20 Interesting and Surprising Flirting Facts

by Sankalan Baidya
Flirting facts

Do you flirt? If yes, then, these flirting facts here will let you know a lot about your flirting behavior. Most probably you didn’t know about your flirting behavior at all. So, after reading this article on flirting facts, you will be slightly more informed that your friends in the flirting game. Let us start!

Interesting and Surprising Flirting Facts: 1-5

1. When it comes to human interactions, flirting is a form of interaction and it is essential.

2. Not only is flirting essential but is also universal form of human interaction.

3. Flirting can be used either for expressing sexual interest or for bonding with someone.

4. Flirting is actually a set of actions, which are both verbal and non-verbal. These actions reflect attraction for someone or interest in someone.

5. Flirting requires the ability to not only read someone’s body language but also to display body language.

Interesting and Surprising Flirting Facts: 6-10

6. Usually flirting is at times subconscious. However, it is always non-threatening and playful.

7. 5 general styles of flirting have been identified by researchers. These include:

  • Physical flirting.
  • Traditional flirting where men move first.
  • Polite flirting where the two involved persons are very less likely to approach each other.
  • Sincere flirting.
  • Playful flirting meant only for fun.

8. Researchers say that dating success comes most with physical flirting, playful flirting and sincere flirting.

9. However, researchers do not ignore the fact that depending on the flirting goal, all forms can be effective.

10. Within these 5 general flirting forms, there are 52 different signals. The commonest signal used by women is flipping hair.

Interesting and Surprising Flirting Facts: 11-15

11. 90% of the times, women are the ones who start flirting. However, once flirting is initiated, men are the ones who pursue, not women. This happens because men intend to think women have invited advances by initiating flirting.

12. A study done by Manchester University suggests that women prefer wearing red lipsticks while flirting. The same study said that men look at red lips for 7.3 seconds while they look at pink lips for 6.7 seconds.

13. Are there any pitfalls of flirting? Yes! There are four common pitfalls:

  • A person may pick up a wrong person for flirting.
  • A person may not know how to make a move.
  • A person may keep worrying about awful end results.
  • A person may fail to read body languages accurately.

14. In the journal named Social Influence, a study was published. It stated that a woman will, more likely, give her phone number when a man flirts with her on a sunny day. The likelihood of giving out phone number to the same person is less on a cloudy day.

15. What’s about sunny and cloudy weather? Researchers believe that either men are good at flirting on sunny day or women are in better mood on a sunny day.

Interesting and Surprising Flirting Facts: 16-20

16. A woman getting most attention in crowd gives 35 flirting signals in a single hour, says scientists Judy Dutton. These signals can be anything from stroking arm to tilting head.

17. Most attractive people don’t necessarily get most attention. It is almost always the most effective flirters who end up with most attention.

18. Compared to women, men have more testosterone. About 10 times to 20 times more. That’s the reason why men look at interactions from a sexual point of view. This is the primary reason why men misread flirting signals more, compared to women.

19. Researchers say that flirting is nothing more than an attitude. A person, according to the researchers, can be a successful flirt if he or she approaches as if he or she will not fail.

20. Complimenting a woman’s lips is the most effective pickup line, says Baboo.com.

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