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Maybe you have run into one a few moments ago! Maybe you have one among your friends or in your family. You just don’t know yet.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are hard to identify. They don’t wear black overcoats or they don’t dress up like the Joker from the Batman movie series.

They blend in. They will portray themselves as happy, gleeful people but deep down inside them, it is the darkness that lurks. The darkness that will engulf you if you give it a chance.

So, it is time you learn these psychopath facts and stay aware. Remember, knowledge is power and sometimes, the best way to stay away from psychopaths is to know their characteristics, identify them and stay away.

So, are you ready for psychopath facts? Hope you are!

Psychopath Facts: 1-5


1. One of the classic traits of a psychopath is emotional poverty. A psychopath cannot live in loneliness. He or she will constantly look for a victim whom he or she can emotionally abuse.

2. They are unable to understand or experience loyalty and love. They look at love with disrespect.

Though they themselves are incapable of experiencing love, they do need to feed on the emotions of normal people who know how to love.

3. Psychopaths look at normal people as objects to toy with, to be used, to be lied to, and to be hurt. This gives them satisfaction and temporary diversion.

4. Psychopaths suffer from boredom and restlessness. They lack empathy. They love to control, manipulate and dupe others.

5. Psychopaths are mostly emotional abusers. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot be sexual predators. Most often they have both characteristics in them.

Psychopath Facts: 6-10

6. Though a psychopath may be a sex predator, the greater agenda for him or her is emotional abuse. He or she will want to maintain superiority.

He or she will be driven by the need to harm people.

He or she will possess the victim both sexually and emotionally and destroy the victim from inside and outside.

7. So, psychopaths don’t have emotions? Well, they do have emotions. Their emotions are not like those of normal people.

Their emotions are very short-lived and are also extremely intense. Their emotions are known as proto-emotions.

8. For instance, a psychopath will speak sad words about his follies and misfortune.

He or she may weep which may appear to be bitter tears.

The psychopath may show enthusiasm, may become excited, and may shout like a person in rage.

However, these acts actually show his or her expression readiness but never show the strength of his or her feelings.

9. The proto-emotions that psychopaths have are actually linked to their desires.

These desires include peevish resentment, spite, childish pride, shallow self-pity moods, quickly altering quasi-affection, etc.

10. A psychopath will not have solid grief, will not be honest, will not have genuine despair and deep joy, sustaining pride, as well as true indignation, will also be absent in them.

Psychopath Facts: 11-15


11. Psychopaths display anger but their anger is arbitrary, sudden, short-lived, and cold.

It is not easy to predict what will make them angry.

His/her anger may not be triggered by the surrounding circumstances or may not be triggered by something someone has done.

12. Something very minor which a sane person will ignore always may be the trigger for a psychopath’s anger.

Oppositely, in case of something very serious, instead of getting angry psychopaths may stay cool and composed.

13. Psychopaths actually feel happy when they manage to pull a quick one on their victims.

A celebratory glee, an impression of satisfaction will show up on their face.

14. Psychopaths will get very angry and then frustrated but interestingly, that frustration is usually against a situation or an obstacle but not necessarily against a particular person.

Example: A psychopath may like a girl who already has a partner. If that girl is not leaving her partner for that psychopath, the psychopath will get angry and start channeling the negative emotions he holds against the girl.

Then he will think that because of what he is doing, the girl may get away before he can emotionally capture the girl.

That’s when he will get frustrated by the obstacles that are posed by society or the girl’s family or even the girl’s partner.

15. Put in other words, if there are barriers between a psychopath and his or her goals and those barriers are impersonal.

However, such impersonal barriers actually make psychopaths extremely stubborn.

Psychopath Facts: 16-20

16. Psychopaths will always establish dominance bonds. Love bonds don’t exist in their dictionary.

17. If a person who is a victim of a psychopath suddenly decides to disapprove of the psychopath’s dominance or actions and suddenly disapproves and ends the relationship, the psychopath will actually feel surprised and anxious as well as angry.

18. Psychopaths are unable to accept the fact that a victim may actually disapprove or reject their behavior because psychopaths will always find their bad actions to be appropriate and justifiable.

19. A psychopath tends to believe that even if he or she using a person, lying to him or her, cheating on him or her or manipulating that person, or isolating that person from others, the victim should always welcome that and accept that.

There should be no repercussions at all!

20. Weirdly, psychopaths believe that every (bad) action they take against their victims is always in the best interest of their victims.

Psychopath Facts: 21-25


21. A psychopath, for instance, may first hook a girl emotionally, alienate her from her family, make her quit her education or job, make her destroy her career, and ensure that she is totally dependent on him.

Once she is, he will actually leave the girl and go for other women.

By destroying that girl’s life, the psychopath will actually think that he has done her a bigtime favor because now she can start over a whole new life and become very independent and that she should be thankful to him for what he did.

22. The question is, why will he leave her in the first place?

That’s because he will somewhere think that the girl is either not an appropriate mate or she did not fulfill all his needs or that she actually deserved to be treated like that.

23. He will expect every single victim to actually idealize him and believe that there cannot be a better person or a partner more perfect than him.

The psychopath wants his victims to idealize him so that he can use them for sex or monetary exploitation whenever he wishes to and that there should be absolutely no repercussions from the victims.

24. If a woman who is a victim of a psychopath doesn’t like what he did or speaks up against such behavior, the psychopath will get shocked.

He will not be able to believe that the woman holds a low opinion of him.

25. A psychopath will look at any such repercussions as a betrayal whether it comes from his victims or friends or family members.

He will always seek loyalty from those people who he dominates.

Psychopath Facts: 26-30

26. Psychopaths find boredom terribly discomforting. In order to get out of boredom, they will go after cheap thrills, break social and moral boundaries, try to harm others mentally and/or physically, and will find happiness in that.

27. Since psychopaths can manipulate very easily, they will do things that will provoke sympathy. They will try and fool others to gain their trust.

28. A dangerous thing – when a psychopath identifies a person who can become a potential victim, the psychopath will become obsessed with that person.

Their focus will intensify on the target. Since psychopaths actually ignore their responsibilities like family or job, they will divert their entire attention towards the potential victim.

29. The problem is that such attention is actually focused on infatuation. There is no true love or need for emotional bonding on a mutually beneficial level.

This infatuation or focus will be strengthened if there is any kind of impersonal obstacle (such as the victim is already in an existing relationship).

Infatuation is very short-lived and as soon as the psychopath gets what he or she wants, the infatuation goes away.

30. Psychopaths really love themselves way too much. They feel strongly for themselves. There is a problem, however.

Their self-love is also shallow. Why so? Their self-love comes from their selfish goals.

Unfortunately, since they are not at all capable of considering the long-term interests of normal people, they cannot really consider their long-term goals either.

Since their goals are short-term, so their self-love is also shallow.

Psychopath Facts: 31-35


31. Because the goals of a psychopath are not long-term, their whims and wishes are nothing more than momentary and fleeting.

They keep on sabotaging the trust of people who actually love them and at the very end, they end up alone and discarded.

32. Psychopaths hold nothing other than contempt for their victims and also for everyone else in general.

It is not really easy to identify that contempt because they will usually wear a mask of being charming and friendly but deep inside they will be misanthropes.

33. Psychopaths have a mindset that they are superior to everyone else. They dichotomize the world into two groups – the superiors and the inferiors.

The superiors are none but themselves. The inferiors are everyone else (that is those who are sane).

34. Psychopaths also look at themselves as dupers who can dupe others, which is fooling others easily because they consider themselves to be superior to everyone else.

They also think of themselves as predators while everyone else is nothing but prey.

35. Even sick, they actually categorize the dupes (especially women).

The first category is those women who actually totally believe the psychopaths even when they are mistreated.

These types of dupes are easily used up and quickly discarded.

Psychopath Facts: 36-40

36. The second category of dupes are those who are just blind to see that the psychopaths are using them but can pretty clearly see when psychopaths actually use others.

These dupes always intend to think that they are exceptions and that they nurture a very unique relationship with the predators.

The problem is that they don’t realize that they are also being used.

37. The final and the third category are those women who cannot be duped again.

They have already burned so much at the hands of the psychopaths that they will not tread the same path again.

38. A psychopath who is also a sexual maniac will actually maintain a number of simultaneous relationships and will actually proudly discuss his sexual conquests and exploits.

39. A psychopath is actually consistently irresponsible.

He will repeatedly fail to fulfill obligations like loan defaults, non-payment of utility bills, will show sloppy performance at work, will not honor any contractual agreements, and will monetarily exploit his victims to fulfill such obligations towards family.

40. Psychopaths are arrogant. Their view of their own self-worth and ability will be heavily inflated.

They will be self-assuring and opinionated but they will lack long-term goals and will not have the ability to develop and then execute plans for the long term.

They will act hastily, show aggression, and will use verbal abuse. They will be impatient and get annoyed.

They cannot control their anger and temper. They will not respect familial bonds and run for short-term relationships.

Now sit and think. Did you meet a person like this or do you know anyone around you?

If the answers are yes, you need to shield yourself from such people because they can easily manipulate and take control and assert dominance. Don’t become a victim!

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