20 Random Facts From Past

by Sankalan Baidya
20 Random Facts From Past

History tells us a lot about our existence but not many of us know much about history because we often find it dull and boring. We do! That’s the reason why we have least number of posts on history than others. However, if you think this to be a typical history post that will take you through the same pain you experience or experienced during your history classes in school, you are wrong. Here is a collection of 20 random facts from past that will either give you a good laugh or make your jaws drop in surprise or possibly just give you some brain fodder.

Random Facts from Past: 1-10

1. In 1807, conquerer Napoleon Bonaparte was attacked by a horde of Bunnies. He had to eventually flee. This happened during a rabbit hunt. – Source

2. One of the senators of Gaius – the Roman Emperor was his beloved horse. Yes, he made the horse a senator. – Source

3. To please the gods, the Mayans made human sacrifices. The usual practice was that of pulling out the human heart while it was still beating. – Source

4. In Europe people started executing cats because Pope Gregory IX said that cats were associated with the worship of devil. The result? Cats became scarce and rats became the majority that led to Bubonic Plague. – Source

5. The Egyptian pharaohs didn’t like flies and in order to keep them away, their servants had to keep themselves smeared in honey so that the flies got attracted to them. – Source

6. The servants of these pharaohs were not freed even after the pharaohs died. The servants had to follow them to graves. The slaves, concubines and the pets of the dead pharaohs were sealed inside the tomb along with dead bodies. – Source

7. During American Civil War, nearly 750,000 people died. This was 2.5% of the whole American population at that time. – Source

8. During the medieval times, it was a routine practice to put animals to trial and even sentence them to death. – Source

9. Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup was a popular medicine used in 19th century for treating children. One of the primary components of the medicine was morphine. – Source

10. The first ever birth control clinic to be established was in 1917. It was Margaret Sanger who opened the clinic and for doing so, she was actually sentenced to 1 month of jail. – Source

Random Facts from Past: 11-20

11. Wealthy Europeans from 16th and 17th century had a popular belief. They thought that ailments could be cured by eating corpses. And… they actually did so. Even weird, they ate the mummified Egyptians that were left behind by tomb raiders. – Source

12. In 19th century, people were accidentally buried alive considering them as dead. In order to help out the still alive people in coffins, inventors came up with what is known as safety coffins. These coffins allowed the trapped person inside to people above the ground. – Source

13. Trial by Ordeal was pretty common in Medieval period. Those who were accused were asked to put their hands in boiling water. If left unscathed by the boiling water, they were considered innocent (as per god’s verdict) and were set free else, they were punished. – Source

14. The lover of his wife was executed by Peter the Great. He actually had the man beheaded and head was preserved in a jar of alcohol. He then forced his wife to keep the head in her bedroom. – Source

15. In an ancient world, a father was actually allowed to kill any of his family members and it was completely legal. Can you guess the world? It was Rome! – Source

16. Dr. R. Dale Guthrie – a zoology professor along with his team members ate flesh from a steppe bison. The animal was literally 36,000 years old, long dead and preserved in ice. He ended up describing that the meat was a little tough but was well-aged. – Source

17. Colonial America didn’t allow women to take painkillers while giving birth. It was believed that since Eve ate the forbidden fruit, the pain was God’s punishment to all women kind. – Source

18. One of the most famous correspondents of New York Daily Tribune was Karl Marx. – Source

19. In 755 CE, a single rebellion led to the deaths of 1/6th of world population. The rebellion is famous as An Lushan Rebellion and was against Tang Dynasty of China. – Source

20. Human urine was used as mouthwash by the Romans. – Source

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