30 Interesting and Weird Dating Facts

by Sankalan Baidya
Dating facts

Dating facts! Aren’t you on your toes? Well, this article one dating facts will give you some interesting figures, some interesting tips and of course a lot of fun. We won’t say that you will not come across disturbing facts. So, instead of wasting time, let us begin with our dating facts article.

Interesting and Weird Dating Facts: 1-5

1. Before a couple enters into a serious relationship, they will go for at least 6-8 dates.

2. Speed dating was introduced in 1999 by a rabbi who lived in Los Angeles. It was based on chaperoned gathering tradition of Jewish young singles.

3. Studies suggest that most of the breakup take place within 3 months to 5 months of a relationship.

4. Violence in a relationship is not new. One out of every three teens have experienced this.

5. 12% women dump their overweight partners while 31% men do the same. This was studied by Elle magazine and MSNBC.com

Interesting and Weird Dating Facts: 6-10

6. Couples will trade house keys but that won’t happen before 12 to 14 dates.

7. A study conducted through dating sites suggest that women posting their photo get double the emails than those who don’t.

8. The same study suggests that men who posted their annual income to be USD 250,000 get 156% more emails than those who report USD 50,000 income.

9. 44% of US members of Match.com have children.

10. 10% of accounts found on free dating sites are spammers.

Interesting and Weird Dating Facts: 11-15

11. A study shows that women are attracted to men wearing blue. So, if you are a man and cannot decide what to wear on your first date, consider blue.

12. Of all single parents, 92% prefer to date other single parents.

13. Online daters have a uniform segregation. 33% end up in a relationship, 33% do not and 33% simply give up.

14. University of Chicago researchers say that a person is more likely to get a date through family and friends compared to bars.

15. In workplace scenarios, 4 of 10 relationships end up in marriage.

Interesting and Weird Dating Facts: 16-20

16. University of Pennsylvania’s psychologists studied 10,000 speed daters. It was found that speed daters, within just 3 seconds of meeting, decide the attractiveness of a person.

17. Women in online dating are afraid of meeting serial killers. On the other hand, men are actually afraid of meeting fat women.

18. com conducted a survey on 5,000 individuals. It turned out that 43% people look for people with fresh breath. 10% look for good hair, 14% hunt for good skin and 15% are after sexy fragrance. Remaining 17% go for stylish clothes.

19. 40% of all men are not comfortable while dating a woman for the first time.

20. Here is a quick tip from dating specialists – never cook dinner for someone until the third date is completed.

Interesting and Weird Dating Facts: 21-25

21. In early 20th century, dating was actually a courtship ritual. Under the watch of a chaperone, young women would come and entertain young men.

22. Dating was replaced by hooking up by 1960s and 70s because marriage age increased significantly.

23. Movie theaters and restaurants are not at all good places for dating. Good places for flirting and dating are malls, coffee shops, colleges and schools. That’s because people openly meet with others in those places.

24. It is not the words of a man but the posture in which he stands makes 80% of the impression of a woman in first date.

25. Negativity during the first date is disastrous. It is a turn off for almost every one. Happiness is contagious and people prefer to meet happy people.

Interesting and Weird Dating Facts: 26-30

26. Groups of loud women is a turn off for men. So for a women looking for potential date, it is important to step out of such groups. Only then a man will comfortably approach her.

27. Mimicking someone’s body language to some extent is good while dating. This conveys a message that a person is interested. However, mimicking every move can be disastrous.

28. Revealing body areas that do not usually show leads to instant liking. Examples will be feet, ankle, neck nape, inside calf muscles, inner sides of upper arm, inner wrists etc.

29. Saying the name of the other person at least twice during a conversation in a date leads to instant link. This is because saying out the name means connectiveness and attentiveness.

30. During a date it is important to remember small pieces of information about a person is important. That information should be worked around during a conversation. It shows interest and is also flattering.

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