30 Weird Facts That Will Surprise You – 1

by Sankalan Baidya
Weird facts

In this article on weird facts and the articles that follow in this series, we will take you through some of the weirdest facts you will ever hear of. Most probably you are unaware of most of the facts you will read here. No matter what, you will simply love them. So, instead of wasting time any further, let us begin.

Weird Facts: 1 to 5

1. Today pink is for girls and blue is for boys. In 1948, it was reverse. Pink is actually a stronger color and hence it was meant for boys while blue, which is a gentler color was associated with girls – Source.

2. It is a traditional practice in Italy to wear red colored underwear on the day of New Year. It is considered a good luck symbol – Source.

3. Sharks kill! Sharks kill! Okay fine…they eat us if they can get us between their jaws but did you know that sharks are responsible for only 12 human casualties in a year? On the contrary humans are responsible for 11,417 shark casualties every single hour (yes, we kill sharks more than you thought) – Source.

4. Did you know that in a game between a male and a female puppy, the male always loses? Well, this is actually a deliberate act by the male puppy! – Source.

5. Did you know that there are several spiders which, in order to distract and evade predators, actually build their life-like decoys using stuff like dead insects, debris and leaves? – Source.

Weird Facts: 6 to 10

6. Three of the commonest new year resolutions in America are enhanced money management, quitting smoking and weight loss. Nearly 45% of American adults make multiple resolutions but by January 14, one quarter of these people simply give up their resolutions! – Source.

7. Glyptodon – giant car-sized armadillo that lived during the period 2 million years ago to 10,000 years ago in South American swamps were actually hunted by early humans and their shells were used as shelters from elements like rain and snow. – Source.

8. Dies Natalis Solis Invicti was celebrated by ancient Romans on 25th December. It was actually the birthday celebration of their sun god. Eventually the celebration got morphed into Christmas celebrations. – Source.

9. The first uniform that was ever registered with US Patent and Trademark Office was Playboy Bunny dress. – Source.

10. There is a peculiar clinical test designed for detecting brain damage. It involves pouring warm and hot water into a person’s ear. Pouring warm water will make the person’s eyes in the direction of the ear in which the warm water is poured in and when cold water is poured in an ear, the eyes will move in the direction of the opposite ear. This test is known as Caloric Stimulation. – Source.

Weird Facts: 11-15

11. At least 10,000 people were killed during the 1920-1933 Prohibition when the US government tried to stop production, import, sale and transport of alcoholic beverages. The government actually poisoned alcohol, which killed so many people. – Source.

12. There used to be a female chief of Crow Nation in 1830s. She was a warrior, a horse-rider and a hunter. Interestingly, she had 4 wives (not husbands). – Source.

13. Human brain can stay alive for several days outside the human body! – Source.

14. Xerxes was once approached by a man who requested him to grant exemption for his son to be included in the army. Xerxes was so cruel that he had the man’s son cut into two halves and then placed the two halves on two sides of a road and asked his army to march right through those two parts. – Source.

15. One of the longest official titles ever goes to a man named Idi Amin. His official title was: “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular”. – Source.

Weird Facts: 16-20

16. Big Bang Theory for creation of universe was actually rejected by many people because they thought it was too religious by nature! – Source.

17. There are many insect species in which female insects mate just once in their entire lifetime. This knowledge is exploited to control population boom of many insect families and sometimes eradication of several dangerous species. All that is done is that a swarm of male insects that are sterile are let out into the wild. The females mate with these sterile males and fail to have babies. – Source.

18. Year 2000 Problem popular by the name Y2K bug was actually responsible for two abortions because two pregnant women received incorrect results for Down Syndrome test. – Source.

19. Since 1970s, Hollywood has been plagued by a feral chicken population living under a freeway. It is still not clear where these chickens came from and all attempts of getting rid of the feral chickens have failed. – Source.

20. Women can be really heartless at times. A classic example is an American woman who once adopted an orphaned child who was a Russian born baby. The woman left the child on a Russia-bound flight with a note which read: “I no longer wish to parent this child.” – Source.

Weird Facts: 21-25

21. U.S. Postal Service went into a strike in 1970. The reason was 4% salary hike granted to them by Congress. While this may sound weird, the actual reason was that the Congress gave themselves 41% salary hike. This wasn’t acceptable to the U.S. Postal Service. – Source.

22. German monks had to live only on beer during Lent. Because they drank beer, they felt guilty but they really liked the taste. So, they decided to take beer to Rome. There they asked the Pope to taste it and approve the drink. Unfortunately, the beer turned foul by the time it reached Rome. The Pope really didn’t like the taste but permission was granted to the Monks to drink beer during Lent. – Source.

23. A Texas resident was once kidnapped by two gunned men right in front from the eyes of his wife. The man returned after two days and he was not at all harmed. Investigations later revealed that the man actually staged his own kidnap. Why? Because he wanted a break and wanted to party with his friends for two days. – Source.

24. In 1556, a woman was being burned alive on a stake. During the execution, the woman managed to give birth to a baby – alive! The executioner took the baby and threw it back into fire. – Source.

25. In Japan, it if forbidden by law to dance at nightclubs! – Source.

Weird Facts: 26-30

26. In China, tobacco companies sponsor 100 elementary schools. This sponsorship comes at a cost where children below the age of 10 are actually encouraged for tobacco usage in various forms. Even cigarette logos can be found on the uniforms of these schools. – Source.

27. In China, can you guess the number of cigarettes that are consumed every second? That’s an astonishing 50,000 cigarettes every second! – Source.

28. There are more than 450 ghost towns in Texas! – Source.

29. Leonardo Da Vinci had this habit of going to markets and buy caged animals. Once bought, he would set the animals free! – Source.

30. Scientists are currently working on developing a rocket powered by nuclear fusion that can take man to Mars and bring him back home in just 30 days! – Source.

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