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Bulldogs are the fourth most popular dog breed in the United States. With a demeanor that is calm, courageous, and sociable, it’s not difficult to see why this breed is so popular.  

There must be something special about bulldogs, as everyone from Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio to John Legend appears to have one as a companion.

Here are bulldog facts about this dependable and attractive breed that you may not know.

Bulldog Facts 1-11

a bulldog walking - bulldog facts

1. They are medium-sized dogs with a thick, stout build. Their huge, square-shaped skull is accompanied by a short muzzle.

They have big shoulders and chests, and their limbs are robust and thick.

2. A Bulldog has a drooping upper lip and an undershot lower jaw, which means that his lower teeth protrude further than his upper teeth. The Bulldog has enormous and powerful jaws.

3. Prior to 1300, the English bulldog appears to have evolved in the British Isles.

One of the few mentions of the sport goes all the way back to 1209 and describes the pursuit of a bull through the English town of Stamford by butcher’s dogs.

This activity so impressed the town’s earl that he instituted it as a sport in his territory.

4. The English bulldog possesses a lovely, kind temperament. Bulldogs make great family pets since they’re reliable and friendly to kids.

As a breed, they are people-oriented and actively seek human attention.

5. But they still have the courage that came from being raised to fight bulls, so they make good watchdogs.

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Although they normally get along well with other household animals, English bulldogs can be violent with unfamiliar canines.

6. In the United Kingdom, bull baiting was a prevalent blood sport from 1206 until its eventual prohibition in 1835.

Bulldogs, developed specifically for violent encounters, would sneak low to the ground and attempt to bite the bull’s (or bear’s or horse’s) snout.

These stubborn canines would cling to the bull for dear life, causing the bull to frequently toss them into the air.

7. In the days of bullbaiting, wrinkles were a desirable trait in dogs.

Blood that flew during bull baiting was efficiently prevented from entering the dog’s eyes during combat by the dog’s skin folds.

These lovely creases must be cleaned often in order to prevent infections.

8. Once bullbaiting was prohibited in England, bulldogs were no longer required. It appeared that this dog’s days were numbered, yet its admirers recognized possibilities.

Fanciers began breeding dogs with kinder and gentler dispositions. Some bulldogs were imported to Germany and the United States as herding dogs. Others remained as companions in England.

9. Whether it be the esteemed Yale University or the United States Marine Corps, this breed serves as the mascot for a variety of legendary institutions.

Bulldogs come in various hues and markings, including fawn, solid red, white, brindle, etc., and black masks, black tips, ticked, piebald, etc.

10. Male bulldogs have an average height of 17 inches and weigh around 54 lbs. whereas female bulldogs have an average height of 16 inches and weigh approximately 50 lbs.

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11. Despite their menacing appearance, they are typically regarded as companion dogs and are one of the most adorable dog breeds, alongside the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever.

Bulldog Facts 12-22

closeup of a bulldog

12. Bulldogs adore humans. They adore nothing more than lazing next to their masters and possibly snoring while sleeping with their heads resting on their laps.

13. Because of their odd anatomy, bulldogs have trouble conceiving.

Males have difficulty reaching the females, thus breeders choose artificial insemination to minimize extra physical stress.

14. The childbirth process is also rather difficult due to the breed’s large heads and narrow birth canals.

Since spontaneous birth may result in damage or death, the majority of bulldogs are born via C-section.

15. They are brachycephalic, which means they have a broad skull and a flat face, making exercise difficult.

Their hefty heads and chests make them terrible swimmers, so they must be regularly monitored near water to prevent drowning.

16. Although the bulldog dislikes exercise, he requires it to keep his weight in check because he is prone to gaining weight.

A short walk or play session will tire him out.

17. Additionally, bulldogs cannot tolerate humid and hot environments, nor can they tolerate cold well.

18. Otto, a skating bulldog, won the title of “Longest Human Tunnel Traveled Through by a Skateboarding Dog” at the Guinness World Records competition.

In celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2015, the fantastic dog flew beneath the legs of 30 people in Lima, Peru.

19. The brachycephalic bulldog can easily become hot, thus he should not be left unattended in enclosed, warm areas and should be supervised outside.

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Always provide your bulldog with ample water, shade, and access to air conditioning to prevent heat stroke.

20. Some of the diseases that bulldogs are prone are dry eye (inadequacy of tear production), cherry eye (protrusion of a gland outside which looks similar to a cherry), entropion (curling of eyelashes inwards), hip dysplasia, brachycephalic syndrome, etc.

21. Boston Beans, the bulldog belonging to President Calvin Coolidge, lived at the White House with his family and other pets. Old Boy, President Warren G. Harding’s bulldog, was also in the White House.

22. They have a lifespan of 8-10 years.

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