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20 Mind Blowing Seven Sisters of India Facts – Meghalaya Facts

Nestled between the Jaintia Hills and Khasi Hills, sits one of the most beautiful states of the Seven Sisters of India. It goes by the name Meghalaya. In this article on Seven Sisters of India facts, we are going to sum up 20 mind-blowing facts about Meghalaya. Actually, summing up all Meghalaya facts in this single article is not possible. So, we have decided to actually break it up into two articles. Stay with us and we bet, you will simply love these facts. However, we may go wrong somewhere. If we do, don’t hesitate to criticize us and drop a comment and correct us. If you think we have missed something, feel free to enlighten us.

Seven Sisters of India Facts – Meghalaya Facts: 1-5

1. The State of Meghalaya didn’t exist till 1971. It was in year 1972 that Meghalaya broke free from Assam and gained her statehood.

2. The name Meghalaya is actually derived from Sanskrit – one of the most scientific and one of the oldest language in world. In Sanskrit, Meghalaya means, “Abode of Clouds”.

3. And then… there is “Scotland of East” which belongs to Meghalaya. Yes, it is the capital city of Meghalaya that is called Scotland of East. The capital city is Shillong.

4. Meghalaya is one of the three Indian states where Christians form majority. The other two states are Mizoram and Nagaland. Actually, Nagaland has maximum Christian popular (percentage wise), followed by Mizoram and then third spot goes to Meghalaya.

5. Meghalaya has a town called Cherrapunji. This town is located in the Khasi Hills and hold the crown for receiving maximum rain in a single calendar month.

Seven Sisters of India Facts – Meghalaya Facts: 6-10

6. However, if we go by annual rainfall amount, Mawsynram in Meghalaya beats Cherrapunji and every other place in this world. Mawsynram is a village and is located near Cherrapunji town.

7. The Shillong Peak of the Khasi Hills is Meghalaya’s highest peak. The peak has an altitude of 1,965 meters.

8. Meghalaya is the home to India’ longest cave system. Running 22 kilometers in length, this cave system of the Jaintia Hills connects 2 different caves in that area.

9. Mountains – yes, that is something you find in abundance in this state. Look in any direction and mountains are pretty common!

10. Though this state is in India, it shares its boundary with just one Indian state – Assam. However, the state shares an international boundary. The other country is Bangladesh.

Seven Sisters of India Facts – Meghalaya Facts: 11-15

11. Mawsynram, which receives the highest amount of rainfall in a single year is considered as world’s wettest place.

12. Meghalaya is also the home to Asia’s cleanest village. The village is known by the name Mawlynnong. You cannot find a villager in this village who cannot speak English.

13. Speak of wonders and you will see Living Roots Bridges. Yes, they are suspension bridges that are made of living roots of living trees. These bridges are reinforced using stones and other material and they last for a century or more. However, it may take a decade or a little more than that to build such bridges. Want to see these bridges and walk across them? Visit Cherrapunji.

14. With 1115 feet height, the Nohkaliaki falls in Meghalaya is India’s highest plunge waterfall system.

15. Meghalaya is home to Sacred Groves (forests). They haven’t been explored much by humans and are pretty isolated. The commonest trees found in these forests are teak and sal.

Seven Sisters of India Facts – Meghalaya Facts: 16-20

16. Don’t be fooled though! The Sacred Groves are also home to some of the most exotic and rarest of tree and plant species on earth. Acer laevigatum, Aeschynanthes sikkimensis, Ardisia depressa etc. are some to name.

17. Only plants and trees aren’t the things that you find here. The Sacred Groves are also home to some very rare animal species. For example, Tupaia, Cannomys, Micromys, Chiropodomys, Rhizomys etc. are some mammals that are found in Meghalaya and in very few adjoining areas.

18. Meghalaya’s biodiversity is so rich that the state is believed to hold 50% of all mammal genera that have been identified in whole of Indian subcontinent. In case you are interested in knowing about the types of animals and birds that you can find in Meghalaya, head for this website to get a glimpse of the same.

19. In case you didn’t know, the forests in Meghalaya’s Khasi Hills is actually the home to at least 325 different orchid species.

20. As we said before, the biodiversity of Meghalaya is very rich. Did you know that the state is the home to 660 different bird species. Of these, there are 35 species are considered as very endangered and rare.

Okay, we aren’t quite done here. There is another article coming up on Meghalaya facts. So wait till we post our next article. You will love that too!

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