20 Jaw Dropping and Unbelievable Japan Facts

by Sankalan Baidya
unbelievable japan facts

Unbelievable Japan facts that you learn here in this article will make you think whether it is even possible or not. Just like our last article on bizarre facts about Japan, this article will give you some of the astonishing facts about the beautiful Island nation, which is considered as one of the most progressed nations in not just Asia but also in the whole world. Sometimes, these facts just don’t sit well with the developed image and sometimes, these facts are just weird enough to be believed as true.

Let’s begin…

Unbelievable Japan Facts: 1-5

1. Japanese people heard the voice of their Emperor for the first time when he announced that Japan has surrendered. The announcement of surrender during WWII was made using Radio. Source

2. There is a common phenomenon in Japan known as Kodokushi. It literally translates into ‘lonely death’. There are many people who just die alone in a room and then stay that way for quite some time until the dead body is discovered by someone. Source

3. There is a word in Japan. It is “Karoshi”. In English it means, “death from overwork”. Yes, that happens in Japan and hence, the word exists. Source

4. In Japan you can actually buy ice cream that has the flavor of ‘eel’. Yes! Eel. Source

5. Rocks that kind of look like ‘faces’ – well, that’s possible because Nature can do extraordinary. However, Japanese people actually decided create an entire museum for such rocks. The name of the museum is Chinsekikan. Source

Unbelievable Japan Facts: 6-10

6. Those prison inmates in Japan who are on death row are actually not told the date of their execution. So, every morning they wake up knowing that it might be their last day. Source

7. Tokyo’s former name was Edo. This name change took place in year 1868. The meaning of the name Tokyo is ‘eastern capital’. Source

8. Japan is home to a whopping 80,000 Ramen shops! Source

9. A hotel with robots as staff members. Now that is weird. But, here is the shocker: an animatronic velociraptor is the one that mans (robots) the check-in desk. Source

10. Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has such high radiation levels that a robot was sent for removing the fuel rods that melted. Unfortunately, the robot died of radiation exposure. Source

Unbelievable Japan Facts: 11-15

11. There are braille imprinted on beer cans sold in Japan. This is to ensure that a blind man doesn’t confuse between a can of alcohol and can of soft drinks. Source

12. Bitcoin is officially considered as payment method in Japan. However, it is not considered as a currency. Source

13. There is only one museum in whole world that is dedicated to only and only parasites. That museum is located in Japan and it is home to more than 45,000 different items. It is known as Meguro Parasitological Museum. Source

14. On an average, the Japanese farmers live up to the age of 70. Source

15. Japan has something called ‘white man café’. In this café, Japanese women get a bell that they ring and when the bell rings, caucasian males wearing tuxedos will show up and say, ‘yes princess’ and then serve those ladies with cake. Source

Unbelievable Japan Facts: 16-20

16. How did feudal lords of Japan defend themselves against Ninjas? They made houses that had squeaky floors. Yes, nice defense! Source

17. The conviction rate in criminal courts of Japan is a whopping 99%! Source

18. Michelin Star was awarded to a tiny 9-seater Ramen restaurant in Tokyo in 2015. It became world’s first Ramen restaurant to achieve that award. Source

19. Japanese people don’t really put signatures on there documents. They carry Hanko – a type of stamp that they carry with themselves. They just use it. Even in banks. Each stamp is unique. Source

20. Japanese people don’t tear off the wrapping paper used on a gift. It is considered to be very rude.

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