A lot of people like to get a dog or a cat for a pet. One can’t blame them because they do make great companions at home. They are affectionate, and some are even therapeutic. But if you’re not the conventional type, and you want something a little more unique, a pygmy goat is a very good option and you are going to learn why we say so through this list of Pygmy Goat facts.

Pygmy goats are the smaller cousin of the standard goat. Before spending around $75 to $300 for this particular breed, you will want to know a bit about pygmy goats to make sure they are right for you! Here are 20 fun and adorable facts about these miniature goats that you need to know!

Pygmy Goat Facts: 1-5

1. Step On The Scale. We already know that the pygmy goat isn’t very tall, but it can get slightly chubby during its lifespan. The female goat can reach an average weight of 75 pounds during her lifetime. Meanwhile, the male will pack a few extra pounds, reaching up to 86 pounds.

2. Meet Doe And Buck. A female pygmy goat is called a doe or nanny. A male pygmy goat is called a buck.

3. I Can Live Awhile. While they won’t actually outlive you, the pygmy goat can actually live as long as ten years old on average. But don’t be surprised if one stubborn pygmy goat makes it all the way up until 15 years old either. This isn’t atypical.

4. Smart, Little Goat. If you love being able to train your pet to do tricks or to have a good etiquette around the homestead, then you are in luck with the pygmy goat. They can be trained just like any other pets if you have the right training skills.

5. Treat Me How You Want To Be Treated. That’s right! Just like a human being and slightly different than the loyal pooch, the pygmy goat is very affectionate and loving for as long as you treat them with love and affection.

pygmy goat facts

Pygmy Goat Facts: 6-10

6. All Climates, All Season. A pygmy goat can adapt to all types of climates and handle very well in any season. This makes this goat breed very handy and versatile.

7. Winter Needs. Even though the pygmy goat is great in all climates and seasons, during the winter, many animal experts recommend that you feed the goat lukewarm food and water.

8. Don’t Close Me In. Whether they suffer from claustrophobia or not, this notion hasn’t been determined. However, they do prefer to stay in an open area at all times, so don’t close them into a cage, because it will make them very, very sad.

9. Athletic. You may be surprised because of their last name being is “Goat.” But pygmy goats can leap, and they are very playful pets. If you feel bored, you can even be jumping with them in your backyard. They are very capable leapers, so make sure you take that into consideration before purchasing one.

10. How They Have Become Beloved. The reason people just adore these goats is that of their loving, nurturing, and friendly nature. This has allowed the pygmy goat to be a favorite among exotic pets for many households.

Pygmy Goat Facts: 11-15

11. “Don’t Eat Me, Please.” While they are reared as farm animals, pets, or even zoo attractions, pygmy goats can actually be eaten. This is not a typical thing though, as most of them aren’t used for the human consumption.

12. Don’t Let Their Size Fool You. While the pygmy goat’s build is small, don’t let that fool you as far as production is concerned. The pygmy goat can produce a substantial amount of milk despite its miniature size.

13. Picky Drinkers – Easy Eaters. Pygmy goats don’t just drink any kind of water. They require fresh water in their diet. For food, a pygmy goat prefers a diet of greens and grains. They have known to eat tires if you let them, so always be on the lookout for them as much as possible.

14. When Doe Met Buck. If you want to avoid a female pygmy goat from getting pregnant, many experts would suggest that you separate the does and bucks at an early age.

15. Early Breeders. Early is an understatement. Does can actually begin breeding as early as two months of age. They typically give birth to four kids every 9-12 months, making them very busy and productive breeders.

pygmy goat facts

Pygmy Goat Facts: 16-20

16. Multi-Colored. The pygmy goat can vary in color. Some of their colors range from white caramel, dark caramel, red caramel to solid black and frost patched black. They can be grey in many shades as well.

17. From A Land Faraway. Pygmy goats initially came from the Cameroon Valley in West Africa. During the 1950’s, they were brought to the United States as one of the zoo animals as well as for research purposes.

18. Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller. Pygmy goats aren’t exactly a huge herd animal. As a matter of fact, the Independent reports that a pygmy goat measures under 24 inches tall.

19. They Love Sheep. A pygmy goat sure does love the company of sheep. They also love the affection and touch from human contact. So if you get one, make sure you shower that cutesy animal with plenty of affection, and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a friend such as a sheep.

20. Best In Pairs. According to the Independent, a pygmy goat is better off when it is kept with another pygmy goat or more. That’s because the pygmy goat is a herd animal, which means it prefers to be in a group than living alone.

Now That You Know…

As what you have read above, pygmy goats do make an excellent household pet. If you shower them with love, as you should, they will pour it right back to you. The pygmy goat has risen in popularity due to their friendliness, affection, and athletic ability. They can do what any traditional pet can. Yet, you can stand out from all of the rest with the pygmy goat as your own pet, making them a nice exotic addition to your home or backyard.

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