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Steel, which is made of iron and carbon, is one of the most useful alloys in the world. It is used to make cars, trucks, railroad tracks, nails, appliances, and much more. Today, we’ll look at the fun and interesting steel facts for kids.

Steel Facts 1-8

1. Every year, more steel is recycled in North America than paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass put together.

2. Every year, North America recycles more than 80 million tonnes of steel.

3. In its purest form, steel is about 1,000 times stronger than iron, and it can be recycled without losing strength.

4. Steel is the main material used to get solar, hydro, and wind power to people.

5. Since World War II, the steel industry in North America has cut its energy use by 60%.

This has helped reduce carbon dioxide production by a large amount.

6. In 2012, the US alone used more than 6.4 million tonnes of steel. That’s about 18 kg of steel for each person.

Even though steel is a lightweight metal, this is an incredible amount of it.

7. Also in 2012, a man dumped 100 tonnes of iron sulfate illegally off the coast of Canada.

He did this to help a type of plankton grow that can take carbon dioxide out of the air.

This was the biggest geoengineering project that had ever been done.

8. In a car accident, steel could save your life. And no, it’s not just because your car is made stronger by the lightweight strength of steel.

It’s also because your seatbelt is made of steel, which makes it able to withstand a lot of force.

Steel Facts 9-16

9. There is a mountain in Russia that is almost entirely made of iron ore.

10. Do you feel tired or lazy? Try cooking in a pot made of cast iron.

When you cook with cast iron, the amount of iron in your food can go up by more than 800%.

11. Because iron was easier to find and work with, the Bronze Age gave way to the Iron Age.

12. In Canada, it is custom for engineers to wear a steel ring on their pinky finger to remind them of the responsibilities of their job.

13. The hull of the Titanic is still whole, but in 50 years, as the number of iron-eating bacteria grows, the rest of the ship will fall apart.

14. When we talk about bacteria, one kind can eat iron, change it, and use it as a backbone so it can move along magnetic fields.

That really is a superpower.

15. The earth may only have enough iron to make steel for another 100 years.

16. Scientists have found a planet that has enough iron to last for a very long time.

Steel Facts 17-24

17. Accidentally, a two-ton steel manhole cover was shot into the air during nuclear testing in Los Alamos. No one ever found it.

18. The USS New York was built with 24 tons of steel taken from the World Trade Center in New York. This was done to honor the people who died on 9/11.

19. Popeye ate spinach, which gave him strength because it had iron.

However, the amount of iron in spinach was wrongly calculated because a decimal point was put in the wrong place. It doesn’t have that much iron.

20. As early as 1504, a knight made a new arm out of steel that could hold a feather or a sword.

21. Iron is the sixth most common substance in the universe.

22. The railroads were the first big industry that needed a lot of steel.

23. Steel has been around for a long time, but more than 75% of the steel we use today was made in the last 30 years.

24. Steel has been around for more than a thousand years. The oldest thing made of steel is 4,000 years old.

Steel has been around for a long time and has done well. Steel has been used to make people’s lives better since ancient times.

Steel Facts 25-32

25. Tin cans are made from steel. Chances are that the steel was used to make the cold drink you like to drink.

In fact, each year 200 billion tin cans are made.

26. The amount of steel made every day is out of this world. To put things in perspective, the steel that is made in a single day could be used to build 548 Eiffel Towers.

27. A lot of people work in the steel industry. This business is doing well, and people from all walks of life work in it.

Over 8 million people work in the steel trade, which is about as many as live in the whole country of Switzerland.

28. Steel today is a lot better than it used to be. Not only is steel today much stronger than it was in the past, but it is also about a third lighter.

29. Steel has been used in the making of cars for almost a hundred years. In 1918, the first car made of steel came out.

30. Steel was used to make the first tall building. The Home Insurance Building was made in the year 1885.

Since then, about half of all the steel in the world has been used in buildings.

31. Steel is the thing that gets recycled the most. Steel can be recycled for up to 150 years after it was first made.

When you buy steel, it has always been used before.

32. Even though steel roofs are strong, they are much lighter than asphalt, fiberglass, clay, and concrete roofs.

Steel Facts 33-40

33. Before 2001, fridges had more than 100 pounds of steel in them.

34. Steel is a very important part of the process of making seat belts.

35. To build the Golden Gate Bridge, 83,000 tons of steel were needed.

36. Steel is better than other materials for making a home safe.

37. With an estimated $900 billion in sales, the steel industry is the second largest in the world after oil and gas.

38. The United States makes the third most steel in the world, after Japan and China.

39. More than 2 million people work directly in the steel industry around the world, and the number is growing.

40. Traditional roofs last about 17 years, but steel roofs last more than 50 years.

Steel Facts 41-48

41. Steel is used to make 75% of all major appliances.

42. About 25% of the average computer is made of steel.

43. Modern steel buildings, like New York’s Empire State Building (1930) and Pittsburgh’s U.S. Steel Tower (1971), are made to be easy to put together and take apart.

44. The Eiffel Tower, which was built in 1887, is about 6 inches taller in the summer than in the winter. This is because steel and iron expand when they get hot.

45. In 1918, the first car made of steel was made. Since then, steel seatbelts have been required because they can always handle hard crashes.

46. Steel bridges are between four and eight times lighter than concrete bridges. 

47. In the United States, more than 600 steel cans are recycled every second.

48. Recycling just one steel can save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for almost 4 years.

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