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Sunday is generally a joyful day, especially for children. Sundays are significantly more than just a day of rest during the week. In this post, we will provide interesting facts about Sunday and essential information about this unique day of the week.

If you are studying the days of the week and seeking quick information, this post is for you.

Facts About Sunday 1-14

1. Sunday and sports are very closely related. Sunday marks the conclusion of all golf competitions.

No one knows why, but professional golf tournaments have traditionally concluded on Sundays.

2. Formula one races and numerous other competitions, such as the NASCAR Sprint Cup and MotoGP, have always been held on Sundays.

Even if this may also be a coincidence, this “no work” day has been the first day of work for many athletes.

3. Many believe that Sunday for Sports may be profitable from a business perspective.

As the official day off for all spectators, it may make sense for sporting events to begin on Sundays.

4. “Sunday rest” is a serious matter for Germans. Sonntag, or Sunday, is a mandated day of rest in Germany.

In numerous regions of Germany, shopping, consumerism, and several other company closures are mandated.

5. While Sunday is traditionally the most relaxed day of the week, it is also accompanied by a number of relaxing tunes. Sunday Girl, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, Sunday Morning, That’s What I Love About Sunday, A Sunday Kind of Love, and Everyday Is Like Sunday — are an assortment of uplifting and amazing Sunday-themed songs.

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6. Even the newest method of relaxing, “Netflix and chill,” is Sunday-friendly.

On Sundays, numerous dramas and shows air on television and streaming services. 

7. “Bloody Sunday” was a Sunday in January 1972 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, where a violent incident occurred.

palm sunday - facts about sunday

In 1905, another “Bloody Sunday” marked a turning moment in the Russian revolution.

8. In Christian mythology, Easter Sunday is an important day. This was the day on which Jesus rose from the grave.

9. Sunday is sometimes viewed as the first day of the week in the United States.

In contrast, the United Kingdom and other nations choose to consider it towards the conclusion of the week.

In a calendar inspired by Hellenistic astrology, Sunday was formerly the first day of the week instead of the seventh.

10. In contrast to most of the other six days of the week, nearly every language has derived its term for Sunday from the meaning “Sun’s Day” or “Day of Sun.”

11. Nevertheless, almost is not all. Sunday is referred to as Voskresene (Voskreseniye) in Russian, which means Resurrection.

12. In Polish, Croatian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian, among other Slavic languages, the word for Sunday signifies “no work.”

13. Sunday in the Thai Solar Calendar is represented by the color red.

14. Sunday is linked with the Sun in astrology.

Facts About Sunday 15-28

15. The Greek term for Sunday literally translates as “Lord’s Day.”

16. Sunday was the day of the Roman god of the sun. In Paganism, the sun was the source of life, as well as a source of warmth and illumination.

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As a result, it was the center of a popular religion among Romans, who worshiped while standing at dawn on Sundays to catch the first rays of sunlight.

17. By law or custom, a number of nations, primarily in Europe such as France, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden (but also non-European nations such as Peru) hold their national and local elections on Sunday.

18. In the majority of Middle Eastern countries, the workweek begins on Sunday.

19. In 321 A.D., Constantine I, emperor of the Roman Empire, decided that Sunday was to be a day of rest for everyone except farmers.

20. Globally, the majority of banks are closed on Sundays.

21. Every month that begins on a Sunday contains a Friday the 13th.

22. Sunday whistling is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

23. Numerous American and British daily newspapers offer larger Sunday editions that frequently include color comic strips, a magazine, a discount section, and sometimes a twin issue alongside a sister publication.

24. Gloomy Sunday is the title of a famous song composed by Rezs Seress, a Hungarian pianist and composer, and released in 1933. This song, sometimes known as “The Hungarian Suicide Song,” has been the subject of numerous urban legends tying it to the suicide of multiple individuals who had listened to it.

25. In the United Kingdom, historical dramas such as Downton Abbey, Lark Rise to Candleford, and Heartbeat are typically broadcast on Sunday evenings.

26. Since 1979, the K. television program Antiques Roadshow has always aired on a Sunday.

27. Cold Sunday is the term given to Sunday, January 17, 1982, when extraordinarily cold air from Canada blew into the United States and dropped temperatures across the majority of the country well below their previous all-time lows.

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28. Numerous Nigerian languages name Sunday following “rebirth,” “immortality,” and “eternity.”

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