The workings of a serial killer’s mind are beyond our comprehension. It’s not that straightforward in real life, no matter how many films you consume that help to give you an explanation to the whys. The twisted workings of serial killers’ minds are inexplicable, but we can’t help but try to understand them. Here are some stunning and interesting serial killer facts 

Serial Killer Facts 1-5

1. Serial killers are not restricted to any one demographic, such as gender, age, race, or religion.

2. Serial killers kill because they want to, regardless of their motivation. The rare murders who suffer from a severe mental disorder are an exception to this rule.

3. It is usually assumed that once a serial murderer begins killing, he or she will not be able to stop. Some serial killers, on the other hand, quit killing completely before being apprehended.

4. Just before Jeffrey Dahmer was apprehended, he had so many bodies heaped up in his apartment that he stashed one in the bathtub and took a shower over it each day for a month.

5. Journalist Vlado Taneski was apprehended after reporting on his own crimes and using information that had not been made public and that only the serial killer would know about himself.

Serial Killer Facts 6-10

6. Ted Bundy, one of history’s most notorious serial killers, is reported to have murdered 36 people. He used to work at a suicide hotline, where his duty was to talk people out of killing themselves, which was ironic.

7. Because of their fear of the BTK murderer, the BTK killer put alarms at several people’s homes.

8. Jeffrey Dahmer refused to eat victims who had tattoos, claiming that the ink made the flesh taste strange.

9. Serial killers as a group have a wide range of personality problems, including psychopathy, anti-social personality, and others. The majority, on the other hand, are not legally declared insane.

10. It is usually assumed that once a serial murderer begins killing, he or she will not be able to stop. Some serial killers, on the other hand, quit killing completely before being apprehended.

Serial Killer Facts 11-15

11. After rapping his victims, Mohan Kumar would feed them cyanide in the form of contraceptive pills.

12. H. H. Holmes constructed a murder castle.

13. Since 2002, David Berkowitz, the killer of Sam, has been eligible for parole. He has frequently requested not to be freed from prison or has simply skipped his parole hearings.

14. Ted Bundy was active in politics, and there was speculation that he would one day run for governor of Washington. He also admitted to his counsel that he murdered over 100 individuals, significantly more than the thirty or so victims with whom he was charged.

15. PeeWee Gaskins, South Carolina’s most prolific serial murderer, went around in a hearse with the bumper sticker “I haul dead people.” He claimed he needed it to transport the bodies of those he had killed to his own cemetery.

Serial Killer Facts 16-20

16. While incarcerated, Israel Keyes used his own blood to draw the heads of his victims.

17. Richard Chase, popularly known as the Vampire Killer, considered unlocked doors to be invitations and avoided locked doors. In addition to necrophilia and other heinous acts, he used to consume his victims’ blood and cannibalise their body parts. He was dubbed the Sacramento Vampire.

18. During his murdering spree in 1978, Rodney Alcala competed on the dating show The Dating Game and won.

19. Shawcross, dubbed the “Gennessee River Killer,” was serving a five-year sentence for arson and burglary at the time. For helping a prison guard during a riot, he was released after only 22 months. He then proceeded to murder at least 14 individuals, some of whom he cannibalised.

20. Charles Manson was once swapped for a jug of beer by his mother.

Serial Killer Facts 21-25

21. After killing and sexually assaulting his mother, Ed Kemper, the “Co-Ed Killer,” used her decapitated head as a dartboard.

22. Rosemary and Fred West murdered half of their children and warned the other half to “behave or [they] would wind up under the patio like [their other child].”

23. When the policemen arrived to arrest DeAngelo, he informed them he had a roast cooking in the oven.

24. Ted Bundy requested that his ashes be scattered in Washington’s Cascade Mountains, where his four victims were discovered. This request was granted.

25. Alaskan serial murderer Robert Hansen, dubbed “Butcher Baker,” kidnapped women and released them into the bush, only to hunt them down and kill them.

Serial Killer Facts 26-31

26. The “Night Stalker,” Richard Ramirez, was identifiable by his victims because of his poor teeth.

27. Edmund Kemper, despite his lack of empathy, had an incredibly high IQ and was such an intellectual sociopath that, in the end, he wanted to be arrested because he recognised what he was doing was ethically wrong.

He also spent some of his time in jail assisting state psychologists in their efforts to better comprehend schizophrenic inmates, including assisting them in the creation of more informative questionnaires.

28. Jeffery Dahmer attempted to turn some of his victims into “sex zombies” by cutting holes in their brains and pouring acid into the holes while they were still alive.

29. He also served sandwiches to the residents of his apartment complex that could have been fashioned from the flesh of his victims.

30. Pogo the Clown was a character played by John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer of boys and young men, at charity events and children’s parties.

31. The Green Bay Packers selected Randall Woodfield, the I-5 Killer, in the 17th round of the NFL Draft.

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