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20 Random Facts – Part I

This list of 20 random facts is the first of our new facts series. No big explanations, no specific topic, no boring stuff. All you will find here is a list of 20 facts on different topics. Be assured, you will find some of them to be very interesting and some very disturbing. In this particular list, the most disturbing one will be about Windows operating system. Are you in for a rapid fire round? Let’s start!

20 Random Facts: 1-10

1. The Russian Army started wearing socks in 2013. Prior to that, they wore portyanki – a traditional foot cloth used by pre-Soviet army. – Source

2. Farting in a sterile environment while wearing clothes doesn’t infect the environment.

3. The white of the eye known as the sclera in humans is meant for nonverbal communication. Dogs rely on human sclera to pick up visual communications.

4. There are 37 million companies worldwide. Of these, only 147 companies control 40% of total global wealth while 737 control 80% of the total world wealth.

5. In 1936, the first Pinocchio film was supposed to be released by Italy. Had this Italian animated film been released, it would have predated Disney’s Pinocchio film by 4 years. For some odd reason, it never happened.

6. In March 2012, Wladimir Klitschko sold off his Olympic Gold Medal he won in 1996 through an auction. He wanted to donate the money for charity. It was bought for a million dollars but the buyer immediately returned it back because he wanted the Gold Medal to stay with Klitschko family.

7.Washing clothes or even themselves was not an activity among the people of Mongol Empire. They strongly believe that if they did so, the dragons controlling the water cycle would become angry. So, they continued wearing the same clothes until they fell apart. They changed clothes only during special occasions.

8. 400,000 acres of land in Amazon rainforest was purchased by Johan Eliasch – a Swedish millionaire in 2005 from logging company. They only reason for this purchase was the preservation of nature.

9. In 1998 Venus Williams and Serena William challenged any male tennis player ranked around 200 stating that they would easily beat the player. Ranked 203, German player named Karsten Braasch took up the challenge. After a leisure golf round and a couple of shandies, he defeated the Williams sisters.

10. The only Native American group that US government has never officially conquered is Florida’s Seminole Tribe.

20 Random Facts – 11-20

11. 1974 saw the first every space mutiny. It was on space station named Skylab 4. The extreme workload on the astronauts led to this mutiny.

12. Singapore has a special government program that is meant for matchmaking. This Social Development Unit was set up in 1984 because Singapore had a very low birth rate.

13. North Korea’s national animal is a mythical creature. It is a winged horse named Chollima which is said to have the ability to cover a distance of 1000 miles in a single day. Chollima literally means thousand-mile horse or a thousand li horse where li is the measurement of distance in China and is approximately a third of the standard mile. So, Chollima covers approximately 400 kilometers in a day.

14. Computer hobbyists received an open letter from Bill Gates in 1976 in which Gates asked the hobbyists not to rip off Gates’ software. To this the hobbyists replied that if buying the software was easier than duplicating the same, stealing Gates’ software will stop.

15. A honey-filled coffin was used for embalming Alexander the Great.

16. Iceland has a very small population. Thus, it is very much possible that a person actually ends up dating one of his or her relatives. To prevent this from happening, there is a special smartphone app which is designed to detect whether the date is a relative or not.

17. US National Security Agency built a special access code which has been secretly built into Windows. This was revealed by a careless mistake made by Microsoft programmers. This code is currently built into every Windows OS currently in use today. The code was not present in early release of Windows 95 and OSes prior to that.

18. Close to Gryfino in Poland sits a mysterious forest. There are 400 pine trees in one part of the forest, which have their trunks bent at 90 degrees and all the bends are facing north.

19. Doctors are yet to learn how anesthesia works to make people unconscious and eliminate pain.

20. John Harvey Kellogg – the physician from Michigan thought of sex as detrimental to spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. To him, sex with wife was bad and masturbation was a heinous crime. He created corn flakes as an anti-masturbatory morning meal.

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