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20 Jaw Dropping India Facts

Here is another set of 20 jaw dropping India facts for you. We are quite sure that you will either feel amazed (if you are an Indian) or you will feel jealous (if you are not an Indian). Whatever the case be, we will just continue writing because this article is just the second installment of facts about India. There is more to come… literally many. So, no further fancy opening paragraphs – just facts!

Jaw Dropping India Facts: 1-5

1. You must be shampooing for many years now with big brands like L’oreal, Ponds, Garnier and more. But did you know that the western world didn’t even know about that? It was India from where the concept of shampooing emerged. So folks, you owe your silky smooth hair to Indians.

2. You must have heard of names like Magnus Carlsen, Viswanathan Ananda, Vladimir Kramnik, Anatoly Karpov and more. Yes, they are all world champions of Chess. But, did you know that chess was actually invented by Indians? The earliest version of chess was Chaturanga invented back in 6th century.

3. And then there is Ludo – a board and dice game that has become insanely popular among children and females worldwide. That too was invented in India and the original form of the game is known as Pacheesi. Pacheesi is actually far more difficult compared to super-simplified Ludo.

4. Yet another Indian board game called Snakes and Ladders is another classic game that still thrills children across the globe. Yes, Indian invented the game and has a deep moral hidden in it. It shows life’s complicated journey where virtues (represented by ladders) help you move up in life and vices (represented by snakes) pull you down.

Okay, we can talk of many things like this that India discovered or invented and then the world followed or adopted. We have already done a quick article on the same. Feel free to read. The link is in the blue box below:

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5 Ancient Indian Inventions – ‘West’ Says They Did It – LOL!


5. Did you know that Pythagoras Theorem that is famously credited to Greek mathematician Pythagoras was actually a brainchild of Indian mathematician (and possibly a sage) and an architect of the ancient times? His name was Budhayana.

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Full article here: Indian Mathematician Budhayana Originally Discovered Pythagorean Theorem.


Jaw Dropping India Facts: 6-10

6. While we are still on the subject of science and mathematics, did you know that it was Acharya Kanad who gave the atomic theory some 2,600 years before John Dalton (the person who has been credited for atomic theory) was even born?

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Full article here: Indian Sage Kanad Gave Atomic Theory 2,600 Years Ago, Not John Dalton.


7. And the Wright Brothers who are credited for the first airplane… what a lie! Did you know that it was actually Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who designed and flew an airplane using concepts described in Rig Veda?

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Full article here: Did Wright Brothers Create the First Airplane?


8. Let’s talk Physics (not in great details though). Today there is the theory of Multiverse in String Theory or M-Theory. But did you know that Vedas actually talk of 64 main dimensions with many more sub-dimensions and that there are many universes existing in clustered form such as that of a foam? Well, it is undeniable that Vedas are extremely scientific and hence the possibility of more than 3 dimensions (that cannot be perceived by humans) and countless universes cannot be ruled out. How can we rule it out anyway? M-Theory is pondering on the same possibility. However, the exact accuracy of the Vedas cannot be clarified now because there is no one who can give precise explanation. We Indians have simply crippled ourselves!

9. Talk of language and Sanskrit emerges as the most scientific language till date. The language is one-to-one mapping between orthography and phonography. Orthography is what you write and phonography is what you speak. There are extreme levels of ambiguity in English, which makes it an extremely uncomfortable language for the computers to speak (if at all you wanted to make a computer speak). As a matter of fact, Rick Briggs, a scientist of NASA actually wrote a whole article which explains why Sanskrit is the most scientific language in world and why it is best suited for computer programming as well as for artificial intelligence. The whole article can be found here.

10. Astronomers from England’s University of Sheffield did something extraordinary in 2010. Our Sun’s outer atmosphere has a magnetic field which produces vibrations. They made use of imaging tools and satellites for pattern decoding of the recorded vibrations. They did so because sound doesn’t have the ability to travel through vacuum. It turned out that a part of the sound that is emanated by the magnetic field actually sounded like “Aum” (usually spoken as Om) – a Sanskrit word. NASA acknowledged the same!

Jaw Dropping India Facts: 11-15

11. In 1950, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) had a professor by the name Noam Chomsky. He was also a cognitive scientist and an American linguist. He managed to combine mathematics and linguistics after taking cues from Sanskrit works of Panini.

12. Did you know that Sanskrit actually helps in gray cell growth in our brain and those adults and children who have speech disorder can achieve high degree of clarity in pronunciation using Sanskrit?

13. Let’s talk a bit about the railways in India. Did you know that Indian Railways has the third largest railway network under single management in world? Here is a stunner. In case you didn’t know, if the rails of the railway network are laid down in a single line, it can go around the earth 1.5 times.

14. There are actually many facts about Indian Railways. Here is another stunner – the total number of passengers carried by Indian Railways in one day is a stunning 23 million. This is just 1 million shy of the total population of Australia – the continent nation. As of 2017, the total population of Australia stands at 24,630,097 (increasing as we write).

15. As of Fiscal Year 2015-2016, Indian Railways operates 13,000 passenger trains every day. There are additional 9,300 freight trains under the state-owned Indian railways. (source of data: Ministry of Railways).

Jaw Dropping India Facts: 16-20

16. Did you know that while whole of the railway network in India is state-owned, there is only one railway line in India that is privately owned. No one knows why that line was left alone when Indian Railways was being nationalized back in year 1952. That privately-owned railway is known as Shakuntala Railway, which operates antique train called Shakuntala Express which runs at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. It runs between Yavatmal and Murtazapur in Maharashtra and the line stretches 190 kilometers in length.

Okay, since Indian Railways can actually give a separate article, we have decided (right now, as of writing this article that we will do a separate article on Indian Railways for those of you who are interested to know about it).

17. Did you ever notice the weird looking building etched on an old 1 Rupee Coin? It actually reads Cellular Jail, Port Blair. In case you didn’t know, that Cellular Jail is/was quite infamous and had 7 wings out of which 4 have been demolished. That jail is a national memorial and is located in Port Blair – the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India.

18. Majoli or Mājuli is biggest river island in world and is located in Assam. It belongs to the mighty Brahmaputra River. At the very beginning of the 20th century, the island had an area of 483 square miles or 1,250 square miles. However, because of erosion, the island has now been reduced to the size of just 136 square miles or 352 square kilometers. Fun Fact: Majoli is also India’s first Island District.

19. Brahmaputra is also boasts the world’s smallest river island which goes by the name Umananda. Mythology is attached with this island which states that Lord Shiva made this island for his wife Parvati’s (whose other name is Uma) pleasure and happiness and hence the name Umananda (Uma is the name of Parvati and Ananda means happiness).

20. Here is yet another interesting fact about Umananda Island. It is actually the home to Golden Langur (one of the most endangered primate species in world).

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