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One of the most famous and most beautiful looking cats is the Maine Coon. They are a majestic, royal, intelligent, and soft tempered cat.

Don’t go by its size, it is a perfect companion, and it is an extremely gentle giant.

Today in our Maine Coon facts article, we will tell you about the breed’s personality, characteristics, and much more. Without further ado, let us begin.

Maine Coon Facts 1-9

1. Maine Coon is supposedly the only long-haired breed to be a native of the United States of America.

2. Maine Coon cat came from the US state, Maine. It is famously known as farm cat, mouser, ship’s cat, etc.

3. Very little is known about its origins. Some say that Vikings brought them along to North America even before Columbus reached the American seashore.

4. Others say that Maine Coons are the successors of long-haired cats of Marie Antoniette. Before her fall, she sent them to America and she too thought to sail to America but she couldn’t.

5. It is believed that these long-haired cats (whatever the origin be) came to America and mated with the short-haired ones here and the result is our cute and fluffy Maine Coon breed. Genetic testing found that they are descendants of some extinct domestic cat breed and Norwegian Forest Cat.

6. Most of the people earlier thought that Maine Coon is the result of the mating of a cat and a raccoon because of the cat’s ringed tail and tabby coat. However, it is not possible biologically because these two belong to different species. 

7. This is why the breed has the word ‘coon’ in its name and the other word ‘Maine’ is for the state that the breed originated.

8. The belief that raccoons and cats mated to produce Maine Coons is so strong that the Maine Coons who don’t have brown tabby fur or coat are called ‘Maine Shags’!

9. The first-ever published reference of Maine Coon is of Captain Jenks, a black and white cat, in the year 1861. It belonged to the Horse Marines. 

Maine Coon Facts 10-18

10. In 1895, a Maine Coon cat was given the title ‘Best Cat’ at a cat show which was held in New York’s Madison Square.

11. After the formation of Cat Fanciers Association in 1908, Maine Coons became famous in cat exhibits.

12. However, after the spectacular entry of cat breeds like Persian, Siamese, etc. the popularity of Maine Coon decreased and they were away from the spotlight for around 5 decades.

13. Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association was formed in the year 1968. From then, Maine Coons started becoming famous again and now they are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

14. Coming to the size of this cat, they are huge and humongous. The average weight is 9 to 18 pounds but some males can reach 20 pounds or more.

15. Their coat length is pretty long and the fur is straight. Maine Coons are available in different colors like red, cream, white, black, silver, blue, blue-cream, golden, tortoiseshell, etc.

16. The coat pattern also varies and the patterns can be a smoke, bicolor, tabby, solid color, shaded, etc. 

17. As the coat is pretty long, the coat needs to be combed every day! In this way, it is a high maintenance cat.

18. The cats don’t reach maturity until they reach 3 to 5 years old.

Maine Coon Facts 19-27

19. Unlike most cats, they want to stay with people and they follow their humans. However, unlike most dogs, they are not needy. It can be said that they are the perfect example of the best of both worlds.

20. They love it when you give your attention to them but they won’t be needy if you are busy. They are extremely patient.

21. There is a reason why they are called mouser. They love hunting down mice and rodents.

22. They love playing with toys. They also play fetch (like most other dogs and cats – well, my cat plays fetch, what about yours? Comment us below).

23. They can climb as well as any other smaller cat but they prefer to stay on the ground.

24. They are extremely intelligent and they easily learn tricks and even play puzzles that throw a challenge to their brains.

25. Maine Coons behave silly and kitten-like even when they are adults, especially males. They are not vocal but they will chirp or meow when they have to call you and request you something. 

26. These cats are built for harsh winter conditions. Their fur, their paws which are large, round and with fur, and their muscular bodies are perfectly able to tolerate the winters. Their coat is water repellant. Their coat keeps them warm enough to directly sit on ice or snow. The fur on their shoulders is a little less so that they can walk freely.

27. Their eyes are either green, copper, greenish-gold, or gold in color. Blue eyes or odd eyes are also seen in Maine Coons.

Maine Coon Facts 28-36

28. Maine Coons go perfectly well with families that have other pets and children. They love to gently play with children. They don’t have any issue even when your daughter dresses them up!

29. Can you believe that these cute felines were on the verge of extinction in the 1950s? It was then that Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association was formed.

30. Maine Coons are the third most favorite cat breed in the United States of America as per CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association). They are equally famous in Europe and Japan.

31. A Maine Coon called Pebbles played the role of Mrs. Norris in Harry Potter films. She was the pet of Argus Filch. Pebbles, a female cat, was discovered in southwest England.

32. She was not amazing on acting skills as the other cat actors were (like of Hermione’s cat) but she was pitch-perfect when it came to walking across Hogwarts and stopping on command. The result? She bagged the role of Mrs. Norris.

33. The first-ever pet to be cloned commercially is Little Nicky, a Maine Coon. When Nicky died at the age of 17, his pet parent saved his tissue in a gene bank. 

34. She paid $50,000 to Genetic Savings & Clone, Inc. (a company for cloning dogs and cats) transplanted the DNA of Little Nicky into an egg cell.

35. A surrogate mama cat gave birth to the clone of Little Nicky who was resembled in appearance and even behavior with the late Little Nicky. The cloning happened in 2004.

36. Genetic Savings & Clone, Inc., a California based company, closed in 2006 for financial reasons.

Maine Coon Facts 37-45

37. An eight-year-old Maine Coon cat called Stewie was the longest domestic cat in the world. He held the Guinness World Record for the same. He measured 48.5 inches from his nose’s tip to the tail bone’s end. He died of cancer.

38. The world’s oldest cat (as per Guinness World Records) is Corduroy, a half Maine Coon. He is 26 years old as of 2016.

39. Unlike other cats, they love water. It is not known why they love water but they simply love water.

40. Earlier Maine Coons were mostly polydactyl. It was the result of a genetic mutation. However, cat breeders saw it as undesirable and now Maine Coons mostly don’t have multiple appendages on their paws.

41. You can walk a Maine Coon just the way you walk with your dogs.

42. On the flip side (if you think), they are pretty picky and choosy! They need to test a lot of varieties (be it litter or treats or anything) and then they would choose one from them!

43. Just like other cats, they are loyal but they don’t like to be either picked up or hugged.

44. This breed comes in two types – Europeans and Americans. European ones look a little rugged and brutal. American ones are far more graceful and cute looking.

45. Lastly, it is the state cat of Maine (no brainers here we guess).


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