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20 Surprising Urine Facts You Should Know

From Romans using urine for teeth whitening to British and Dutch drinking Flapdragons (urine) to toast someone’s health to voodoo practice involving urine to give kidney disease to a victim – we learned 20 jaw dropping urine facts in our previous article. We weren’t quite done with pee facts then. So, here is another instalment of facts about urine that you will find equally surprising as facts in our last article. So, get ready!

Surprising Urine Facts: 1-5

1. 5% of your urine is actually made of solid material while the remaining 95% is water. Here is the breakup of urine components:

  • 95% water
  • 0.05% ammonia
  • 0.18% sulphate
  • 0.12% phosphate
  • 0.6% chloride
  • 0.01% magnesium
  • 0.015% calcium
  • 0.6% potassium
  • 0.1% sodium
  • 0.1% creatinine
  • 0.3% uric acid
  • 2% urea

2. On an average you will pee out 1 liter to 1.5 liters of urine a day.

3. If you are producing very small amounts of urine (abnormally small), you have a condition which goes by the name Oliguria.

4. Do you know the average number of times you urinate in a day? That’s 7 (SEVEN). Some may urinate a little more or a little less depending on what they eat and drink.

5. If you are an adult then know that the amount of urine your bladder can hold is enough to fill up to 11 shot glasses. That’s anywhere between 300 milliliters to 500 milliliters of urine.

Surprising Urine Facts: 6-10

6. Ever wondered how long your pee stream lasts when you pee? That’s 7 seconds on an average. It can be a little more. However, if your pee stream is as short as just 2 seconds despite feeling an urgency to take a leak, visit a doctor. You have a serious problem.

7. Guys, give up the notion that girls pee from their vagina. That’s totally wrong. There is a distinct opening called urethra right above the vagina from where girls pee.

8. If your pee is smelling sweet, you have diabetes. Get yourself diagnosed.

9. Talking of smell, how can you make your pee smell like roses? Drink turpentine (DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME BECAUSE TURPENTINE IS POISONOUS)! Well, in Ancient Rome, some women used to practice this for the exact same purpose as mentioned in this fact – smell like roses!

10. Charaka and Sushruta – heard of these names? They were physicians from ancient India who managed to differentiate between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes way back in c. 400 BCE – 500 BCE. The word Madhumeha used in Hindi actually means ‘Honey urine’. The term came from those two physicians.

Surprising Urine Facts: 11-15

11. While we gave the breakup of pee components by percentage, that wasn’t the most accurate breakup we gave at the beginning. We aren’t giving it here either because you can’t seriously expect us to list approximately 3,000 components found in your pee.

12. Can you know pee when people are around you (nearby)? In such a case you have a condition called Pee Shyness, which is technically called Parauresis.

13. There is a popular belief that if one gets a jellyfish sting, one should pee on the sting area right away to get relief. Well, that’s absolutely wrong.

14. Did you know that the “morning pee” is highly acidic in nature while subsequent pees become more alkaline? That’s because when you sleep at night, the body produces acids, which leaves the body during morning through pee.

15. Women have wider pee stream than men.

Surprising Urine Facts: 16-20

16. Do you know when does a baby pee for the first time? Not after the birth. The baby actually pees for the first time when it is in womb. It pees right into the amniotic fluid.

17. Ever been out of a swimming pool with red eyes? Some may say that it is caused by chlorine in the pool water. But that’s not the truth. It is caused by chloramine – a substance created by chemical bonding between chlorine and human pee. The strong smell of chlorine that you get after coming out of the swimming pool is basically caused by human pee. So, the strong the sting, the dirtier is the pool.

18. Don’t he happy if you see that your urine is crystal clear and transparent. It simply means that you are drinking way too much water than you should. So, cut back on your water intake. The actual color of your urine should be pale straw, which indicates that you are well-hydrated and healthy.

19. Men, this is for you. If you have a western style toilet at home and you are having a hard on and still having the urgency to leak, the likelihood of messing up while releasing your bladder is very high if you stand and pee. So, the best way to pee in such a situation without messing up is shown in the image below.

pee with hard on

20. Urine has some really good medicinal use as well. There used to be a medicine called urokinase that was made by a drug company using urine. Purpose? Urokinase was used for dissolving blood clots that were responsible for heart attacks.

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