In this age, most of the men blame that the society is somewhat preoccupied with females and no one cares about them. Guess what? They are right to an extent. We don’t celebrate International Men’s Day the way we celebrate International Women’s Day – this is one such unjust treatment that we inadvertently treat them to. We wrote about women’s facts on women’s day and today to equal it out, we are with our wonder men facts’ article. After all, why should women have all the attention?

Masculine Men Facts 1-10

1. Men are vulnerable to be more colorblind than women. However, they are extremely good at sensing movement.

2. Men are to have 25% thicker skin than women. They also have higher collagen in their skin compared to women.

3. Men have denser bones, ligaments, tendons, etc. than women.

4. Ring fingers of men are longer than their index fingers.

5. Men have more muscle mass than women. Skeletal muscles are faster and more powerful in men. The same muscles are faster to recover and resist fatigue better than the skeletal muscles of men.

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6. Men have a little weaker sense of smell and taste. They can tolerate colder temperatures better than women.

7. Zinc is stored in bones in both males and females. Zinc is stored even in the prostate in men.

8. Men don’t usually go for medical check ups and even when they go, they usually hide or lie about their problems and symptoms.

9. Men have higher blood pressure than women irrespective of any ethnicity, race or region.

10. Men have more red blood cells than women. They have around 4.7 to 6.1 million cells per microliter.

Masculine Men Facts 11-20

11. In general, men require higher protein rich diet than women.

12. Fat gets deposited around stomachs in men and fat deposits are seen in women’s thighs and hips.

13. When men exercise, they burn carbohydrates and when women exercise, they burn fat!

14. Men have more gray matter in their brains and women have more white matter. Men have small memory centers than women.

15. Most of the men are likely to be night owls.

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16. Men have around 270 to 1070 nanograms per deciliter of testosterone in blood. Once they reach 30 years of age, they lose 1% of the testosterone levels in their blood.

17. Men have far pronounced Adam’s apple because of their large voice box which pushes Adam’s apple further out.

18. Men have a peak bone mass at the age of 30. From 40 years of age, bone loss is seen in men. They lose around 1000 mg of calcium every day!

19. Because of the higher basal metabolic rate, higher muscle mass, etc. the daily calorie requirement of men is higher than women.

20. Men use only one part of their brain and focus on the task at hand whereas women use both parts of their brain and can multi-task.

Masculine Men Facts 21-30

21. Of the 151 million men living in the US, 64.3 million men are fathers.

22. Worldwide, life expectancy of men is around 64.52 years whereas life expectancy of women is around 68.76 years.

23. Men are twice more susceptible to hearing loss than women.

24. Boys are thrice more susceptible to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) than girls.

25. Thanks to the higher testosterone levels in men’s body, they have higher levels of self-reliance, self-assertion, aggression, competition, etc.

men facts

26. Girls are three to four times less susceptible to autistic spectrum disorders than boys.

27. 56% of the boys who are born in the US are circumcised at birth. Worldwide, 1/3rd of men are circumcised.

28. There is 25% high chances of infancy deaths of boys than girls.

29. 80% of the spinal injuries occur in young men.

30. The second biggest disability claim in men is back injuries.

Masculine Men Facts 31-40

31. Men are twice more suspectable to premature deaths due to diabetes than women.

32. Men who smoke are likely to lose 12 teeth by the time they reach 72 years old.

33. Men make up for around 55% of the workforce but they make up for the 92% of the workplace deaths too!

34. 90 US men die each day committing suicide.

35. Men are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs like marijuana, cocaine, etc. than women.

36. Regular physical activity is important for men. Men who stay inactive are 60% more likely to suffer from depression.

37. Around 230,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year and 30,000 of them succumb to death each year.

38. When little Sondra heard of Mother’s Day, she wanted a Father’s Day for her father so thanks to her, first Father’s Day was celebrated on 19 June 1910 in Washington’s Spokane. National Father’s Day is celebrated on third Sunday in June in 1972.

39. The word ‘dad’ has origins from the Welsh word ‘tad’ which means father. Old English word ‘faeder’ is the origin word for father. It was first used in the 1500s.

40. In almost every country in the world, men commit suicide more than women.

Masculine Men Facts 41-50

41. According to United States Department of Justice, men are ten times more likely to kill someone and four times more likely to get killed.

42. Before the 1900s, male nurses were far more common than female nurses in almost every country. But now, the field of nursing is dominated by females.

43. There are around 140,000 stay-at-home fathers who take care of household and children while their wives go out and work.

44. Brains of adult males is 10% larger than females.

45. According to a survey, men spend nearly a year’s time ogling at women. They spend around 6 months shaving.

46. Men are struck by lighting five times more than women.

47. Men walk nearly 7% slower when they are walking with their girlfriends or wives. They increase their pace when they are walking with other males.

48. Good guess whether your man is faithful to you or not is to look at his IQ (Intelligence Quotient). According to a study, men who have low IQ are not really faithful.

49. The testes are outside the body because they have to be around 2 degrees colder than the temperature of the body.

50. 107 baby boys are born for every 100 baby girl births.


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