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40 Random Fun Facts – Part III

by Sankalan Baidya
40 Random Fun Facts - Part III

Okay, we are back with the third installment of 40 random fun fact! Lear a hell lot about this amazing world that we live in with these new set of 40 random fun facts. From invention of tie to the inverse relationship between snoring and dreaming, we are pretty sure that these facts will take you by surprise. As before, there is no specific order or no specific topic. It is just a quick fire round of random facts. Ready?

Random Fun Facts: 81-100

81. In a bottle of champagne, there are around 100 million bubbles.

82. The famous Kung Fu master Jackie Chan was in his mother’s womb for 12 months!

83. For a banana peel to fully decompose in Antarctica, it may take as long as 70 years!

84. In France, you cannot name a pig as Napoleon. It is illegal!

85. 1/3rd of all pineapples produced in the world are grown in Hawaii.

86. When you actually look at stars, you actually stare into the past.

87. Darwin frogs attract females by singing to them.

88. The flat cap is worn both by upper class and working class people. So essentially, the cap is classless.

89. Elephants will return to places where their friends died in order to mourn.

90. Marlon Brando declined to receive Oscar for Best Actor for the movie The Godfather.

91. A Gold Fish will actually turn white if it is left in the dark.

92. The tie was invented by the Croatians.

93. Can you guess when was Apple Computers founded? April Fools’ Day!

94. The word ‘VERB’ is actually a Noun!

95. Queen termites are capable of laying up to 3000 eggs in a day.

96. A duck has more bones in its neck than a giraffe.

97. The word ‘Boredom’ was invented by Charles Dickens.

98. Yahoo was originally called as ‘Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web’.

99. There is absolutely no way you can block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

100. Eating too many carrots can turn your skin orange. The condition is known as Carotenemia.

Random Fun Facts: 101-120

101. In Japan, toupees are sold for dogs!

102. Leo Fender who founded the Fender guitars could not play guitar because he was a saxophonist.

103. The only country to occupy an entire continent is Australia.

104. When a person snores, he or she cannot dream.

105. The American National Anthem’s melody was taken from British drinking song.

106. Charlie Chaplin once came third in a Chaplin lookalike contents!

107. Male bees don’t live after having sex! They die!

108. The density of human head and watermelon is same.

109. Shaking hands is unhealthier than kissing.

110. In Egyptian tombs, cheese as old as 4000 years were found.

111. The fear of beards is known as phogonophobia.

112. Pluto Platter was the original name of Frisbee.

113. The highest scrabble score ever was 1049.

114. Hitler was once nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1939.

115. A new study revealed that mice don’t really like cheese.

116. America was the place were ice cream cone was invented.

117. Anatidaeophobia is the fear that a duck is watching you from somewhere in the world.

118. 1859 – 24 rabbits were released in Australia. 6 years later in 1865, the total numbers of rabbits in Australia was 2 million.

119. Bananas are actually radioactive.

120. Heartbeat keeps changing and mimics the rhythm of the music you listen to.

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