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Strawberries are just not tasty fruits but they have a lot to give you – surprises and health benefits. Let’s explore to find out what strawberry has in store for us with this list of interesting strawberry facts.

Interesting Strawberry Facts: 1-5

1. Strawberry’s botanical name is “Fragaria ananassa.” Don’t go by the name berry. It is an aggregate accessory fruit i.e. here the ovaries don’t form the fruit but some other part of the flower becomes fleshy and not one but many such fleshy parts combine to form strawberry.

2. As said it is an accessory fruit. To explain it more clearly it is a false fruit, the fleshy part you are eating is actually the stem of the plant.

3. Strawberry word has its origin from Old English words “steowberie” or “streawbelige”. There are many theories associated with the origin of the word.

4. Strawberry is a member of rose family and it is the only fruit which has seeds outside. It is the first fruit that ripens in the spring season.

5. Eat strawberries! It is good for your muscles, your brain, your heart, and it lowers BP, helps in preventing the development of cancer and even aids in improving cognitive processes.

Interesting Strawberry Facts: 6-10

6. It is even good for pregnant women. Birth defects like spina bifida (a condition where fetus’s spinal cord doesn’t develop properly) can be significantly reduced if they consume strawberries on a regular basis.

7. Strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges and they help in reducing inflammations. They are great even for treating cataracts and other eye diseases.

8. You think strawberries are only red? Think twice! There are yellow, blue, white, black, purple strawberries too. Some strawberries are of the size of an apple.

9. Romans loved strawberries and not just for its taste. They believed that it could cure melancholy, fever, bad breath, chronic fainting, and spleen and liver disorders.

10. Not just that, during medieval times it was believed that serving strawberries at important ceremonies would bring peace and prosperity.

Interesting Strawberry Facts: 11-15

11. American Indians made corn bread with crushed strawberries and cornmeal and this is how it was introduced to Colonists. This served as an inspiration for Colonists to make strawberry shortcake.

12. Strawberries have aphrodisiac properties. Newlywed couples of France consume a soup made of strawberries for morning meal.

13. There are few foods whose entire genome is mapped. Strawberry is in this coveted group. It took 75 researchers and 38 research institute’s efforts to map the genome of strawberry.

14. Though strawberries are propagated through seeds, but it is mostly done through runners.

15. There is a museum dedicated to strawberries alone in Belgium.

Interesting Strawberry Facts: 16-20

16. Although strawberries have so many health benefits few people are allergic to it and the allergy may vary from being mild to severe like anaphylactic shock which is a grave allergic reaction.

17. According to a legend, if you cut a double strawberry into two and share the other part with the opposite gender, you would soon fall in love.

18. California produces many strawberries annually, how many you may wonder. If you place those strawberries side by side they would encircle the earth 15 times!

19. Note this point. It helps in reducing weight too, especially your abdominal fat. Just sprinkle pepper over sliced strawberries and have them. It keeps your teeth white. Aren’t you falling in love with strawberries?

20. A royal lady of Napoleon’s court by name Madame Tallien used to bathe with fresh strawberry juice once a year. One-time bathing took 22 pounds of strawberries.

That completes our list of strawberry facts. If you want to add a few more to this list, drop a comment with the facts. We will add them to this list!

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