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20 Jaw Dropping Urine Facts For You

Urine! Well, there is something incredible about this. For instance, your bladder may be full but you can hold your pee for some time. Unfortunately though, when you get closer to a toilet, the urgency to pee increases manifolds! There’s many more of those surprising facts. So, let’s take an incredible journey into the world of urine facts or pee facts. We are sure, your jaws will stay dropped for some time.

Jaw Dropping Urine Facts: 1-5

1. Would you believe if we say that birds don’t urinate at all? Yes, that is true! Birds are by design lightweight and carrying water will make them heavy. So, what they do is convert the nitrogen into uric acid and poop it out along with solid waste. Take a good look at bird poop. The white pasty material is uric acid and the remaining brown and green matter is the feces. So, you can actually say that birds to pee but in form of poop.

2. Urine bladders are completely absent in snakes. What does that mean? They need to pee as soon as urine is created! They just can’t hold it.

3. Oceans and seas are all made of urine. We don’t say this. This is what Native Americans say because they believe that gods became angry and they urinated in attempt to drown this whole world.

4. Ancient Romans were quite gross when it came to teeth whitening. They used to rinse their mouths with their own urine because they thought that would gift them pearly whites!

5. If that is not enough, take this – urine is a remedy for toothache. Well, again, we are not the ones saying this. It was Pierre Fauchard – a French Physician of 18th century who said this and recommended this. He is considered as Modern Dentistry’s father.

Jaw Dropping Urine Facts: 6-10

6. Flapdragons! If you have studied the history of Dutch and English during 16th century, you might have heard of this word. That’s what those people used to drink to toast someone’s health. What really were Flapdragons? Nothing special. It was just urine.

7. There is a voodoo curse out there to give you kidney disease. How does it work? The person cursing you will take your urine, put it in a bottle along with herbs, nails and needles and wedge the bottle into a narrow tree hole. Voila! You will have kidney disease.

8. Insects aren’t avid lovers of cow pee. So, African farmers have found an interesting way to keeping those nasty creatures away from cotton plants by spraying the plants with cow pee.

9. This may sound really gross to you but scientists are actually working on genetically modifying mice so that they can grow human drugs in their urinary bladder and then pee the drugs out.

10. In Kolkata (Calcutta), India some zookeepers were caught red-handed drugging rhinoceroses so that they would pee more. Why like that? Those zookeepers would then sell the rhino urine as an ingredient of medicine.

Jaw Dropping Urine Facts: 11-15

11. There was a time when the Eskimos also used urine for cleaning their teeth after they ate. However, they were a little more innovative. Had used some grass and soaked the grass in urine. They used the soaked grass to brush their teeth.

12. During Civil War, urine was a precious commodity as it was used for making gunpowder. It was so precious that Southern ladies were asked by Southern Army via newspaper ads to save their urine. The army would then send barrels and wagons to collect the same.

13. Urine was once called Lant. Lant was nothing but urine used as cleaning agent before the Industrial Revolution began. The reason why urine was used was that it was rich in ammonia.

14. During World War I, a disastrous mistake was made involving urine and gas masks. Chlorine gas was used during WWI as a killing agent. So, gas masks came in place. These gas masks made use of urine because the great minds thought that ammonia will neutralize chlorine present in the chlorine gas. Turned out that ammonia in urine mixed with chlorine creating even more toxic fumes.

15. There is a device called P-Mate. What’s its use and what really is it? It is a device that allows women to pee while standing. They just place the device directly under urethra and pee right into the device. No sit to sit down!

Jaw Dropping Urine Facts: 16-20

16. There is something called Urine Therapy. It is really. There are many advocates of this. For instance, Gandhi (yes, the one you call Mahatma), John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Boy George are some renowned figures who supported Urine Therapy and even practised it.

17. According to therapists of this stream of therapy, the morning urine should be caught mid-stream and then sipped slowly instead of guzzling fast. Avoiding salty foods is necessary for proper results and yes, plenty of clean water should go in as well.

18. Heard of the term Beeturia? It is a condition where you will pee red or pink urine because of consuming beets. Beets contain what is known as betanin, which causes red or pink urine in some.

19. A cloth soaked in urine and put on head will cool you in case of dehydration but avoid drinking it because it will increase dehydration as it contains salt. Who says this? It is the Field Manual of U.S. Army that gives this caution.

20. Extract gold out of urine – that was the motto of alchemists from Germany. What they ended up getting out of urine was Phosphorus. Gold was nowhere to be seen.


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