20 Tips on How to Become a Good Kisser

The most romantic of all physical expressions of love and desire is a kiss. It is a symbol of deep desire and yearning. You kiss someone when you lose control of your emotions, attraction, and desire for that person; you want to pour it all over your partner, to communicate to him or her that this is it, a passionate kiss.

A kiss may be a very powerful way to communicate your feelings to another person; it can be orgasmic, sexually pleasurable, and stimulating all at the same time. Kisses come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There are loving kisses, such as kissing someone on the cheek or forehead, and passionate kisses, such as a long sensuous smooch.

The right kind of kiss is always designed to pique someone’s interest. It has the ability to be both vulgar and seductive. Nobody forgets their first kiss, or any kiss that had a profound effect on them. A good kiss has the potential to become firmly etched in one’s mind, eliciting the same shudders each time it is remembered.

Everyone desires to be showered with lovely kisses, but this cannot be accomplished without first developing into an excellent kisser. Only when two people are harmoniously synchronized can a kiss be done properly. Two people sharing a kiss must have a similar rhythm and be able to communicate the same level of passion via their motions.

While a kiss may seem to be simple, it has many components that add to its appeal and beauty. Nothing extinguishes desire quite like a bad or, more precisely, an unpleasant kiss. You do not want someone scanning your lips with his/her mouth and convincing himself/herself that he/she is kissing you.

It is well-known that a bad kiss may be the determining factor in a relationship. Consider someone who seems to be a dream, talks charmingly, and goes to great lengths to capture your heart, but has no clue how to kiss; you will not be able to stay in a sexual equation with this person for long.

Nothing knocks a person off their feet quite like a bad kiss. But worry not; we understand what a good kiss involves, and we’ve covered all you can do to guarantee your kiss is perfect in this article. Follow these simple 20 steps to improve your kissing ability.

Top 20 Tips on How to Become a Good Kisser

Groom Yourself: 

Being kissable is important. Nobody wants to kiss someone who seems to be untouchable. Men are not obliged to take any action in this respect other than to maintain their grooming. You don’t want to kiss your lady love when your face is covered with facial hair, interfering with the ultimate pleasure of kissing your lady love.

As simple as that; maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. Personal hygiene is important when it comes to sexual interaction, especially kissing. After all, your mouth will be in another person’s mouth; it must be kept clean. You may want to avoid chapped lips, since kissing someone with flaky lips is unattractive. Women can expend somewhat more effort than this.

Apply your preferred lipstick, preferably one that is non-transferrable; you do not want to smear it all over your man‘s face. Enhance the appearance of your lips by plumping them and making them seem juicy enough to kiss; a glossy gloss may be utilized for this purpose. Take care of your facial hair, shave any upper-lip hair, and moisturize and supple your face.

Smell Pleasant: 

Because kissing involves close physical contact, you should smell good. You should use a good deodorant; else, your sweetheart would have a difficult time kissing you. He or she will eventually give up. Rather than that, it would be great if you could wear a beautiful fragrance and entice him/her to approach you.

Breath Alarm: 

Ensure that your breath is clean. Nothing is more disgusting than someone kissing with his or her breath on him or her. Before trying to kiss your partner, always chew gum or keep a mint in your mouth.

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss: 

This is a pivotal point. You must instinctively know whether or not to kiss at that moment. You should be logical enough to discern if your partner is expecting your kiss. Even if you take him/her by surprise, you should ascertain if the gesture would be appreciated.

You should never coerce someone into kissing you. Furthermore, abstain from begging for it. Continue not to seek permission to kiss. If you get indications that your spouse is not interested at the moment, drop the subject and do not bring it up again. Nothing is more disgusting than a guy or a woman requesting kissing.

How Much Passion?

When you first kiss someone, fight the urge to leap on them and devour them. It must begin with delicacy of creative expression. As the initiator, you must exercise patience and determine the posture of your kissing partner. Determine if he/she wants a raucous kiss or a sensually sweet one.

At first, kiss your partner with care. You may administer a series of quick and precise lip sucks to him/her. Your partner will ultimately catch up; if he or she wants more, he or she will express that desire to you. Whether he/she starts the passion with strong, aggressive movements or just tells you via seductive noises, if you give it more time and patience, you will know exactly what your spouse wants from you.

Back off: 

If you ever feel your partner feels uncomfortable, withdraw immediately. Inquire about his/her comfort level and what he/she hates. You must show consideration for your partner’s needs. It is not just your kiss; it is also the kiss of your spouse.

Right Distance: 

When you kiss for the first time, what do you think the proper distance between your bodies should be? The proper answer is that some initial separation is necessary. It will give your partner breathing space. You do not want your partner to feel suffocated and imprisoned in your body. Allow him/her enough space to approach you. And trust us when we tell that if you’re a good kisser, you’ll soon discover that your partner will be all over you.

Take Breaks: 

It is important to pause when kissing. You cannot continue sucking on someone’s mouth indefinitely. Without breaks, you risk breathing into your partner’s lips, which is very uncomfortable. Not only you, but also your partner, need rest at times. Maintain as short a pause as feasible. You may begin doing something new during these pauses, such as kissing your partner’s neck or cheeks or sucking on his/her earlobes.

Tie Your Tongue: 

Nothing is more irritating than a tongue that is always moving. If you are above the age of sixteen, please resist the temptation to shove your tongue into the mouth of your partner.

Utilize your tongue only if you are confident in your abilities to move it inside the confines of your partner’s mouth. Avoid stuffing it into his/her mouth and waiting for them to behave. Additionally, avoid from using your tongue to examine your partner’s mouth. Your tongue should only show seldom in the image; the emphasis should be on your lips and sucking abilities.

Suck With Precision: 

Avoid sucking on your partner’s lips in the same way that a little kid would sucking on their thumb. Suck gently and lovingly on one lip at a time. Continue sucking softly on each lip as you go from one to the next.

Bite Alert: 

Avoid biting your spouse in the manner of a wolverine; your spouse is a human being who needs sympathy. If you feel the need to bite your partner, do it softly and with minimal teeth movement. You do not want your spouse to cry just because you believed biting off his or her lips would be funny. If your spouse withdraws when you give a mild bite to his/her lips, this indicates that he/she does not like it and you should stop.

No Slobbering: 

When it is natural for saliva to accumulate in your mouth while kissing, remember to swallow it sometimes or you will drool like a dog, which is very unromantic. Avoid swallowing it while kissing; rather, retrieve it for a little while, swallow it, and continue with the action.


This one needs special consideration. Your head should not be in the way of your kiss. You may tilt it to one side and move it rhythmically.


Do not just throw your hands and arms to the side. Utilize them to elicit more desire. Squeezing the arm of your partner with your hands is a great way to express your gratitude for his or her kiss and touch.

Mix It Up: 

Do not constantly kiss your partner. Include other elements such as caressing him/her, stroking his hair, holding his waist, moving your hand to his/her back and groping on his/her buttocks, and rubbing against each other. Coordination of your kiss and all of these extra movements will heighten your kiss’s interest and uncontrolled arousal.

Say Sweet Nothings: 

While you are kissing, express yourself really passionately. This will result in a little rise in temperature. This is the time to convey how much you want your spouse or how stunning he/she seems. While kissing, you may also communicate your feelings for your spouse; tell him/her how much you appreciate him/her. When words are spoken, physical contact becomes more intense.

Become One With Your Partner: 

When two people kiss, they must unite in a harmonious rhythm to become a single entity. Your body should be in perfect rhythm with your partner’s. Each movement should be fluid and unbroken. When your partner approaches, you should automatically hold them closer; this is synchronicity.

Not A Prelude To Sex: 

A kiss does not always indicate that your sweetheart will have sexual relations with you. By making kissing a prelude to sex, you may sabotage your and your partner’s kissing experience. If your partner gives you a strong signal that he or she wants to have sex with you, you may continue. However, if your partner makes no such signal, do not assume that the desire has been extinguished. Generally, it’s prudent to consult your spouse first, and if he or she declines, let it go.

Perfect Location: 

You cannot just kiss anywhere; the setting and mood must be perfect. Public kissing is also not for everyone; approach with care as it may aggravate your partner. A kiss requires a peaceful environment—somewhere where you may be passionate and expressive. The ideal environment, though, would be one that is pleasant for your partner.

End It With A Compliment: 

At the end of the kiss, tell your partner how much you enjoyed it and which motion was your favorite. If you are more romantic in nature, express how much you love your partner. The objective is to make the kiss memorable and affectionate.

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