.



Skoolbo provides educational games for writing, reading, languages, numeracy, art, science, logic, and music. Young learners may also benefit from digital books alongside step-by-step animated tutorials. Numerous programs for courses and schools, including a free first month.


Sheppard Software

Hundreds of free games organized by grade level for prekindergarten through postsecondary students. Subjects include geography, animals, grammar, mathematics, vocabulary, chemistry, and STEM. Select relaxed mode for recreational purposes or timed mode for practice exams.



Discover 140+ free educational games covering a range of disciplines, including language arts, mathematics, typing and keyboarding skills, and digital puzzles. The games are divided into categories based on their intended audience as well as their subject matter. Extremely popular among both instructors and kids.


Reading Racer

This one-of-a-kind iOS game enables kids to read aloud into their mobile device in order to aid them in winning a race. A fantastic literacy aid for children aged 5-8.



Quizlet enables instructors to create multimedia-enhanced interactive online quizzes in seven distinct forms. Basic account is completely free.



PurposeGames provides a wealth of free educational entertainment, including tools for instructors, games covering every school topic, badges, organizations, and competitions. Additionally, you may create your own quizzes and games.



Prodigy is a multi-award-winning, standards-aligned web-based math game for grades 1-8. It is inspired by popular fantasy-style multiplayer games. Students create and personalize an avatar before tackling arithmetic challenges. Basic accounts are available for free and contain core gameplay features and basic pet capabilities.



Users may play exceptionally challenging games for free because to a deceptively basic design. Additionally, professors design gamified quizzes and provide the code to their pupils. A vivacious musical score adds to the delight.


Play to Prevent Games

These games address difficult societal problems such as vaping, opiate usage, HIV/AIDS, and unwanted pregnancy while also aiding children’s mental health and overall development. Access is available for a fee upon request.


PBS Kids Games

Dozens of free games covering anything from mathematics to social-emotional skills will captivate younger students. This user-friendly website does not need registration. Both English and Spanish are supported.



Oodlu is an online education game platform that is ideal for students of any age who have some reading skills. Teachers construct their own games using the question bank that is built into the system, and analytics tracks each student’s progress. Standard account is completely free.


Numbers League

A multi-award-winning math game with a comic book aesthetic that is suitable for all ages.


Niche – Breed and Evolve

A complex genetics simulation that enables children to establish a tribe of animals that evolves and adapts. This is an excellent resource for biology classrooms.


National Geographic Kids

Free games and quizzes on a variety of subjects, from bugs and animals to deciphering ciphers.


NASA Space Place

NASA enables players to explore Earth and outer space with games that address complex issues such as “How does NASA communicate with its far-flung spacecraft?” and “How is energy generated by the sun?” Free and enthralling.



An educational block-based graphics game that enables students to create and explore virtual worlds. Integral instructor controls provide a safe and educational experience. Extensive classroom materials include educator training, lesson planning, and challenge creation.


TVOKids Math Castle

Do you remember the classic board game Chutes & Ladders? TVO Apps has modernized it with a free and interesting iOS app. Children in grades 2-6 develop fundamental math abilities while protecting the castle from monsters.


Math Attax

This free mobile (iOS and Android) arithmetic game assists kids in developing their fundamental math abilities. It’s a fast-paced shoot-em-up in the vein of Asteroids.


Math and Sorcery

A super-fun iOS application for practicing fundamental arithmetic abilities in the manner of an 8-bit role-playing game. Students are tasked with locating a stolen book of mathematics and wizardry. A fantastic approach to boost mental math speed.


Manga High Math Games

22 free mathematics games from Manga High examine concepts in mental math, arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and more. Each game includes a variety of curriculum-aligned exercises.


Little Alchemy 2

The elements: air, earth, fire, and water. Simple. Uncomplicated. Quite excellent. Additionally, iOS and Android are supported.


Legends of Learning

A wonderful collection of standards-aligned mathematics and science activities for children in grades K-8. Teacher accounts are free, but school and district-level accounts include premium features. Make sure to check out their future free STEM contests based on games.


Land of Venn

A highly rated geometry game for iOS devices in which students protect themselves from monsters by drawing geometric forms. In 2014, USA Today named it the Math Game of the Year. It costs $2.99.



A really fast-paced vocabulary game. Educators may design custom word packs and keep track of their students’ progress. While free basic accounts provide access to all word packs (available publicly), sharing, and exporting, the reasonably priced Pro and Team accounts provide limitless word pack generation and allocation.



One of the most famed websites for classroom gamification, Kahoot! allows teachers to design quizzes and games, which students respond to through mobile devices. Offers three different pricing tiers: free basic, pro, and premium.



The foundation iCivics was created in 2009 by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to educate Americans about democracy. The site has an educational gateway for civics education, as well as standards-aligned activities and programs.


HoloLAB Champions Trailer (Educators Edition)

In a series of competitive laboratory skills activities, players in this fascinating virtual chemistry lab will need to measure, weigh, pour, and heat. There is no need for safety goggles—but don’t forget your virtual set! Educators are admitted free.


GoNoodle Games

In contrast to the majority of digital activities, GoNoodle is meant to get children moving rather than keeping them addicted to the screen. The newest free GoNoodle games for Android and iOS include characters, dances, and music from children’s favorite shows, such as the Addams Family and Space Race.



Gimkit, created by a high school student, touts itself as a classroom game show. Children may earn in-game currency for right answers and use it to purchase upgrades and power-ups. After each game, educators get reports. Gimkit Ink, a second application, enables kids to publish and share their coursework. $4.99/month, or discounted group rates for schools. Gimkit Pro’s 30-day free trial may be converted to a Basic account which is free.



A visually stunning geography puzzler that challenges children to guess location using cues from Mapillary photos and Google Street View. This is an excellent way to foster reasoning abilities and critical thinking.



This unique website, created by the developers of BrainPop, has standards-based activities covering subjects ranging from civics to mathematics to science to coding. Includes lesson plans and ideas for lessons. Educators, families, and schools may choose from a variety of fee-based arrangements.



Browse educational games for children in grades K-8 by grade level, popularity, and subject matter such as arithmetic, grammar, and vocabulary. Numerous humorous creatures are shown to pique children’s curiosity. Registration is not needed.


Education Galaxy

This innovative K-6 online platform promotes academic achievement via game-based learning. Online assessment preparation and adaptive intervention for troubled learners and at-risk pupils are the two primary programs. A basic teacher account is free and allows for one instructor and 30 students across all courses or 150 students across one topic.



These games are mildly addicting due to their amusing cartoon characters and excellent sound effects. Teachers may quickly construct interactive learning games by entering terminology or questions and responses. A shared code enables children to participate in educational activities and games. There is no need to create an account in order to try the sample games.



Children in grades three through nine may practice mathematics and reading skills while playing standards-aligned, multiplayer video games in a virtual 3D environment. Individual plans are reasonably priced per month or per year, while schools and districts get large reductions in prices. Bonus for instructors and students in New Jersey: the program is free for the whole 2021–22 school year.


Cells Alive! Puzzles and Games

Students may reinforce classroom biology teachings with the aid of free digital memory match, word puzzles, and jigsaw.


Breakout EDU

BreakoutEDU delivers the excitement of an escape room to the classroom, with more than 2,000 academically connected activities. Students collaborate to solve a series of tasks by using SEL skills, 4C, and material knowledge. Additionally, the platform enables students and educators to develop and share their own escape-style games via the use of a digital game builder.



A straightforward, user-friendly website featuring digital flash card-based games covering a broad range of disciplines and themes, including science, math, English, and languages. No login is necessary to play, however users may design their own flash cards with a free account.



Blooket is an excellent gamified learning and quiz platform with an intuitive user interface. It has nine distinct game types and is compatible with both student devices and desktop PCs.



Browse a massive library of over 500,000 teacher-created games, or use text, graphics, and animation to build your own multimedia-based learning games. Children may participate as teams or individually and they can play online or in the classroom.



Arcademics is an award-winning, creative site for K-8 game-based education in geography, language arts, math, and other topics. It has an educational portal that enables instructors to track student progress, produce thorough reports, and evaluate student learning. The free basic account includes the majority of features and is sponsored by advertisements.


Annenberg Classroom’s That’s Your Right

Children may participate alone or in multiplayer mode to develop and practice their knowledge of the Bill of Rights. With high-quality music and visuals and three difficulty levels, this free game is an ideal method to supplement middle and high school civics teaching.


Adventure Academy

Children aged 8-13 go on an educational adventure in a safe, enjoyable, and instructive MMO environment. Language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies are among the subjects covered. The first month is complimentary, after which it is $12.99 a month or $59.99 per year.



Over 300 enjoyable and instructive games and mobile applications for children in prekindergarten through sixth grade. Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards may be used to filter games. For PC usage, it is completely free; for mobile devices, a subscription membership is required.


ABC Kids

For younger students aged 2-5 years, this is an extremely easy instructional game.

This completes our list of sites and apps for educational games. If you think we have missed some important ones, feel free to drop a message. We will consider adding it to this list.

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