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20 Weird Cholesterol Facts That You Should Know

In our last article on cholesterol facts we learned about some interesting facts. We also learned some disturbing facts about the same. This article on weird cholesterol facts is not going to be any different. We will learn some weird and interesting facts about cholesterol. We will learn about its discovery, naming, its production in human body and more. So, if you are ready, let us start.

Weird Cholesterol Facts: 1-5

1. The discovery of cholesterol took place in 1769. The person who discovered it was Francois Pelletier de la Salle. He found it in gallstones in solid form.

2. It was Eugene Chevreul – a chemist who came up with the name ‘cholesterol’ in 1815.

3. Breast milk has cholesterol. This cholesterol is necessary for an infant brain because it helps to build nerve tissues.

4. Breast milk has healthy cholesterol which helps to prevent CNS and heart diseases in babies. CNS means central nervous system.

5. Before a woman reaches menopause, she will have lower cholesterol compared to men. Once she reaches menopause, LDL in her body rises. Experts believe that the hormone estrogen helps to keep cholesterol in check in female body.

Weird Cholesterol Facts: 6-10

6. There are absolutely zero symptoms of high cholesterol levels in body. This means that a person is completely unaware that he or she is at risk of cardiac diseases and stroke.

7. American Indians have lowest cholesterol levels. Mexican Americans and White Americans have highest cholesterol. Japanese Americans and African Americans fall somewhere in the middle of these groups.

8. High cholesterol may be genetic my nature. There is a genetic disease known as familial hypercholesterolemia. It is responsible for high LDL content even at a very young age.

9. Smoking is anyway not good because of nicotine. But it also reduces HDL or good cholesterol and increases LDL or bad cholesterol in body.

10. Those who quit smoking experience 5% growth in HDL content. In other words, HDL increases by 2.4 mg/dL.

Weird Cholesterol Facts: 11-15

11. According to scientists, cholesterol plays an important role in brain structure and neuron signaling. Low cholesterol in body is often associated with high accident levels, Alzheimer’s, violence and suicide.

12. LDL levels in the body can increase because of high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, family history of heart diseases at early stage, low HDL content and even age.

13. Men older than 45 years and women older than 55 years tend to have high cholesterol levels in their bodies.

14. High fat content doesn’t necessarily mean high cholesterol content. Liver for example, is an organ which has very low fat content but very high cholesterol content.

15. A study conducted in Ohio state found that Autism symptoms can be eased in children if cholesterol levels are increased.

Weird Cholesterol Facts: 16-20

16. Red Wine has a chemicals group known as saponins. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels in human body.

17. Researchers have found that when the stress level increases, the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in body increases.

18. On the other hand, a person will have higher levels of good cholesterol or HDL if he or she copes with stress properly.

19. Cholesterol is a waxy substance. Held in hand, it will look like it has been scraped off a candle of whitish-yellow color.

20. Both intestines and liver produce cholesterol. Human liver is capable of producing nearly 1 gram of cholesterol in a single day.

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