20 Interesting Thailand Facts You Might Like

by Sankalan Baidya
Interesting Thailand facts

Thailand is a country bustling with life. It is a land of incredible beauties and it is an abode of baffling oddities. In this article on 20 interesting Thailand facts, we are going to learn about this incredible nation that has all the ingredients desired to baffle you, make you fall in love and inspire you. So, let’s waste time no further and get started….

Interesting Thailand Facts: 1-5

1. Let’s start with Bangkok. It is one of the most startling Thailand facts you are going to learn. Do you know the full and official ceremonial name of Bangkok? The full name is “Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit”.

2. The meaning of the full name stated above is: “City of Angels, Great City of Immortals, Magnificent City of the Nine Gems, Seat of the King, City of Royal Palaces, Home of Gods Incarnate, Erected by Visvakarman at Indra’s Behest.”

3. Hell yes, Hinduism is at the roots of Thailand but despite this, Thailand is Buddhism-major country where 95% of the citizens of the nation practice Buddhism.

4. Did you know that Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia which was never colonized by the Europeans?

5. The name of the country in Thai language is ‘Prathet Thai’. The literal translation of the name is ‘Land of the Free’. Well, that’s a very fitting name considering that it was never colonized.

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Interesting Thailand Facts: 6-10

6. Thailand was once known as Siam. Yes, you guessed it right. Siamese cats originated from this country. Originally there used to be 23 different variants of Siamese cats. Today there are only 6 different variants.

7. Talking of Siamese cats, in a Thai wedding, if you gift a pair of Siamese cats to the bride, it will be considered as good luck.

8. Thailand is home to some of the most dangerous serpents you can find on Earth. One of them is the dangerous King Cobra while another one is the reticulated python. Did you know that King Cobra is world’s longest poisonous snake while reticulated python is world’s longest constrictor? The longest reticulated python ever found was a whopping 33 feet long.

9. Here is one of the most bizarre Thailand facts: Red Bull actually originated in Thailand back in 1976. It went by the name Krating Daeng. It then moved out of Asia and in order to suit the tastes of the Western folks, the drink was modified into Red Bull.

10. One of the creepiest aspects of Thailand is the “Bridge Over the River Kwai”. That bridge is the part of the railway line that connects Burma and Siam. It is said that some 80,000 people died while making the bridge.

Interesting Thailand Facts: 11-15

11. Looking for odd Thailand facts? Well, we have a few for you. For instance, The King of Thailand was not born in Thailand. He was born in USA and then received his engineering degree from Switzerland.

12. That doesn’t mean that people don’t love their King. They love and respect their King so much that the film called ‘The King and I’ was forbidden in Thailand. This Hollywood film was real derogatory (obviously that has always been Hollywood propaganda).

13. Thailand is a monarchy and the rule of the land is called ‘Lese Majeste’. What does that mean? It means that you will imprisoned for treason in case you happen to be caught in disrespectful acts geared towards the King of the nation.

14. Do not touch anyone’s head in Thailand. Not even the head of a child. It is really important that you show respect to a person’s head when you are in Thailand and that’s by rule. In Thailand, head is considered as body’s most important part and not touching head is a part of cultural practice.

15. Thai people honor monarchy a lot. This is evident from the fact that there are several ‘Royal Flags’ that are flown along with the national flag every single day. Is, the national flag is hoisted at 8 AM sharp and is lowered at 6 PM sharp.

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Interesting Thailand Facts: 16-20

16. And then there is what is known as “Monkey Buffet”. Yes, yes, you read it right. It is a treat for the monkeys. It is held annually in front of a temple called Pra Prang Sam Yot. Located in Lopburi province, this feast is a method of thanking the monkeys for attracting thousands of tourists to the village, making it a thriving tourist destination.

17. Thinking what kind of feast it is? Well, it is nothing near to being ordinary. With more that 2 tons of processed meat, fresh fruits, ice creams and more, it is more like a royal feast for the monkeys!

18. Once in Thailand, you will notice a lot of gold jewelry and a lot of golden statutes and temples that will naturally make you think that gold is perhaps the most important mineral of the nation. You will be WRONG. It is actually TIN.

19. There was a time when Bangkok was actually referred to as ‘Venice of East’. The reason is that the residents of Bangkok built their houses on the silt deposits above rivers. Over time, canals were gradually filled up and the waterways were closed, transforming them into roads.

20. Never wear sleeveless shirts or shorts when entering any of the 35,000 temples spread across the nation. You need to be modestly dressed and only then you will be allowed in the temples.

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