Wondering whether there are any lucrative businesses for college students or not? There are!

College life can be tricky. You suddenly find yourself with so much freedom, yet the thought of future responsibilities appears scary.

Needless to say, there are some students in college who want to become successful entrepreneurs. The problem is, finding a proper business idea.

You must have heard others asking, “who can write my essay?”?

Ringing bells? Maybe you never asked this question but you can ask another question – “how can I earn cash by writing essays for others while preparing for the future?

If you have an interest in entrepreneurship, this should be quite easy. Here, we present top 5 lucrative businesses for college students that are easy to start, and which don’t require a lot of capital.

The great thing about these ideas is that they do not require thousands of dollars in investment. All you need is determination and some imagination.

The other advantage is that you never have to struggle with the job search process, whether while in college or after.

Starting early when in college is also beneficial in the sense that you can still afford to make some mistakes. After all, you won’t have too many obligations at this stage of your life.

Even if you intend to look for a job after college, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a resume where you indicate running a business as part of your experiences? Here are some lucrative businesses for college students that you can try:

1. Lucrative Businesses for College Students: Work Transporting People and Goods

If you have a vehicle that qualifies to operate as a taxi, you can always register it with Uber and start making money.

If you don’t have a car but can drive, there are hundreds of people looking for drivers.

Lucrative Businesses for College Students

You will only drive when you have the time to, meaning that there won’t be a conflict between your work and studies.

If you are not for the idea of interacting with too many people, then consider delivery services for restaurants and parcels.

You can also do the delivery business if you have a motorbike. Consider saving and growing your business.

Remember to do your research and obtain all the relevant licenses.

2. Lucrative Businesses for College Students: Begin in College with an Essay Writing Company

The first place to look if you want to get started with a business is right under your nose — within the university.

Different students encounter all manner of challenges with their projects.

Some are international students with a limited grasp of the English language, while others do not have the time for research and writing.

Lucrative Businesses for College Students

There are many companies already offering such services to students online, and you could check their websites for an idea on how to proceed.

Your role will be that of a tutor, connecting struggling students with others who can help. You will need partners as orders start to flow fast and furious.

Consider creating a website where students will place orders and make payments.

Make the site user-friendly and insist on delivering quality and original work. Here are some important elements to consider for success:

Consistent quality
Guaranteed on-time delivery
Fast response to inquiries
A well-designed website

3. Lucrative Businesses for College Students: Tutor Other Students in Need of Academic Help

If you are particularly good in a subject or a topic, consider making money out of it. The good thing about working as a tutor is that you also get to boost your knowledge and skills.

Lucrative Businesses for College Students

Don’t worry if your college is already offering tutoring services. As a savvy entrepreneur, all you need is a unique selling point.

If you are really good, you will soon find yourself swamped with requests from students.

Remember to advertise your services to allow for growth.

4. Lucrative Businesses for College Students: Get Work as a Personal Trainer

Health is a critical issue for college students, with studies showing that exercise-related complications are skyrocketing.

Most students know that they need some exercise, but lack the motivation or the knowledge needed.

Lucrative Businesses for College Students

If you have the understanding of what needs to be done, you can start a fitness business within your campus.

Remember, your work will entail convincing your potential clients of the outcomes of the training.

In other words, you need to be fit yourself and promise people that they can have the kind of body that you have.

Personal training can entail yoga sessions, managing diets, and daily exercises.

5. Lucrative Businesses for College Students: Provide Marketing Services

The internet has revolutionized marketing, making it easy and lucrative. There is even a more appealing platform in social networking sites.

If you are a creative writer, it is also possible to start a business of offering marketing copy.

Lucrative Businesses for College Students

The impressive thing about this type of venture is that the entrepreneur can use the skills of different people from different parts of the world.

You could also make money as a blogger. Wondering how? You are reading this blog and it makes money. How? See the ads? Yes, you earn through ads. Word of warning!

It takes time to earn money through blog. Keep your calm and don’t expect fast money. Blogs and websites need a great deal of time to grow into a money-making machine.

Want to know about the nitty gritty of blogging? Ask us or stay tuned for more articles!


Here, we have outlined some easy-to-start business that you can do while in college. These options do not require much capital or overhead, and the returns are impressive.

They are also quite flexible, meaning that you don’t need to interfere with your studies. Remember to do something that you really enjoy. 

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