Kim Jong Il had quite a dominating role in North Korea’s politics. He had a family background in politics. Also, he had quite a controversial career throughout. 

There are confusions about his death of birth, as well. If people had to appreciate anything about this leader, that was his leadership skills and role in politics. 

Many people have many things to say about Kim Jong Il. But, residents of North Korea see him as a dominating political leader with a considerably long political career. Let’s learn some of the most exciting facts about Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il Facts: 1-5

1. According to sources, North Korea’s Government under Kim’s rule was the most repressive one. His regime used to be the most conservative one with no freedom of the press, religion or equal education.

2. If sources have to be believed, the actual date of birth of Kim Jong is February 16, 1942 whereas some people also believe that he was born in 1941.

3. No official record exists about Kin Jong’s marital life. But, sources believe he was officially married once and had three mistresses. People who were nearby Kim believed he had three sons and two daughters named Kim Jong-nam, Kim Jong-chul, Kim Jong-un, Kim Sul-song and Kim Yo-jong.

4. His followers believed Kim had a fear of flying and that’s why he used to travel through armored trains.

5. He was also a huge fan of movies and had a collection of 20,000 DVDs and video tapes. He also produced a movie in 2006.

Kim Jong Il Facts: 6-10

6. Kin Jong personally used to like basketball.

7. A Sunday Telegraph newspaper once promoted that Kim Jong always used to have US$4 billion deposited in the European banks ready in case he ever had to flee North Korea.

8. He was believed to have been born in Vyatskoye village. Kim Il-sung was his father. Kim Jong’s father was married to Kim Jong-suk first, who was Kim’s mother.

9. Kim Jong was 4 years old when WWII ended.

10. Kim’s mother died while giving childbirth in 1949. But there are also speculations that his mother was shot and left alone to bleed to death.

Kim Jong Il Facts: 11-15

11. Kim pursued his general education between 1950 and 1960.

12. He took his early education in the People’s Republic of China.

13. Kim had a special interest in politics and involvement in different political issues throughout his schooling.

14. He had active involvement in the Children’s Union and the Democratic Youth League of North Korea.

15. He had interests in subjects like music, mechanics and agriculture.

Kim Jong Il Facts: 16-20

16. He was so good in politics that he became the vice chairman of the school’s DYL branch.

17. He received a degree in the English Language Education from the University of Malta.

18. Kim served his country as a North Korean ambassador in Poland and also in the embassies located in Europe.

19. Because Kim’s father was also in a powerful political designation in North Korea, his father always used to appoint Kim in distant posts to avoid power struggles.

20. Although his early political career went through several controversies, he was an avid follower of excellence and work perfection.

Kim Jong Il Facts: 21-25

21. Kim’s father was the former president of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

22. His father also commanded the troop of the Soviet 88th Brigade, which was composed of Chinese and Korean exiles.

23. Some officials also claim that Kim Jong Il belonged to a family of nationalists who were very much active in the protest against imperialism from the Japanese.

24. Because of having an interest in mechanics, Kim Jong took classes in automotive repairs.

25. He completed his graduation from the Namsan Higher Middle School in 1960.

Kim Jong Il Facts: 26-30

26. Kim didn’t waste any time as he joined politics soon after his graduation. He enrolled in the Kim Il Sung University, where he took Marxist political economy as the major and philosophy and military science as the minor.

27. His education life was quite versatile. During his days at the University, he trained in a textile machine factory and joined classes for building TV broadcast equipment simultaneously.

28. During his early education years, he also joined his father on tours of field guidance in different North Korea’s provinces.

29. He started his political career quite early. He joined politics formally in September 1964.

30. The year 1964 saw political unrest as different communist countries were having a power struggle during that time. It was Kim Jong’s responsibility to ensure his party didn’t deviate from the ideology set by his father.

Kim Jong Il Facts: 31-35

31. To strengthen the party’s control over the military service, Kim Jong took major military reforms, and didn’t hesitate to expel any disloyal official.

32. He was also known to have affection for fine arts.

33. According to his biography, Kim composed six operas.

34. In the beginning of his career, he was first appointed in the Guidance Department in the WPK.

35. Within two years of time, in 1966, he was able to move his position equivalent to the rank of rank in the Propaganda and Agitation Department.

Kim Jong Il Facts: 36-40

36. In 1969, he got further promotion and he was appointed to the deputy director of the department.

37. It was the year 1970 when he got another elevation in the position and was appointed as the in charge of culture and arts.

38. After the death of his father, Kim Il Sung, Kim officially took control of the whole country in 1994. The transition of power from father to son was first in the history of the nation. At that time, Kim Jong Il preferred to be honored with the title of chairman of the National Defense Commission and the general secretary of the Workers’ Party.

39. In 2003, Kim Jong and his administration admitted to having a direct relation with the nuclear weapon production for security purposes.

40. Kim Jong died on December 17, 2011 due to having a severe heart condition.


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