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Everyone knows about Joseph Stalin. He was a dictator of the Soviet Union. He did play an instrumental role in stopping Hitler’s army from taking over Soviet Union, but that doesn’t make him a saint.

It ruled the nation for a very long period, and during his tenure, he was responsible for many grim events that gripped the country. His regime was dotted with criminal activities and cruel murders.

So, let’s learn about Joseph Stalin facts and find out what he did. Some of these facts will simply blow your mind!

Joseph Stalin Facts: 1-5

1. The epic life story of Joseph Stalin was no less than a dominant patriotic leader. His life began as a simple village boy of Gori, Georgia.

2. He was born on December 18, 1879. His father’s name was Besarion Jughashvil.

3. Life was not exactly too kind to the little boy in the beginning. He used to be criticized for his appearance at the age of 7 as some unfortunate smallpox contraction left him with a scarred face and slightly deformed arm.

4. Joseph Stalin was a boy with high spirit. He had a passion for greatness and an astounding enthusiasm to chase success. Criticism from his peers could never suppress his morals.

5. His mother was highly fascinated by the idea that she could lead her son to a path of greatness if he could become a priest. His mother enrolled him in the church school of Gori.

Joseph Stalin Facts: 6-10

6. His constant chase for perfection and success helped him gain scholarship to Tiflis Theological Seminary in the year 1894.

7. Despite having great educational achievements in the seminary school, he chose to discontinue his education in 1899 as he decided to join Messame Dassy, an underground organization that used to act in favor of Georgian independence.

8. Speculations are there that Joseph was asked to leave his territory due to his confronting political view for the regime of Nicholas II.

9. He stayed strong on his viewpoint and decided not to return to his place. He continued participating in freedom fighting movements during his stay in the Tiflis.

10. He was first arrested in the year 1902 for an active participation in a labour strike. He was deported to Serbia during that time.

Joseph Stalin Facts: 11-15

11. He married Ekaterina “Kato” Svanidze in 1906.

12. They had a son named Yakov. Yakov died in a prison in Germany during World War II.

13. Stalin had a second marriage to the daughter of a Russian revolutionary when his first wife perished and his son was just an infant.

14. Joseph Stalin had a very active contribution throughout Russian revolutionary movements. He was often found to call meetings, publish and distribute leaflets, organize strikes and demonstrations.

15. During the initial years of his movement, he used to raise money through robbery, extortion and kidnapping. His Tiflis bank robbery stories defamed his reputation during 1907.

Joseph Stalin Facts: 16-20

16. 1922 was the year when Joseph Stalin was first appointed as the general secretary of the Communist party.

17. By the year 1924, he took control of his party entirely. He forced many powerfully positioned people in his party to exile to other countries like Europe and America.

18. His thirst for power started to terrorize people and soon he was recognized as one of the most murderous dictators in history.

19. He signed a nonaggression pact with Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany in 1939.

20. His movement cost millions of lives. Although his effort for industrialization brought economic development, his movement for collectivization of agriculture took many lives.

Joseph Stalin Facts: 21-25

21. Joseph Stalin, who was known as the most powerful and unkind dictator of the history, didn’t have a very pleasant childhood.

22. His father Besarion Jughashvili, who was a cobbler, was alcoholic by nature and used to beat him quite often. His mother was a laundress.

23. He left school to join the group Bolsheviks while he adopted the name Koba.

24. 1912 was the year when Bolsheviks party leader Lenin decided to appoint Stalin to serve the first Central Committee of the party.

25. After acquiring a leading position and full-fledged control over his party in the year 1924, Joseph prepared a five year plan to transform the Soviet Union into an industrial superpower.

Joseph Stalin Facts: 26-30

26. Joseph Stalin used to believe in rule by terror regime. During his ruling tenure, the secret police had extended power and millions of people were forced for labor camps.

27. He used to be known as a self-obsessive person. Many cities were forcefully renamed after his name in his honor.

28. Joseph Stalin personally was fond of artwork, literature and music.

29. Joseph Stalin went into a nonaggression pact with Germany.

30. He made the biggest mistake of ignoring his own intelligence group’s warning that Germany was all prepared to make a strike in June 1941.

Joseph Stalin Facts: 31-35

31. Despite that, the Hitler broke the Nazi-Soviet pact and attacked the USSR unexpectedly.

32. As the Soviet army was unprepared to face the attack, they had to face a huge loss.

33. Stalin was, however, bold to tactfully handle the situation. He made on-spot defensive policy cutting every possible source of goods supply which could benefit the opponent.

34. It’s heard that the German army was able to occupy the entire Ukraine and Belarus.

35. The Soviet army, however, was able to send the Germans back in 1943.

Joseph Stalin Facts: 36-40

36. The grim side of Joseph’s Government was that it caused life loss to many families. Joseph’s plan for collectivization of agriculture forced millions of farmers to go against him.

37. In the beginning of 1920, when farmers refused to agree with his will and were not ready to cooperate with Stalin, he announced shoot-on-sight order and exile in some cases as punishment.

38. Stalin also initiated the Great Purge campaign to free the communist party and the military from the control of people who took communism as a threat. Well, those people weren’t wrong! Communism is a cancer!

39. Joseph Stalin became obsessed with the threat of the West invasion which led him to establish Communist regimes in the Eastern European countries between 1945 and 1948. He also supported communist regimes in various other parts of the world, including China the Wuhan virus exporter!

40. Because of deteriorating health, Stalin died on 5th March 1953.

In short, Stalin was responsible for the death of millions of his own countrymen! He was the one who started the Gulags where at least 1.5 million people died. Gulags were nothing, but concentration camps.


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