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20 Pee Facts That Will Make You Say – “Really?”

by Sankalan Baidya
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Our urine is something that we don’t hold in high regards. We usually ignore it simply because we excrete it. Since it is an excrement, it is something not supposed to be in our body so, why bother about it? Right? But the truth is that urine has a lot of surprising facts. In this third installment of Pee Facts, we will learn a few facts about urine that will simply make you say, “Really?” So, why waste time? Let’s start…

Pee Facts That Will Surprise You: 1-5

1. In ancient China standing was the way preferred to take a leak by both genders. Yes, even women used to stand and pee.

2. Noblemen of ancient China really didn’t like their urine to flow anywhere near their bodies and so, they would find hollow canes and create the waterfall right inside the cane. The pee would then flow away from their bodies.

3. Women standing and peeing was not just limited to the Chinese. Some 200 years ago, women in Europe used to do the same. Back then, those women used to wear long dresses without any underpants.

4. Muslims – men and women – in Muslim countries will squat or sit to urinate because according to them its dogs that stand and urinate.

5. You think urine is useless? How about “Read Between the Lines”. That phrase came from ancient Romans, whose spies used urine to write right between the lines of their official documents. The hidden messages revealed themselves when the documents were heated.

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Pee Facts That Will Surprise You: 6-10

6. As of today, men stand and women squat to pee. It was the other way round in ancient Ireland and ancient Egypt.

7. Pioneers in America came up with a unique way to treat earaches. Here’s the method: warm up the urine, pour it into the ear that is aching and use a cloth piece to plug the ear!

8. Piss – the term used for urine originated before 14th century. The term is called onomatopoetic term.

9. Give a tablespoon to mice and ask them to fill it by urinating. 24 hours or hard work by 12 mice working together will achieve the impossible.

10. While mice have to work really hard to achieve what is being said it point 9, for a Clydesdale (a type of horse), it is a child’s play. That horse pees north of 4.5 gallons every day.

Pee Facts That Will Surprise You: 11-15

11. You think a Clydesdale pees too much? Think again! Ask an elephant and it will reply in kind by giving 13 gallons (or more) of pee in a day. Well, in case of female elephants, it is difficult to get a measure because they will usually pee and poop at the same time unlike the male elephants.

12. Whales have really big bladders. For instance Fin Whale can nicely tuck in 5.5 gallons of urine in its bladder!

13. Heard of Mojave Desert? In case you haven’t, you have just now! There are tortoises in that desert. Those creatures are known for storing amount of urine that weigh up to a third of their whole body weight. In desert conditions water may become scant. When that happens, these tortoises use up the water in urine by filtering and sending it back into their body while leaving behind the waste material that they later excrete.

14. It is a very wrong notion that camels store water in their humps. Actually they store fat in that location. What they do to deal with water crisis is that they prevent most of the water in their body from converting into pee.

15. Because camels allow very little water to get converted into pee, their urine is very salty. Just how salty? Tasted sea water? Twice the salinity and that’s how saline is camels’ pee.

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Pee Facts That Will Surprise You: 16-20

16. Here is another interesting camel pee facts – when the camels urinate, they will simply let the liquid flow down their legs. Purpose? That’s a way they deploy to ensure they stay cool.

17. Ever wondered how cave rats manage to find their path in deep and dark caves? They just make sure that they urinate along the way and make a trail. They then sniff their way back through the darkness.

18. Billy goat has a unique way of attracting a mate. It will just urinate all over its beard, chest and belly. Now, the mate will be attracted to the smell!

19. Porcupines are even weirder. How? A male porcupine will simply start urinating in every possible direction to find a mate. You see – the magical smell attracts a mate and as soon as the males finds his match, he will go and piss all over her!

20. Did you ever think that urine may have some relationship with UV rays? Think now! Degu – a small South American rodent will pee on its passageways. Degu urine has this extraordinary ability to reflect UV rays that the Degu can actually see and find its way!


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