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Superman Curse facts will send chills down your spine. Read on to know more.

A man in red undies and a fluttering red cape, a man flying by and scanning the world for bad guys with x-ray vision, a man whose eyeballs can  stop a bullet right on its trajectory – yeah, you get it – the mighty Superman is one of the favorite superheroes of a breed of animals known as humans.

We have enjoyed Superman movies since childhood but probably not all of us know about The Superman Curse! Did you know that? Can you believe it?

A deadly curse related to our non-existing, imaginary superhero and worse is the fact that many people believe that the curse killed many! So today here we are with a post that sums up 20 interesting Superman Curse facts…

For some, a new Superman movie is a reason for their smile but there are always a few out there who consider the particular event to be a reason for apprehension. Why so? Because those people believe that the Man of Steel is cursed!

Interesting Superman Curse Facts: 1-10

1. Not the comic book character but rather the TV as well as the motion picture incarnations of the superhero are considered to be cursed.

2. Many people who have been associated with the motion picture incarnations of the red caped superhero have met with unlucky fate and this is what sparked the ‘curse’ story.

3. It was George Reeves who played the role of Superman in the first television debut of The Adventures of Superman. Reeves climbed up the success ladder pretty quickly and became the face of Superman. Unfortunately he was not paid well and he had to struggle financially.

4. In 1959 on June 16, there was a house party at Reeves’ home when he was too annoyed by the surrounding chaos and went upstairs, took a 9mm pistol and shot himself in head! Whether it was a suicide or an accident or a murder is still a subject of argument.

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5. Reeves’ death lead to a silent end for the TV series but superman continued to live in form of a television cartoon through the 60s and 70s. In 1978, Christopher Reeve took up the role of Superman and became an overnight star because of the movie – Superman: The Movie.

Interesting Superman Curse Facts: 6-10

6. It really did not end well for Christopher Reeve as well. In 1995 on May 17, Reeve was riding his horse. It was a more of a competitive riding than a habitual call and that is when he fell off his horse, was badly hurt and paralyzed.

7. The paralyzed life would not stick with Christopher for long and in 2004 he died of a heart attack. The problem was that post accident, he was pretty prone to infections and had to live on antibiotics. In 2004, one of the antibiotic drugs played a dirty trick and led to a heart attack that killed the Man of Steel.

8. Then there was Marlon Brando who played Superman’s father in Superman: The Movie. He too had to suffer his fair share of bad luck. His private life was such a disaster. Christian, his son, shot the boyfriend of Brando’s half daughter Cheyenne in 1990 and was imprisoned for 10 years.

9. As if that wasn’t enough, Brando’s half-daughter Cheyenne hanged herself 5 years after her boyfriend was shot dead by Christian.

10. This was obviously too much for Brando to deal with. He did continue to survive through his pathetic life but he became reclusive and gained weight and eventually died in 2004, just 4 months before the death of Christopher Reeve.

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Interesting Superman Curse Facts: 11-15

11. Then there was Margot Kidder playing the role of Lois Lane. Kidder was never in good terms with franchise and midway to movie Superman II, she went too vocal exposing her unhappiness. This did not go well and in the sequel Superman III, her role was reduced significantly.

12. In 1990s Kidder met with a car accident and went out of work for several years because of temporary paralysis.

13. Her post accident off-work period was when she suffered from depression and mood swings. Manic episodes became quite frequent and she eventually went into a four-day freak episode while she was in California in 1996.

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14. During that four-day long ‘freakout’, Kidder was convinced that Thomas McGuane – her ex-husband was trying to kill her and in her frenzy, she took a razor and chopped off her hair, threw off her purse, spent her night sleeping on porches. A homeless man almost raped her after beating her up. Glendale backyard police luckily found her on time and saved and admitted her to UCLA Medical Center.

15. And how can we forget Lee Quigley? He featured in 1978 film as the baby Superman. He did not survive long enough and at the age of 4 he died in 1991 because of solvent abuse.

Interesting Superman Curse Facts: 16-20

16. Going back the period when the first Superman cartoon was released, the name that comes to our mind is Bud Collyer. It was from 1941-1943 that Collyer voiced Superman in the cartoon series. He was back again in 1966 voicing the Man of Steel in The New Adventures of Superman. In 1961, when he was 61 years old, he died of a circulatory ailment.

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17. The most disturbing of all deaths was that of Dana Reeve – widow of Christopher Reeve. She never smoked in her life but she died in 2006 because of lung cancer.

18. We also must mention Dave and Max Fleischer. These two brothers produced the Paramount Superman cartoons. Their studio ran into financial problems as they started fighting. This financial problem forced them to sell their studio. The new owner of the studio eventually fired both of them and one of them eventually succumbed to death in poverty.

19. Then again, it was during the creation of Superman Returns DVD that three people were injured. One of those three were beaten up and mugged, the other one fell down a flight of stairs and the last one smashed into a glass window! ‘My DVD crew absorbed the curse for us’ – this is precisely what director Bryan Singer said after the incident.

20. The funniest of all was the case of Kate Bosworth. In Superman Returns, Bosworth played the role of Lois Lane and she ended up with a break up with her long term boyfriend named Orlando Bloom. She ended up blaming the incident on Superman Curse.

These deaths and incidents do not really prove that there is any such thing called the Superman Curse. Hundreds and thousands of people are victims of, manic attacks, depression, breakups paralysis every single day and probably those involved in Superman TV serial and motion picture adaptations were only one of those millions who suffer every day! What do you think?

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