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20 Jaw-Dropping Animal Pregnancy Facts

You were surprised by our previous list on animal pregnancy facts? Well, those weren’t very surprising actually. Here is another round of animal pregnancy facts to make your jaws drop! Consider yourself to be lucky to be born as human. Imagine what would have happened if your baby came out by eating your belly from inside out or what would have happened if your baby tore off your skin to come out? What if you baby ate you alive right after birth? You are lucky, right? So, lets go in for some surprises and learn these 20 jaw-dropping animal pregnancy facts.

Jaw-Dropping Animal Pregnancy Facts: 1-5

1. A female oyster gives birth to 100 million young oysters in her lifetime! Hen produces around 19 dozen eggs a year, one female cat is responsible for giving birth to 20,736 kittens in 4 years.

2. Calves of mighty blue whale nurse for only 6 to 8 months but during that nursing period they consume 150 gallons of milk every day! Human baby consumes a little over or around 3 cups of mother’s milk a day.

3. Duck billed platypus is the only mammal which produces eggs but not young ones. It doesn’t even have nipples; the milk comes out from their skin just like how sweat appears!

4. Dolphins nurse their young ones for 18-24 months. The young dolphin curls its tongue to make it like a straw and then inserts it into mammillary slits and drink milk. They do it this way just to make sure that they don’t drink salt water. Baby dolphins are voracious drinkers for the first few months, they need milk 4 times an hour.

5. Female aphids are born pregnant!

Jaw-Dropping Animal Pregnancy Facts: 6-10

6. Suriname toads’ tale is different altogether! When the 12-hour mating is going on the male not only fertilizes the eggs but puts those eggs in holes which are present on the female’s back. After few days, the skin grows and after 4 months (gestation period) when it is time for hatching they come out of the egg and mom’s skin by tearing them apart!

7. Horses have amazing power. We can ride female horses even when they are pregnant! They can be ridden till it is time for delivery.

8. Leopard seals dig a hole in ice and conceive there! They have a gestation period of 9 months.

9. The zebra foal gets on his own legs moments after he is born.

10. When a lioness conceives, all the females in the pride nurse the baby like their own.

Jaw-Dropping Animal Pregnancy Facts: 11-15

11. There is one type of a frog which swallows all the fertilized eggs and when they are ready to hatch, she just throws up and there come the young ones from the vomit!

12. Black Lace-Weaver Spiderlings don’t wait for their mother to bring them a tasty meal after birth. Right after birth, they come together and devour their mother while she is still alive. Cannibalism at its best!

13. You cry over gaining weight during pregnancy? Hold on! That’s nothing! Polar bears add 400 freaking pounds when they are pregnant!

14. Female African cichlids give birth normally as other fishes do but when it comes to rearing, they are different. The mother fish sucks them in her mouth when there is a danger and raises them. They are called mouth-brooders.

15. Female koalas eat eucalyptus leaves which are deadly. The bacteria present in the gut neutralizes the toxin and therefore the koala is left unharmed. But the joey or baby koala doesn’t have that bacteria, ears, eyes and fur. But mother koala feeds her own feces to her kids from where they slowly adjust to the eucalyptus leaves.

Jaw-Dropping Animal Pregnancy Facts: 16-20

16. Mother alligators hide their eggs in a heap of vegetables which are rotting. The temperature is not only important for hatching but it decides whether the baby would be girl or a boy. If it is below 88 degrees, then it is girl. And when it is above 91 degrees, it is a boy.

17. Unlike some males in the animal kingdom, male polar bears don’t support the female polar bears in raising the kids. Female polar bears get pregnant during summers and dig a hole in ice in autumn for hibernation and conceive in winters and raise the babies for two years.

18. Luckily female polar bears are one of the few animals which have easy labor. When the female polar bears don’t get food in summers, they use up the stored fat to feed the fetus.

19. Red-knobbed hornbills make use of tree holes as nests. Their eggs are eaten by the monitor lizard and to protect their eggs from the predators they seal their entryway to the tree holes with their feces. The bird along with her eggs stays there and nurtures the eggs for two months (incubation period).

20. This is the grossest fact ever! For a female sea louse, childbirth time is death time. The male sea louse attracts a female sea louse and takes it to his burrow where there are dozens of other pregnant sea louses already present. To top this, when it is time for delivery, the young ones eat the mother inside out to come out of the womb. Isn’t there a better way to enter the world?

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