40 Amazing Random Fun Facts – Part I

by Sankalan Baidya
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Bored of serious stuff? It is time that we go for some fun stuff. Here are 40 random fun facts that you will enjoy reading. There is no particular order, no particular topic. So, ready, steady and go…

Random Fun Facts: 1-10

1. Every summer, the Eiffel Tower grows 15 centimeters taller.

2. A 72,437 foot smiley face is the largest painting on planet Earth!

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The photo of girl lower face with eating sticks hoding tongue.

3. Boys have less taste buds than girls.

4. Teeth of beavers never stop growing.

5. There is enough iron in an average human body to make a 3″ nail.

6. Sharks slip into a coma if they turn upside down.

7. 141,078 years – that was the longest jail sentence ever!

8. The seahorse is the slowest fish on Earth!

9. Neanderthals used to have bigger brains that humans.

10. In 1938, Hitler was voted as Man of the Year by Times Magazine.

Random Fun Facts: 11-20

11. In Virginia, chickens are not allowed to lay eggs before 8:00 AM and they must lay eggs before 4:00 PM!

12. Apples are far more effective than coffee in waking us up in the morning.

13. Turtles are capable of breathing through their bums!

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14. Looking at something pleasant will dilate our pupils by 45%.

15. One iPhone can be completely charged using 595 oranges.

16. Earthworms have up to 9 hearts.

17. Giraffes use their 18” long tongue to clean their ears.

18. There are some ribbon worms that eat up themselves in case they don’t find any food.

19. The great Columbus once thought that the Earth was pear-shaped.

20. Nintendo once had a taxi company! They actually owned it.

Random Fun Facts: 21-30

21. Butterfly was originally known as Flutterfly.

22. The world’s oldest dog was 29 years old when it died.

23. Men get struck by lightning more than women!

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24. The strongest substances in entire human body are the teeth.

25. Blue moon comes only once in every 2.7 years.

26. The fear of going to bed is known as clinophobia.

27. Honey is the only food that never rots!

28. More money was spent in creating the movie ‘Titanic’ than that spent building the ship itself.

29. The original name of Google was BACKRUB!

30. We can actually understand any messed up sentence as long as the first and the last words are in place.

Random Fun Facts: 31-40

31. Elvis was born blond.

32. ‘I’m Fine’ is the commonest lie.

33. The first product ever to have a barcode was Wrigley’s gum.

34. A newborn baby Kangaroo can fit in a teaspoon.

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35. Koala bears spend only 22 hours a day sleeping!

36. Women cry 4 times more compared to men.

37. There was a headless chicken named Mike that survived for 18 months after its head was cut off.

38. The Beetle car was an idea originally conceived by Adolf Hitler.

39. In 1830’s Ketchup was actually sold as medicine.

40. The longest book title ever is made of 670 words.

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