We love both fruits and vegetables. So, here are 24 interesting fruit facts for kids that we wanted to share with you. Check how many of these facts you already know.

Fruit Facts for Kids 1-12


1. The rose family consists of apples, peaches, and raspberries.

2. Apples float because they have 25% air in them.

3. The amount of calcium in a half-cup of figs is the same as in a half-cup of milk.


4. Your bones and teeth will be stronger if you eat green fruits.

5. Not every orange is really orange.

6. Apples are better than coffee for giving you energy.


7. Every year, only one pineapple grows on each plant.

8. Bananas have a natural effect on the body like an antacid, so if you have heartburn, try eating a banana to feel better.


9. A banana is a real berry, but a strawberry is not.

10. Flowering plants use their fruits to spread their seeds.

11. Fruits on flowering plants can spread their seeds in many different ways.

12. The ram’s horn (Proboscidea louisianica) is one of many flowering plants that have hooks that help them grow apart.


The hooked-shaped fruit sticks to an animal’s fur and falls off hours or days later in a different place.

Fruit Facts for Kids 1-12

13. The seeds of the common yew tree (Taxus baccata) are spread when an animal eats the poisonous berries and then poops them out. 

14. The sugar maple tree (Acer saccharum) makes fruit with wings that let the wind spread the seeds. This is how many trees spread their seeds through their fruit.


15. Have you ever wondered why there are always coconut trees on islands in the middle of nowhere?

Because the coconut tree’s fruit can float and go thousands of miles across the ocean. This lets it wash up on an island and spread its seeds there.


16. In Asheville, North Carolina, there is a place called “Edible Park.” It has more than 40 different kinds of fruit and nut trees from which people can pick fresh fruits.

17. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled in 1893 that the tomato is a vegetable, even though it is a fruit from a botanical point of view.


18. “The Fruit Salad Tree” is the name of a tree that has more than one kind of fruit. It is made by grafting, which is a way to make new plants.

19. The world’s biggest cashew tree covers about 80,000 square feet and makes more than 60,000 nuts every year.

The tree is so big because it has two genetic flaws that make its branches grow outward instead of up. When the branches touch the ground, they grow new roots.

20. A woman in California thought for years that the “crunch berries” in Cap’n crunch were real fruit.


When she found out they weren’t, she tried to sue PepsiCo. The judge said that it was just “common sense.”

21. In 1986, Silo, a chain of electronics stores, ran an ad that said “299 bananas” for stereos.

They even took them up on the offer, which cost them over $10,000 when customers showed up with lots of fruit.

22. There are so many kinds of apples that it would take more than 20 years to try them all if you ate a new one every day.


23. Pine cones were once called “pine apples,” and the pineapple got its name from that because it looks like a pine cone.

24. Tomatoes and avocados are berries, but blackberries and strawberries are not.

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