The most awesome Wednesday facts are what we have collected here for your enjoyment and reading; making your day a little more interesting is our top goal today. Let us begin…

Wednesday Facts Worth Knowing

1. In English, the word ‘Wednesday’ is derived from Old English Wōdnesdæg and Middle English Wednesdei, both of which mean “day of Woden” referring to the religion of the Anglo-Saxons, the English counterpart of the Norse deity Odin. 

2. In various other languages, such as French mercredi or Italian mercoledi, the name of the day is a calque of dies Mercurii, which means “day of Mercury”

3. Wednesday is called sui youbi in Japanese, which means “water day” and is linked with suisei: Mercury (the planet), which literally means “water star.” Similarly, the Korean term for Wednesday is su yo il, which also means “water day.”

4. The Portuguese term for Wednesday is quarta-feira, which means “fourth day” while the Greek equivalent is Tetarti which simply means “fourth. 

5. The formation of the Sun and Moon is described in the Hebrew Bible as occurring on “the fourth day” of the divine workweek.

6. The daughter in the Addams Family movie is known as Wednesday Addams. Charles Addams, the creator, said that he selected this name because of the nursery song Monday’s Kid, which states that “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”

7. In John Steinbeck’s 1945 book Sweet Thursday, the titular Thursday was reported to be preceded by a “Lousy Wednesday.”

8. The “Sheffield Wednesday” football team (soccer to Americans) began in 1820 as The Wednesday Cricket Club. They got their names from the day they played their matches.

9. The only day of the week that appears in the name of any sports team in the globe is Wednesday. Sheffield Wednesday, established on September 4th, 1864, has Wednesday in its name since the founders took the day off from working on a Wednesday.

10. On February 16, 1983, Australia suffered a dreadful Ash Wednesday as a consequence of a 100-acre wildfire that raced across the southern portion of the nation, burning businesses, homes, animal farms, and taking several lives. The total cost of the lost homes is projected to be more than $324 million.

11. Wednesday is also known as Hump Day in the United States because it is the middle of the week, when employees have completed the hardest (hump) day of the week.

12. In most years, there are 52 Wednesdays.

13. Wednesday is known as the third day in numerous languages across the globe, from Europe to Asia.

Wednesday Facts Worth Knowing

14. According to statistics, Wednesday is the only day of the week when your supervisor is more inclined to accept requests from you or coworkers.

15. Until 2008, Wednesday was the luckiest day of the week for stock market traders.

16. There is a day known as Red Wednesday, which is an idea of the Aid to Church in Need, an organization that dedicates the day to advocating against religious violence. Every year in November, people celebrate Red Wednesday. 

17. According to statistics, leap years occur on Wednesdays 14.43 percent of the time.

18. According to a study, the perfect day of the week to go on a date is a Wednesday since everyone has recovered from the hectic weekend and is looking for someone or something to look forward to break up the workweek.

19. Spy Wednesday commemorates Judas’ betrayal of Jesus on the Wednesday before Easter.

20. If you are a social media user who is interested in boosting your business, you may be interested to hear that Wednesdays were the greatest days to post since they received the most interactions on average compared to any other day of the week.

21. According to Imperial College Figures, it is significantly less safe to have any procedures or surgeries performed on a Wednesday, which also happens to be the second most hazardous day for commuters. 

22. This midweek day has been shown to be the most beneficial day for recharging yourself, which is very essential for your health.

23. According to a tanning company’s study, ladies look oldest on Wednesdays at 3.30pm.

24. During the summer, there are movies on Pier A every Wednesday night.

25. The “United States,” the first Navy ship of the U.S., was launched on Wednesday, May 10, 1797.

26. Green is the color associated with Wednesday in the Thai Solar Calendar.


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