What is Twitter?

Interested in Twitter facts? Before learning some twitter facts and stats, let’s know what Twitter is. Twitter is a microblogging and social networking website based in the United States of America. It allows users to publish and engage with messages known as “tweets”. (1)

Everyone uses Twitter in this world – at least you know of it. But how much do you know about this social media networking site? Read these amazing and fun Twitter facts and stats now to know more.

Twitter Facts 1-10

1. Twitter, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It has more than 25 offices across the globe. (1)

2. Tweets were previously limited to 140 characters, but the limit was increased to 280 characters for languages other than Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in November 2017. For the most part, video and audio tweets are still restricted to 140 seconds in length. (1)

3. It was founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Evan Williams with the help of others, Twitter became live in July 2006. (1)

4. eMarketer had projected that Twitter would experience 2.8 percent growth in 2020, but the pandemic altered that prediction completely. In October, they raised their projection for 2020 growth to 8.4 percent. Things would slow down to a more regular rate in 2021, with 2.4 percent growth, followed by 2.0 percent increase in 2022. (2)

5. Jack Dorsey posted the world’s first tweet on March 21, 2006, when the social networking site was still known as “twttr” and had not yet gone live. (4)

6. Despite the fact that there are more than 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, there are only around 335 million monthly active users on the social media platform. Approximately 69 million of the 335 million active Twitter users are located in the United States. (4)

7. It took three years, two months, and one day to reach the one billionth tweet. (3)

8. 90 percent of the people in the United States are familiar with Twitter (even if they do not use it). However, last year 92 percent of Americans indicated they were acquainted with Twitter. 95% and 91% of Americans were aware of Facebook and Instagram, respectively. (2)

9. There were only 8 employees working for Twitter in 2008. Flash forward to 2020, the employees number increased to 5500. 57% of the employees were males. There were 41% of employees belonging to white ethnicity, 6.5% were African Americans, and 5.4% Latinx. 73% of the employees in tech department were male and 62% of the employees in leadership departments were male. (5)

10. Twitter is ranked 7th (out of 9) among digital platforms in terms of digital trust. Only TikTok and Facebook do worse than Twitter. Only around 57 percent of Twitter users in the United States strongly or somewhat believe that their privacy and data is protected on the platform. (2) 

Twitter Facts 11-20

11. When someone tweets with a picture, the engagement rate is five times higher than when someone tweets with just words. (6) 

12. As of January 2021, 28.4 percent of all worldwide Twitter users were between the ages of 35 and 49 years old. (5) 

13. According to data from January 2021, 61.6 percent of Twitter viewers in the United States were male and 38.4 percent were female. Tweeter was found to be the most popular social media platform for news consumption in a study of social media users in the United States conducted in February of 2019. (5)

14. Companies who use Twitter for customer support report an increase in customer satisfaction of 19 percent. (7)

15. The average response time is 1 hour 24 minutes, despite the fact that 60 percent of customers want companies to reply to their question within an hour. (7) 

16. Twitter is banned in China. (6)

17. Twitter users are likely to lean towards the left on the political spectrum than they are to lean to the right. 65 percent of adult Twitter users in the United States identify themselves as Democrats or lean Democratic, while 33% identify themselves as Republicans or lean Republican. Democrats on Twitter are also more liberal than their counterparts who do not use Twitter. (2) 

18. As of February 2021, 33 percent of respondents with a college degree said that they had utilised the microblogging platform to communicate with their peers.  (5)

19. It was Chris Messina who created the hashtag on 23 August 2007. Tweets that include hashtags get double the amount of interaction as tweets that do not have hashtags. (4) 

20. A day’s worth of tweets would be enough to fill a book with 10 million pages. Every day, 500 million tweets are sent out across the world. That equates to 6,000 tweets every second. (7) 

Twitter Facts 21-30

21. According to Twitter accounts in the United States, 10 percent of users write 80 percent of tweets. (7) 

22. Twitter is accessible in over 25 languages, which includes right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and Urdu, as well as left-to-right languages such as Spanish and Portuguese. (3)

23. Twitter generated no money throughout its first three years of operation. (6)

24. The majority of Donald Trump‘s time during his first month in office was spent tweeting. (6) 

25. Each month, 500 million individuals browse the website without logging in. (7) 

26. While Facebook is the dominant social network in North America, Twitter is the most popular in Japan, with 64.1 percent of social network users using the platform. In fact, Asia-Pacific is home to more than a quarter of all Twitter users. (2) 

27. Twitter is also used as a news source by 12 percent of people globally. Facebook (36 percent globally), YouTube (21 percent) and WhatsApp (16 percent) are the most popular social media platforms for news. (2)

28. In the year 2020, President Donald Trump of the United States was rated #1, having amassed almost 81.1 million Twitter followers on his own profile. With 30.2 million followers globally, the official @POTUS account came in fifth place. (5)

29. On Twitter, former United States President Barack Obama ranked first as of March 2021. Over 130 million people were following his account on Twitter. A total of 114 million people followed the Twitter account of Justin Bieber (@justinbieber). (5)

30. A total of $808 million was spent by advertisers on Twitter during the third quarter of 2020. Ad engagement on Twitter increased to 27%. However, the CPE (cost per engagement) has decreased 9%. (2)

Twitter Facts 31-40

31. Every minute there were 7,000 tweets on some TV or movie series in 2020. In 2020, there were a total of 2 billion tweets on sports. Tweets on cooking increased by 30% in 2020. (2)

32. In the two-year period from 2019 to 2020, video views on Twitter rose by 62%. Watch time increased by 72 percent as compared to the previous year. (2) 

33. On Twitter, 58 percent of the most well-known companies have more than 100,000 followers. A Twitter account has an average of 707 followers, according to data. (7)

34. The purported name of Twitter was “friendstalker.” (6 ) 

35. Overall, 42 percent of people in the United States who use Twitter say they use the site to discuss politics on a regular basis. (8) 

36. The FBI maintains a glossary of Twitter slang terms. (6) 

37. The first Twitter account to achieve 10 million followers was that of Lady Gaga. (9) 

38. Twitter users spend an average of 21 minutes each month on the social media platform. (4) (3) 

39. The price of Twitter’s first public offering (IPO) stock was $26 per share on November 7, 2013. It was $32 as of January 2020. (7)

40. Every week, a random person is chosen to handle the official Twitter account of the country of Sweden. (6)


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