5 Ancient Indian Inventions – ‘West’ Says They Did It – LOL!

by Virupakshi
ancient indian inventions

The wealth of knowledge in India is known to many in the world. From metallurgy to cosmetic surgery, from yoga to warfare, from Ayurveda to games and enjoyment; you name it and Vedas and other ancient scriptures have it for you. However, there are many inventions which are now considered that they were invented in west (thieves!). In reality, they were invented way back in India when the western world dwelled in the darkness of caves. So, let us learn 5 ancient Indian inventions that west claims to be theirs!

Ancient Indian Inventions: Seamless Celestial Globes and Steel of High Quality

Ancient Indian Inventions

The production and consumption of High Quality Steel in India can be traced all the way back to 2,000 years from now – a time when western world didn’t even have the slightest of idea of what steel was! Celestial Globes are just like globes but they show constellations as well. They were first created in China. It was thought that it is impossible to make Seamless Celestial Globes but Indians did that during emperor Akbar the great’s time. A Kashmiri named ‘Ali Kashmiri Ibn Luqman’ in 998 AH (Anno Hegirae) (circa 1589 CE – 1590 CE) invented the Seamless Celestial Globe which is considered as a man-made wonder.

Ancient Indian Inventions: Ink

Ancient Indian Inventions

India just didn’t give information and knowledge to write on, she even gave the ink to the world. Black ink was used in ancient India and it was called as Musi. Ink was made from different materials like tar, bones etc., and out of all the materials carbon was abundant. The practice of dipping sharp needle’s tip in Musi for writing was common in South India.

Ancient Indian Inventions: Flush Toilets

Ancient Indian Inventions

Indians were the first to invent the so-called westerner’s idea of flush toilets. The usage of these toilets can be dated back to Indus Valley Civilization, also known as Harrapan Civilization. Remember Harrapans were crazy and popular for neatness and had the first and world-class drainage system? If you didn’t know it before, don’t worry, you are enlightened now! They were masters in hydraulic engineering too!

Ancient Indian Inventions: Cards – Without Indians, Casinos Wouldn’t Exist

Ancient Indian Inventions

Not just ‘chess’ and ‘snakes and ladders’ were invented by Indians, even the cards or suits were first invented in India. The Indian or Sanskrit name for cards is Krida-patram, which meant painted pieces for playing.

Ancient Indian Inventions: Fibonacci Numbers

Ancient Indian Inventions

Fibonacci Number sequence is a series where a number is the sum of two preceding numbers. The credit for invention of this number sequence goes to an Italian mathematician, Fibonacci (original name: Leonardo Bonacci) but it was later found that the Fibonacci Number sequence was present in Sanskrit prosody and, Pingala of 200 BCE was the person who actually developed it. Later on, Virahanka (700 CE), Gopala (1135 CE) and Hemachandra (1150 CE) were the ones who restored the lost glory of Fibonacci Number sequence. Pingala called Fibonacci Number sequence as Misrau Cha, which meant two are mixed.

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Egzon November 2, 2019 - 2:59 pm

I want to know where you got that info that seamless celestial globes were invented in 1490 BC? By who and how? Do you have an authentic source?


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