Smiling is one of the most beautiful emotions of living organisms. Everyone smiles, and we must often smile because it helps in strengthening our immune system.

A bonus is that everyone looks better when they smile, and smiles are contagious.

The moment you someone smiling (well, at least most of the time), you involuntarily smile. Let us know some heart-warming smiling facts today. Are you ready?

Smiling Facts 1-5

1. Smiling is far more contagious than flu!

2. From birth, babies can smile. They smile when they sleep. It is the first recognized facial expression by humans.

3. Studies proved that you look way better when you smile genuinely than when you don’t smile. When you smile for real, some muscles are affected, and when these muscles are hit, your brain sends more of the endorphins (happy signals).

4. If you are a woman and you want to attract a man, smile at him. Men think that women who smile and didn’t wear any makeup as more attractive than the ones who plastered their faces with makeup and kept a stone face.

5. According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, women prefer men who look as if they are brooding more than the ones who smile often. This study considered only initial reactions and didn’t include long term relationships.

Smiling Facts 6-10

6. Smile even when you are talking to someone on the phone as it will make you more friendly. The customer care executives are taught to answer the phones with a smiling face. Smiling makes your voice sound happy.

7. Smiling increases your life! Smiling means you are relaxed and happy. Studies proved that happy people live longer than the ones who frown regularly. On average, smiling strengthens our immunity and increases your lifespan by 7 years.

8. If you smile most of the time in the workplace are thought to be confident, sociable. Hence, people who smile have higher chances of getting a promotion.

9. Researchers have identified 19 types of smiles put in two categories – the first being, social smile, and the second type is a genuine smile.

10. Languages and hand symbols are different in different places. Smiling is considered as a sign of happiness all over the world.

Smiling Facts 11-15

11. Children smile 400 times a day, and adults smile just 14 times a day.

12. 74% of the people think that an unattractive smile decreases the chance of a person in business or career success.

13. Like yawning, smiling is nearly contagious. When we see others smiling, our control on facial muscles decreases, and we tend to smile.

14. Nearly 50% of the people untag themselves from the photos on FB because of their smiles.

15. Our teeth are as unique as our tongues. So, smile to show their uniqueness.

Smiling Facts 16-20

16. Chocolate is a pleasure inducer. Our smiles stimulate the brain’s reward mechanism way stronger than chocolate. So, if you are feeling down, force a smile, you would understand the difference.

17. Waiters, who often smile while serving, tend to get higher tips.

18. Frequent smiling not only increases our lifespan but also improves our standard of living.

19. People who find it difficult to frown when they see others smiling.

20. People who smile often have healthy marriages.

Smiling Facts 21-25

21. It makes you more creative, and it acts as a medicine and helps the body at the cellular level and guess what it is free.

22. People who smile often are perceived as trustworthy than the ones who don’t smile.

23. A smile helps in boosting our mood and increases productivity.  It acts as a painkiller.

24. Over 50% of the people smile back when they see others smiling at them.

25. Nearly 50% of the people notice your smile first.

Smiling Facts 26-30

26. It is quite easy to tell the difference between a fake and a genuine smile. Women are better at differentiating than men.

27. Nearly 25% of the people think that they look the best with their mouths closed.

28. Everyone in this world thinks that an attractive smile is an essential personal asset.

29. 63% of the women think that they look best in photos with their teeth showing.

30. Smiling releases endorphins, which makes you happy and reduces stress and blood pressure. It also makes us look younger and more approachable than when you are not smiling.

Smiling Facts 31-35

31. We can detect smiles from around 300 feet away.

32. We use 5 to 53 muscles to smile.

33. People who smile more often have success in both professional and personal aspects of life.

34. Orbit Complete conducted a study. According to the study, 69% of people said that women who smile look better than women who wear makeup.

35. Women smile more than men.

Smiling Facts 36-40

36. In the world of negativity, smiling helps you stay positive.

37. Crinkling in the corner of your eyes is the significant sign of a genuine smile.

38. Japanese use -_- and ^_^ emoticons (as they focus on eyes), and Americans use ???? and ☹ emoticons (as they focus on the mouth). It is because the Japanese emphasize the upper half of the face, and Americans emphasize the lower half of the face to determine a person’s trustworthiness.

39. Primates also smile, and the reasons for smiling are similar to that of humans.

40. Dogs smile by wagging their tails.

Smiling Facts 41-45

41. Researches say that a slow onset smile that spread across your face gradually is far more trustworthy, authentic, and flirtatious (sometimes) than a fast onset smile.

42. The activity in the brain is seen when we mimic a genuine smile and not a fake one.

43. The scientific name for genuine smiles is Duchenne smiles.

44. The two primary muscles that are used in a genuine smile are orbicularis oculi and zygomatic major.

45. Signe Preuschoft, a primatologist, traces the origins of smile some 30 million years ago to ‘fear grin.’ Fear grin is seen in monkeys and chimpanzees. They use it to tell predators that they are harmless or to a more dominant monkey/chimpanzee that they are submissive to them.


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