30 Weird Facts That Will Make You Think!

by Sankalan Baidya
30 Weird Facts That Will Make You Think

Facts! Aren’t they amazing? We get to learn so much about everything around us every moment but there are certain simple facts that we don’t really think of much. In fact, when you start giving a thought to those facts, you end up crazy and stressed. Let us today learn 30 such weird facts that will invariably make us think.

Weird Facts That Will Make You Think: 1-10

1. We don’t know exactly how we would calculate our age if Earth didn’t orbit around the Sun! That’s because every time Earth orbits the Sun, we complete one year. So, what if we lived on a planet that didn’t travel around its star?

2. Our thoughts define our acts. This means that our acts are only mirror image of our thoughts. Despite that, our thoughts define who we are to ourselves and our actions define who we are to others. Interestingly, these two versions of ‘us’ are completely different.

3. Our body – the whole of us – are made of hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. They are put in a way that we are capable of thinking. So essentially, it is not us who are thinking. It is these elements like hydrogen and oxygen and carbon and others that think. Essentially, the whole universe has consciousness and we are only a part of it – a really tiny part.

4. Every single year, we pass our own death anniversary and we don’t notice and we don’t mourn. Once we die, we don’t notice and don’t mourn either!

5. The alphabets – A, B, C, D… – you know what? There is absolutely no reason why they should be arranged in that fashion, i.e. A to Z. Take a look at your keyboard.

6. The oldest human or the first human on this planet was actually from a family of primates who were not humans.

7. We actually see our own nose every single moment and still we don’t know that we are looking at it. Why so? That’s because our brain simply filters out the image of our nose.

8. The most complex thing ever known to human brain that exists on planet Earth in human brain. Interestingly, the human brain doesn’t yet completely know how a human brain functions.

9. Try licking your elbow. You can never ever do that no matter how many times you try.

10. The most widely accepted theory is that our universe started with Big Bang. Fine, that small, infinitely dense point in which the whole of universe was packed, where did that come from? Also, scientists say that space and time all started with Big Bang. Fine! But the question is, ‘If space and time started with Big Bang, then where was that small, intensely dense point hanging out?’ It need a space. And packing everything in that small point needed some time, right?

Weird Facts That Will Make You Think: 11-20

11. 98% of all atoms present in our body are replaced every single year. That’s crazy!

12. We can travel through air but not through steel. This is not the case with sound. Sound actually travels way faster through steel than through air. In fact, it travels 15 times faster!

13. A TNT bomb – the ordinary one that terrorists use to blow us apart – is actually an atomic bomb. That’s because, when a TNT bomb explodes, atomic reactions take place. On the other hand, the Atom bomb that we are so afraid of should actually be called a nuclear bomb because there, reactions take place in the nuclei of the atoms.

14. There is actually something called Last Thursdayism. This is a belief that Universe was created only last Thursday. Well, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, you cannot actually prove it wrong. Not at least using science!

15. We surely know many things way better than our ancestors. For example, the first humans didn’t even know how big the Earth is. Similarly, possibly a 1000 years from now, people will know much more that we do now. But, we all have something in common. We all don’t understand much about ‘TODAY’. Our ancestors did not know much about their ‘Today’. We don’t know much about our ‘Today’ and our predecessors will not know much about their ‘Today’.

16. We often say that to conserve energy, we need to turn off lights, electrical devices etc. Really? Even if we do that, we are not really conserving energy. In fact, if you keep all your electrical devices running 24×7 forever, there will be no less or no more energy in this universe.

17. So, what really do we conserve? Actually what we conserve are resources that are used for creation of energy which is in turn used for operating electrical devices.

18. Talking of energy, everything that happens around us happens because energy spreads out. It balances out. According to second law of Thermodynamics, when energy is eventually spread out evenly throughout the universe, everything will have same temperature. That’s when energy cannot spread and when energy cannot spread, nothing will happen. The universe will die in what we call Heat Death.

19. If we take the concept of Heat Death to be true then, lazy people are actually the best. Why? Because by doing less, they are actually limiting the spread of energy and longer the energy spread is limited, the longer it takes to reach the stage of equilibrium where energy is balanced everywhere. So, if there are more and more lazy people, it will take longer for the universe to reach Heat Death.

20. If a person from any country is given a currency note of denomination 1 (so for an Indian it will be 1 Rupee, for an American it will be 1 Dollar, for a Russian it will be 1 Ruble) for every 1 second he or she lives, the person will become a millionaire in just 11 days because 11 days are made up of 1 million seconds. If the person keeps getting money at the same rate, he or she will not become a billionaire until the person reaches the age of 31 years. Why? Simple! Because there are 1 billion seconds in 31 years!

Weird Facts That Will Make You Think: 21-30

21. We cannot comprehend of anything faster than light but still, light doesn’t really travel instantaneously. So, when we look at our Sun, what we really see is light that has traveled for 8 minutes all the way from Sun into our eyes before at the moment we looked up at the Sun. Since light takes time to travel, when we look far, we are actually looking back in time!

22. With that proven fact, in 1995, NASA (Hubble Space Telescope) gave us the picture of Pillars of Creation. Actually what was shown to us was the image of something that completely disappeared some 6000 years ago. How do we know that? Scientists found dust cloud from a Supernova explosion that happened in the vicinity some 6000 years ago and possibly tore apart the Pillars of Creation. Now, since the Pillars of Creation are actually 7000 light years from us, we will continue to see them for another 1000 years before we finally witness its destruction that has already happened.

23. There are three words in English dictionary that do not have rhyming words. These three words are Silver, Orange and Purple.

24. Our stomach can actually start digesting itself provided it fails to produce a new mucous layer in every 14 days.

25. The time gap between Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus (both dinosaurs and yes, thank us for reminding you this else, you would have never known it) is way larger that time gap between Tyrannosaurus Rex and Humans!

26. Irrespective of whether you are a male or a female, if you fail to have a child, you will be the first ever person in your direct ancestry to be childless.

27. In everyone’s life, a time comes when his or her parents never picked him or her up after putting him or her down!

28. Do you know how many real numbers are there between 0 and 1? Well, there are infinite number of real numbers between those two digits. No wonder we hate math!

29. Light doesn’t always travel at the speed of light. The slowest speed of light ever recorded is 17 meters per second through ultracold atomic gas.

30. Speak aloud word CRISP. The word actually ends at the front of our mouth while it starts all the way back at your throat!

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