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If you are a lefty, you are definitely not going to like some of the left handedness facts that you are about to read in this article. However, it is worth knowing the facts that sound like myth but they are backed by scientific studies.

In case you are yourself not a left handed person but know someone like that, you should warn him or her. So without further fuss, let us take a look into 30 interesting left handedness facts.

Interesting Left Handedness Facts: 1-10

1. The likelihood of men being left handed is more than the likelihood of women being left handed.

2. About 10% to 12% of all people living on this planet are lefties.

3. There is a whole day dedicated to the left handers. Known as the Left-Handers Day, it is celebrated on August 13 every year.

4. According to various sources, left handers have a lifespan which is, on an average, 9 years shorter than the right handed people.

5. Scientific studies suggest that left handed people are more prone to be dyslexic, schizophrenic and alcoholic.

6. One of the most fascinating left handedness facts is that it has been historically associated with criminality, rebellion and neurosis.

7. The Anglo Saxon word Lyft is the source for the English word Left. Lyft actually means broken or weak.

8. If a woman becomes a mother after attaining the age of 40, the likelihood of her conceiving a left-handed baby is 130% more compared to a woman who conceives in her 20s.

9. There are many cultures in this world where left handed people are looked upon as outcasts. However, there are several cultures too where no such view exists.

10. Babies are known for showing early signs of left handedness. If a baby turns head to its left when placed on its tummy, the likelihood of the baby becoming left handed is more.

Interesting Left Handedness Facts: 11-20

11. Yet another one of interesting left handedness facts is that lefties actually have higher IQ than right handed people. This was proven by a test conducted by St. Lawrence University. The results showed that lefties have IQ of over 140 – way higher than righties. Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin were lefties!

12. In Scotland, a behavioral test was conducted where it was found that left handed people are usually more hesitant and get embarrassed easily. They are far more sensitive to criticism.

13. Left handed people aren’t really great at processing mood. Scientific studies have shown that there is an imbalance between right and left hemisphere in their brain when it comes to processing emotions and hence, they get angry a bit quickly.

14. Lefties have more artistic inclination compared to people with dominant right hand. They have far more divergent thinking. In a research, 2,000 people were interviewed, all of them were lefties. It turned out that most of them have inclination for careers in music and art.

15. Lefties are more prone to brain disorders because they the right side of their brain more.

16. Lefties are usually known to reach puberty later than righties. It usually takes them 4 to 5 months extra.

17. Left handed people are usually very good at sports like boxing, swimming, tennis and baseball. If you check out, 40% of world’s most famous and top-ranked tennis players are all left-handed.

18. Left handed people have this uncanny ability to adjust their viewing quickly compared to right handed people when it comes to underwater viewing.

19. Left handed people may be susceptible to brain disorders or they may be more alcoholic but when it comes to recovering from stroke, they always beat the right handed people.

20. There are pens (yes, the ones that we use for writing) that are especially designed for left handed people. Left handed pens are real! Weird?

Interesting Left Handedness Facts: 21-30

21. Left handed people have better thinking capabilities. Not just that, they also have better 3D perception as compared to right handed people .

22. 39% of left handed people tend to be homosexuals.

23. Nails on the left hand of left handed people grow faster than their right hand. They are also not able to roll their tongue as well as righties.

24. Left handed people are more prone to be insomniacs, migraines and allergies.

25. There are special scholarships which are designed for left handers provided they have high performance in academics.

26. Left handed people can learn to use their right hand easily while right handed people find it difficult to use their left hand.

27. Of the total world population, only 1% of people are truly ambidextrous, which means that they can use both their hands equally well.

28. According to Egyptian belief, wearing the wedding ring on left hand brings the couples closer to heart. Romans believed that wearing the wedding ring on left hand helps to remove evil associated with left hand.

29. Scientific studies have revealed that lefties are better in architecture, math and spatial awareness while righties have better verbal talent.

30. Tesseradecades is the longest English word that can be typed using only the left hand on a keyboard using conventional hand placement.

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