For some of us, it is delicious. For some others, it’s not so delicious. But, barely did we know that guava is actually a super-fruit. So, whether you like it or not, munch down on a guava and let your body heal from inside.

Well, we don’t intend to be one of those boring enlightened fellows spreading around wisdom and so, let us just start with our guava facts list and find out what this fruit is capable of doing for us. Shall we?

Amazing Guava Facts: 1-5

1. These delicious fruits are mostly grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the globe. They are native to Central America, Mexico and northern parts of South America. The botanical name of guava is Psidium guajava (lemon guava) and belong to the family Myrtaceae.

2. Different varieties of guavas are present, but they don’t come under one species. They belong to other species and sometimes other genera. For example: Acca sellowiana (“pineapple guava”) are different from the most commonly found and eaten guavas – the “apple guavas”.

3. Though they grow well in tropical and sub-tropical regions, they can withstand semi-arid and humid regions very well and can temporarily adjust to cold, but not for longer time.

4. These perennial plants (the trees which live more than 2 years) bear many fruits during the season. The size, flavor, aroma, composition of seeds etc. vary from plant to plant and its surroundings.

5. The flesh may be white, pink, red or yellow. There are many seeds in the fruit which are mostly concentrated in the center.

Amazing Guava Facts: 6-10

6. Guava can be considered as an underrated fruit. We say this because it is one of the superfoods and more specifically “super-fruits” (superfoods are the foods which have almost all the nutrients, and help in preventing diseases and prolonging life).

7. So, you have this question, “why is it called a super-fruit?”. We will answer your question. It is called super-fruit because it has many vitamins and minerals, but low fat and calories. This is why if you consume good number of guavas (too much is too bad) you will become thinner and leaner. This is a healthy way of cutting down that fat of yours.

8. These fruits contain polyphenolic (an antioxidant) and flavonoid compounds which help in preventing cancer, infections, aging etc. Yes ladies, you heard us right. Next time you go to market to buy some anti-ageing products, make sure you buy some guavas!

9. It also contains a lot of dietary fiber which helps in saving the colon mucosa from toxins and cancerous chemicals by reducing the duration of contact between colon and these toxins and chemicals. Oranges also help prevent colon cancer in the same way.

10. It helps in treating constipation too! The fiber content present in one fruit covers 12% of DRI of fiber and added to this, the seeds, if chewed or swallowed, works as laxatives! What more do you want from a fruit?

Amazing Guava Facts: 11-15

11. Guavas have low glycaemic index (an index which gives the ranking of carbs in our food on the basis of how they affect our blood glucose levels). Low glycaemic foods are the ones which have carbs which are slowly digested and absorbed, and thus, maintain a low blood sugar level.

12. With the combined effect of dietary fiber (which help in maintaining balanced glucose levels) and the low glycaemic carbs, this fruit just works wonders with diabetics.

13. It is rich in vitamin C. Just an intake of 100 gm of guava can give you 228 mg of vitamin C which is equal to three times the DRI (Daily Recommended Intake). Flesh which is near to the green rind contains more vitamin C than the pulp.

14. Vitamin C helps in boosting our immune system and guavas are a rich source of vitamin C. Did you know that guavas have 4 times the vitamin C than oranges? So, give your favorite lemons a break and go for a guava instead.

15. The fact that vitamin C helps in building resistance to microbes causing infection and cancerous cells and free radicals is proved by many scientific studies. Collagen, which is one of the most essential structural protein, helps in maintaining blood vessels, organs, bones etc. Guava helps in the synthesis of collagen in our body.

Amazing Guava Facts: 16-20

16. It is rich in vitamin A as well. It has flavonoids like lycopene, lutein and cryptoxanthin along with beta-carotene. These flavonoids have antioxidants and play a key role in keeping our skin and mucosa healthy.

17. Carotene helps in protecting oral cavity and lung infections and cancer.

18. 100 grams of pink guava pulp gives around 5204 µg of lycopene which helps in protecting skin from damage caused by UV rays and helps in protecting you from prostate cancer.

19. It contains more potassium than banana (when compared weight to weight). Potassium helps in maintaining blood pressure and heart rate.

20. Guavas also help to lower LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) – the bad cholesterol and triglycerides and improves HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) – the good cholesterol.

Amazing Guava Facts: 21-25

21. Guava has more to give! Vitamins like pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin E and K, minerals like magnesium, manganese, copper etc. are moderately present in guava. Copper is used in producing red blood cells and manganese acts as a co-factor (co-factor is an element which is essential for an enzyme’s activity) for superoxide dismutase, which is an antioxidant enzyme.

22. It contains high amount of folic acid (vitamin B9) whose intake is compulsory for pregnant women as it aids in the development of fetal nervous system and protects the baby from any disorders related to nervous system.

23. From toothache to oral ulcers, guava leaves are the safest bet for you. The leaves have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Do we need to say anything more?

24. The presence of magnesium in the fruit makes this one a good stress buster and boosts our energy. So, the next time you are tired, just go for a guava.

25. It is good for your brain as well. With magnesium (relaxing your nerves), niacin (vitamin B3) and pyridoxine (vitamin B6), blood circulates more to brain which improves our cognitive function.

Amazing Guava Facts: 26-30

26. It is rich in iron and vitamin C, which are known to fight flu or cold and cough. Next time you catch cold, just drink few cups of guava leaves decoction and you will be pleased, immensely!

27. Starting from this fact, ladies make notes, because we are going to talk about weight loss, anti-ageing, complexion and texture of the skin. Yes! Are you ready?

Here we go… It regulates our metabolism and thus keeps us in great shape. Guess what? As a bonus, you get enough proteins, vitamins and minerals.

However, we don’t mean that you give up your staple food to guavas, we just want you to include guavas on your dining table to keep those heads turning.

28. We told about antioxidants, didn’t we? Antioxidants – vitamin A and vitamin C keeps your skin fit and don’t forget collagen, they all help in keeping wrinkles at bay. So, ditch Botox and eat guavas!

29. Make a scrub out of guava’s pulp and get a glowing and radiant skin! A simple DIY. Just mix egg yolk and guava’s pulp and apply it your face. After twenty minutes, just rinse it off. Do it twice a week and see the magic yourself. It also helps in reducing dark circles, discoloration, redness etc. (thanks to vitamin K).

30. Just drink a cup of decoction of guava leaves every day in the morning and just see your skin’s texture improving. Its astringent properties make the muscles of your face tight. If you have a choice go for unripe guavas.

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