30 Interesting Selena Gomez Facts

by Sankalan Baidya
selena gomez facts

Cute, beautiful and sexy, famed as ‘Alex the wizard’ of ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’, Selena Gomez is the heartthrob of millions of young men all over the world. Her lively face, her radiant and flawless beauty, her magical smile – everything coalesces into one simple fact – Selena Gomez is adorable. You must have had a pretty good idea by now that I personally like this young actress pretty much. Whatever! Let’s not waste time on liking and disliking and learn 30 interesting Selena Gomez facts.

Interesting Selena Gomez Facts: 1-5

1. Did you know that Selena Gomez started acting at the age of 7? Back in those days she featured with big purple dinosaur named Barney on ‘Barney & Friends’. She admitted in 2008 that as a child she knew nothing about acting and was pretty shy and that she learned a lot from Barney.

2. Selena has a middle name too! Her full name is Selena Marie Gomez and her zodiac sign is Cancer. In Greek, ‘Selena’ actually means Moon!

3. Selena was born in 1992 on July 22. Her mother was only 16 years old when Selena was born.

4. Selena’s career started back in 2001 with ‘Barney & Friends’ and then she made appearances in ‘Spy Kids’ and ‘The Muppets’ but she is also pretty much popular as a voice actress. Many animated movies for children have Selena’s voice and she continues to be in demand.

5. Selena co-starred in a number of television shows with Demi Lovato. Lovato is Selena’s best friend. The two of them met at ‘Barney & Friends’.

Interesting Selena Gomez Facts: 6-10

selena gomez facts
By Jennifer Zambrano from Denver, CO, USA – Selena Gomez, CC BY 2.0, Link

6. Both Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato went on to cohost a YouTube series known as “The Demi and Selena Show” but because of their different career twists, the show did not continue.

7. Selena played the role of Alex Russo in the famous television show known as The Wizards of Waverly Place but weird part is that she is not really a fan of fiction, fantasy or magic.

8. Selena has FIVE (5) dogs. One of them is known as Baylor that she adopted from Justin Bieber. The other adopted dog is known as Chip. She adopted Chip from animal shelter. Three other dogs have the names Wallace, Fina and Willy.

9. Selena dated Canadian pop star Justin Bieber till January 2013. ‘Never Say Never’, ‘Love Me’ and ‘One Time’ are three of Bieber’s songs that are Selena’s favorite.

10. ‘Halloween’ is one of the favorite holidays of Selena. Her favorite color is ‘green’. ‘Horror’ is her favorite movie genre and ‘mango’ is her favorite fruit. Her favorite sport is ‘basketball’. ‘Paramore’ is her favorite band.

Interesting Selena Gomez Facts: 11-15

11. Selena wants to invent a ‘gum with pickle flavor’. She admitted this in ‘Go Girl’ magazine.

12. Selena’s first kiss was with Dylan Sprouse. She was 12 years old when she kissed for the first time.

13. Rachel McAdams is her favorite actress.

14. Selena’s singing idols are Britney Spears, Skrillex, Rihanna and Bruno Mars.

15. Apart from being a budding actress, Selena also has a promising music career. Her first record was in 2008. She sung “Cruella de Vil” which was the cover song for DisneyMania 6.

Interesting Selena Gomez Facts: 16-20

selena gomez facts
By Joella Marano from Manhattan, NYC – Selena Gomez, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

16. Selena has sung a number of songs for her own movies and feature films. She recorded 4 songs for ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. She also recorded 3 songs for the soundtrack of ‘Another Cinderella Story’, which is another one of her movies. She also sang a song for ‘Princess Protection Program’. That was a duet with her best friend Demi Lovato. Interesting fact is that Demi Lovato was also her co-star in the movie.

17. In 2008, Selena Gomez signed a contract with Hollywood Records and started recording her debut album. The album was released in 2009 September. The name of her debut album was ‘Kiss and Tell’.

18. She is not just a singer and an actor but has also served as Borden Milk’s spokesperson.

19. She is of Italian and Mexican descent and she completed her elementary school education from Texas’ Danny Jonnes Middle School.

20. In 2010 she completed her high school diploma but that was not from any high school but was rather from homeschooling.

Interesting Selena Gomez Facts: 21-25

21. Selena has multiple nicknames which are: Conchita, Selenita, Selly and Sel.

22. She loves eating pizzas but her favorite part of pizza is the crust.

23. Selena is a singer and she needs to protect her voice. She does so by drinking olive oil!

24. It was during a nation-wide casting call when Disney scouts discovered Selena.

25. She wants to record a duet with Cheryl Cole because she is a great fan of Cole.

Interesting Selena Gomez Facts: 26-30

26. Selena loves skateboarding and surfing.

27. Selena performed the role of Mikayla in a few episodes of Hannah Montana. Mikayla was Hannah’s rival in the show.

28. She was the youngest UNICEF Ambassador in 2009.

29. Gomez is very shopaholic by nature and she has admitted that she loves shopping clothes.

30. In 2014 Selena topped the “People with Money’s” list of 10 highest-paid actresses. She had an estimated combined earnings of $96 million!

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