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20 Random Barack Obama Facts

Looking for random Barack Obama facts? In this article we will provide you some really interesting and fun facts about President Barack Obama. Well, there will be no specific order for the facts. They are just random facts sourced from various sources.

Random Barack Obama Facts: 1-5

1. In Kenya there is a beer that has been named after him.

2. Chocolate peanut-protein bars are his favorite snacks.

3. Shrimp Linguini cooked by his wife Michelle is his favorite meal.

4. He hates ice creams however, as a teenager he worked in an ice cream shop of Baskin Robins.

5. He has a pair of red boxing gloves. Specialty? The gloves have the signature of Muhammad Ali.

Random Barack Obama Facts: 6-10

6. Abraham Lincoln is his favorite American President.

7. Do you know what is a mutt? He calls himself that!

8. In Indonesia, he was introduced to three weird foods – roasted grasshopper, snake meat and dog meat.

9. He is a big fan of Scrabble.

10. In ‘Dreams From My Father’ – his audio book, he used the N-word.

Random Barack Obama Facts: 11-15

11. He actually won Grammy for his audio book.

12. He believes in good luck and carries a child statue and tiny Madonna for the same.

13. He has completed reading all Harry Potter books. He actually read them to his daughter.

14. He is a bigtime fan of show-tunes. Interestingly he gifted an iPod to Queen of England. Guess what the iPod had? Yes, show-tunes.

15. After college, he moved to Chicago and worked as Developing Communities Project director.

Random Barack Obama Facts: 16-20

16. Though Obama is not a fan of ice creams, his daughter Sasha is exactly the opposite.

17. Sasha is actually his favorite basketball player.

18. According to Michelle Obama, his first car was extremely rusted and the passenger door had a rusted hole.

19. Do The Right Thing – that was the movie where he went for his first date with Michelle.

20. He has a collection of Conan the Barbarian and Spiderman comics.

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