Creepy facts are those that cause dread, horror, or surprise. This page has creepy facts about a wide range of things, from violent rulers in history to dangerous animals to more current issues like climate change and global inequality.

Creepy Facts 1-9

1. John Wayne Gacy, an American serial killer, buried remains beneath his home. The victims were buried so closely together that their bones melded together. It took two years for the skeletons to properly separate.

2. HH Holmes, America’s first serial killer, created “Murder Castle,” a hotel with secret rooms and gas chambers, to murder unsuspecting World’s Fair attendees. He admitted to 27 murders, but many more are suspected.

3. Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune, believed herself to be haunted. She designed her house to be as perplexing as possible in order to frighten away evil spirits. Today, the Winchester Mystery House is open for tours.

4. It is not true that fingernails continue to grow after death. Your skin loses moisture and pushes back, giving the appearance that your nails are still growing. Sometimes, funeral directors moisten their fingertips in order to mitigate the effect.

5. Are you aware of what embalmers do to bodies? After draining the blood and replacing it with formaldehyde .

6. Disneyland is not the only amusement park to employ human remains as decoration. In 1976, a television team unexpectedly discovered that one of the dangling bodies in the Laff in the Dark attraction was a genuine body.

7. People with untreated syphilis have the appearance of zombies. During the Renaissance, swarms of untreated syphilis patients would walk the streets.

8. In 2008, a rural Japanese guy observed that his food was vanishing at night. The cameras he installed revealed that a lady had been residing in his home. She had been staying there for months when she was discovered.

9. Are you aware that a beach umbrella may be used to impale someone? It occurred to a Jersey Shore resident.

Creepy Facts 10-18

10. Hawaii has issued a travel advisory on a parasitic brainworm. Perhaps the beach is not that tranquil after all.

11. If you questioned Jeffery Dahmer‘s neighbours before his arrest, they would say he was a really kind person. He even brought them sandwiches, which may or may not have contained victim flesh.

12. Dennis Radner, also known as the BTK murderer, benefited off his own mental illness. He did a substantial amount of business installing security systems for those who feared the BTK murderer.

13. Current estimates place the size of the Pacific garbage island at 1.6 million square kilometres, or twice the size of Texas.

14. In one month, the average human eats enough microplastic to fill a Lego brick.

15. The teeth of a rat never stop growing.

16. Cosmologists think that the universe’s continual expansion might lead to its disintegration. This concept is known as The Big Rip.

17. One of the symptoms of receiving the incorrect blood type after a blood transfusion is a sensation of impending doom.

18. A instance of hysteria was documented at a huge French monastery in 1844. Shortly after one nun began meowing like a cat, every nun in the monastery began meowing simultaneously for many hours. This continued until troops escorted the police to the gate of the monastery, where they informed the nuns that they would be flogged until they quit meowing.

Creepy Facts 19-27

19. According to a research conducted by Simon Fraser University, a human corpse might be skeletonized in less than four days in highly oxygenated deep water.

20. The bottom of Lake Superior is so frigid that sailors’ bodies simply…remain. They do not breakdown due of the freezing temperatures, thus a layer of adipocere, which is liquid bodily fat, becomes solidified around them.

21. In Ancient Egypt, female mummies were always more decomposed than their male counterparts. They determined that this was due to the fact that male corpses were embalmed considerably sooner than female counterparts. In order to prevent necrophilia among the embalmers, female corpses were held in the family home until decomposition began.

22. Cockroaches have been observed consuming both living and decomposing human flesh, as well as fingernails, eyelashes, feet, and hands. The American and German cockroaches are more prone than other species to bite people.

23. More than 7,000 people every year perish as a result of the doctor’s poor handwriting.

24. In 2015, a young woman started experiencing headaches. They discovered that she had a brain tumour, and when the surgeons removed it, they were astonished to see a skin-like mass with bone, teeth, and hair. The growth, however, was not a parasitic twin; it was known as a “teratoma” or “monstrous tumour.” When the lady was an embryo, some cell tissue detached and wound up in her brain, where it was not meant to be. It then sprouted hair and teeth while the rest of her body grew normally.

25. There is a parasite that enters the mouth of a fish, consumes its tongue, and then substitutes itself as the animal’s tongue. This crab is known as Cymothoa exigua and it is a crustacean. The fish don’t die from it.

26. It is extremely usual to burp frequently after death due to increased gas accumulation. Sometimes, corpses may also sit upright on their own.

27. Each year, there are over seven million cybercrime assaults on small firms in the United Kingdom, costing the economy £5.26 billion. An estimated 95% of cybersecurity vulnerabilities are attributable to human mistake.

Creepy Facts 28-36

28. Your brain may deceive you into perceiving monsters in the mirror. It is known as the Troxler Effect. It is an optical illusion that affects both your visual and mental perception.

29. Your eyes‘ immune system is distinct from the rest of your body’s. If they are harmed in a way that affects anything other than your eyes, your usual immune system will not recognise the injury and will fight it, causing lifelong blindness. Worse, your body cannot distinguish between the two eyes. If one of them becomes infected or injured, your immune system may attack the healthy eye, causing total blindness.

30. Ducks become cannibals, of all things, owing of boredom. They can only be stopped if their “mouths” are severed!

31. Originally, chainsaws were used during birthing.

32. The golden poison dart frog, while being barely bigger than a paper clip, can kill people with a single contact. Its skin contains a toxin that paralyses the nerves and muscles of its victims, and the poison on a single frog is sufficient to kill between ten and twenty people.

33. Some ancient Romans believed that by consuming the fresh blood of a slain gladiator, they would absorb their strength. Additionally, they believed that drinking blood was a treatment for epilepsy.

34. The melting of glaciers and ice sheets is a major contributor to sea level rise; Antarctica might lose up to 252 gigatonnes of ice every year. Sea levels are rising at the fastest rate in the past 3,000 years. Some of the Marshall Islands might be flooded by 2035, while others will lack potable water due to saltwater contamination of their aquifers.

35. All 10 warmest years on record have happened in the twenty-first century.

36. Over ninety-nine percent of all species that have ever existed on Earth have been extinct.

Creepy Facts 37-45

37. Rat teeth are capable of gnawing through lead sheets and cement blocks.

38. Throughout Earth’s history, there have been a number of mass extinctions – cataclysmic catastrophes that wiped out 75 to 90 percent of all species in a very short amount of time.

39. In Medieval Europe, animals, including insects, were placed on trial. In 1266, a pig was executed at Fontenay-aux-Roses, marking the oldest known instance of an animal on trial.

40. Want to explore the world’s most haunted island? You are need to travel to Italy. Poveglia apparently bears the distinction, which is mostly attributable to the fact that significant numbers of plague victims were confined there in the 18th century. It was also utilised as a psychiatric institution at one point.

41. Thomas Hargrove, a homicide archivist, estimated in 2017 that there are more over 2,000 serial killers on the loose.

42. Got climate change sceptics in your life? Inform them that 2019 was the second hottest year in recorded history. In addition, the five hottest years from 1880 to 2019 have all occurred since 2015.

43. Adapting to our rising climate would not cost the United States more than $140 billion per year. In 2019, the United States alone spent $718.69 billion on its military.

44. Ladybugs have been seen to consume their own larvae in order to secure the survival of other larvae. Think of it as a lesser kind of population control.

45. Pigs may consume a complete human body because they will consume anything.

Creepy Facts 46-54

46. A beheaded human head stays aware for around 20 seconds.

47. A corpse decays four times more rapidly in water than on land.

48. Within three days following death, digestive enzymes begin to break down the body.

49. Hearing is the last sense to be lost when a person passes away.

50. When the movie trailer for The Exorcist debuted in theatres for the first time, audiences fled in terror. Eventually, the trailer was removed from cinemas.

51. There is such a thing as sleepwalking murder. It is also known as homicidal somnambulism or murder during sleepwalking. In 2005, Jules Lowe was found not guilty of murdering his father as he was sleepwalking at the time of the crime.

52. We told you that chainsaws were initially designed to assist with childbirth.  Before caesareans were perfected, if a baby was too large to enter through the delivery canal, the parts of pelvis was removed with a chainsaw.

53. In 1973, two soldiers aboard a tiny submarine encountered a problem. There, 1575 deep into the ocean, water began to enter. The submarine began sinking slowly. Although the soldiers were able to phone for rescue, they realised they had just three days’ worth of oxygen. When the rescue squad eventually located them, they had only 12 minutes of remaining oxygen. Talk about a narrow escape!

54. Before the turn of the 20th century, human remains were utilised to create medication. Here are the specifics before you choke and toss your phone or laptop across the room: According to Medium, it was believed that consuming the powdered remnants of various organs would alleviate pain or diseases in the affected body area. For instance, the crushed and powdered remnants of a deceased person’s skull are used to treat headaches.

Creepy Facts 55-63

55. A book published 14 years before to the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 may have anticipated its sad fate. The novelette with the title The Wreck of the Titan: Atlernatively , Futility was about a “unsinkable” ship hit by an iceberg. Similar to the Titanic, there were insufficient lifeboats on the Titan.

56. Dr. D.K. Briggs of Blackville (in South Carolina) pronounced Essie Dunbar, age 30, dead in 1915 following an apparent epileptic seizure. The next morning, she was buried, but her sister in the nearby town was unable to arrive until after the casket had been lowered into the earth. When she came, she requested the clergy to unearth her sister’s casket so she could say goodbye. When the coffin was opened and the screws were removed, Essie sat up and smiled at her sister. She continued to live for another 47 years, despite widespread belief that she was a zombie.

57. A Nightmare on Elm Street movie is based on a true tale published by the Los Angeles Times. A little youngster was scared to go to sleep, and when he splet, he screamed his way to death while describing a nightmare.

58. The Bible of the Devil is genuine. This is an agreement between a monk and Satan. The monk made a pact with the devil in order to avoid death.

59. Arrhythmic death syndrome occurs when a person who looks to be in good health dies for no apparent cause.

60. Every 18 minutes, someone experiences a ruptured brain aneurysm.

61. A lady died in 2007 after consuming more than a gallon of water within three hours. She participated to win a Wii.

62. Until the late 1980s, several physicians did not think that babies could feel pain.

63. After 35 years of internment in one of Germany’s cemeteries, a handful of remains remained undecomposed. This process happens when skin fat in buried bodies changes into adipocere, also referred as corpse wax, which conserves the body.

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