20 Weird Random Facts to Kill Boredom!

by Sankalan Baidya
weird random facts

Getting bored? We know how it feels. But hey, cheer up! Don’t care if you aren’t invited to a booze party by your friends or don’t care if you don’t have a date night today! You can still do something interesting to kill your time. Here is a quick list of 20 weird random facts that will help you kill your boredom. We are pretty darn sure that not only will you like them but you will definitely use the knowledge to outwit your friends next time they try to pull you down! So, let us waste time no more and learn these amazing facts!

Weird Random Facts: 1-5

1. According to studies, if a person sleeps with multiple pillows he is either feeling lonely or is depressed.

2. Dogs love their owners. When a dog sees its owner its brain secretes the same hormone as humans when we are in love.

3. A barcode consists of black lines over the white paper but the scanner reads the barcode the other way i.e. it scans the white bars leaving the black ones.

4. 500 Euro notes have another name “Bin Ladens”. Yes, you read it right. They are called so because everyone has an idea of how they look but it is extremely difficult to find one.

5. People who are intelligent underestimate themselves and ignorant ones think high of themselves. It happens because of cognitive bias called “Dunning-Kruger” effect.

Weird Random Facts: 6-10

6. Can you think of a different way to use bread? Bread was used to erase pencil marks earlier.

7. Did you ever come across a person who probably cannot feel emotions? Such person is likely to suffer from a condition called “Alexithymia”.

8. The act of burping is inversely proportional to the act of farting. In simple words, if you burp more you would fart less and vice versa.

9. You need not see your beloved everyday to keep your relationship going. It doesn’t mean that you should not see your lover daily; it simply means that distances don’t kill relationships.

10. Breast milk provides all the nutrients human needs. No other food in this world can beat breast milk in this.

Weird Random Facts: 11-15

11. Women respond to romance more when their tummies are full.

12. “Mrs.” now signifies that a woman is married but way back in 18th century it just meant that the woman was above 18 years.

13. Sleeping beauty may not exist in real world but sleeping beauty syndrome does exist. People with such syndrome sleep for 10 days or more at a stretch.

14. A U.K. study found out that wealthier kids of average intelligence earn more than poor kids of high intelligence.

15. There is something called “Puppy Pregnancy Syndrome” where people believe that they are pregnant with puppies after they are bitten by dogs!

Weird Random Facts: 16-20

16. Herrings communicate among themselves via farts.

17. People who have more oxytocin hormone in their bloodstream are 80% more likely to be generous than the ones who don’t.

18. Hybrids are present even for non living objects. Knork for example is hybrid of knife and fork.

19. The word “thug” originated from 1350s Hindi word “thag” meaning “deceiver” or a “thief.”

20. Shakespeare was alive when British started colonizing America.

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