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20 Interesting Pineapple Facts For Your Project

5 Quick Pineapple Facts

If you are in a hurry, here are the best 5 pineapple facts that will surprise you:

  • Mayans and Aztecs knew about pineapple.
  • Hummingbirds are one of the pollinating agents.
  • Hawaii is the only US state to grow pineapples.
  • In the wild, pineapple plants can live up to 50 years.
  • Almost every part of a pineapple can be used for vinegar and alcohol production
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A fancy pineapple photography!

Pineapple… um… let’s put it this way: “While many people think it is delicious and amazing, we (instead I), had a different notion about it in childhood. Honestly, the taste for us (me, actually) is more of an acquired taste. This means, the love for pineapple didn’t come naturally.

I had to acquire it over time.” You may disagree totally or you and I may just be alike. Either way, since this fruit is quite popular, it is always worth talking about some interesting pineapple facts.

You might need these facts for your school project or just for a random quiz competition. May be you will need them for teaching your children or just for refreshing your memories. One way or the other, you might find this list of facts about pineapples useful. So, why waster time? Let’s get started…

Interesting Pineapple Facts: 1-5

1. Did you know that though pineapple is today available worldwide, it actually originated in a place between today’s Paraguay and Brazil? This means, this fruit is indigenous to South America.

2. Though the fruit had a modest beginning, it quickly spread across South America and soon made its way into places like Mexico, Central America and Caribbean.

3. Ancient civilizations like the Mayans and the Aztecs were very well-familiar with this fruit. However, it reached Europe after a very long time in 1493.It was Christopher Columbus who took the fruit back to Europe.

4. The first ever record of the word ‘Pineapple’ dates back to 1398. However, back then, the word was actually a description of ‘pine cones’. In 1694, for the first time in history of humankind, ‘pine cones’ were called as pine cones and not ‘pineapples’!

5. In year 1664, European explorers reached Americas. They saw the fruit and the found a striking resemblance between pine cones and the fruit. No wonder they called it ‘pineapple’. So actually, between 1664 and 1694, the word ‘pineapple’ referred to both the fruit and the pine cones.

Interesting Pineapple Facts: 6-10

6. A pineapple (fruit) can take up to 3 years for growing and becoming mature on a plant. But, harvesting is done earlier than that. However, if cultivation is done by crown cutting and plantation, results are faster.

7. Growing a pineapple is really easy. All you have to do is cut off the top of the pineapple and put it back in soil but before that, the crown has to be dried partially. Simply plant the top of the fruit and it will grow. So, want to want start a pineapple business?

8. Once pineapples are harvested, they just won’t ripen any further. This simply means that if you keep the fruit you just bought for a few days or a week or so, do not expect the fruit to ripen even further. What you bought is how it will stay.

9. The reason why a pineapple is harvested slightly before it fully ripens is that once that happens, it becomes difficult to store it.

10. A pineapple that is fully ripen will stay for a maximum of 2 days under normal conditions and maximum for a week under refrigerated conditions. This means that the fruit is very perishable once fully ripe.

Interesting Pineapple Facts: 11-15

11. Here is something more interesting – only one pineapple is produced by a single plant in a single season.

12. Pineapple is pollinated by some birds and even bats. Hummingbird is one such bird which is responsible for pollination of pineapples.

13. The only US state where pineapples are still grown is Hawaii. The first cultivation of pineapple in Hawaii took place in 18th century.

14. Pineapple is commercially grown in several countries. The countries with maximum pineapple production are:

Vietnam0.66 million tonnes
Mexico0.82 million tonnes
Nigeria1.46 million tonnes
India1.74 million tonnes
Indonesia1.84 million tonnes
China1.889 million tonnes
Thailand1.915 million tonnes
Philippines2.51 million tonnes
Brazil2.65 million tonnes
Costa Rica2.916 million tonnes

15. Here is something really surprising – more than 200 flowers are produced by a single pineapple plant. These flowers have their individual fruits which look like scales. These individual fruits join together to form a single pineapple.

Interesting Pineapple Facts: 16-20

16. Each pineapple has individual segments. These segments interlock with each other in two helices – 13 in one direction and 8 in the other direction – each of which is a Fibonacci number.

17. The 200 flowers that we talked about usually have different colors ranging from purple to red and even lavender. There are some cultivar which get way more than 200 flowers.

18. A pineapple plant can, in the wild, stay alive and continue giving fruits for up to 50 years.

19. Pineapple belongs to the family called bromeliad. Of all the plants that belong to this family, pineapple is the most economically profitable.

20. Did you know that almost every party of pineapple can be used for alcohol and vinegar production? Apart from that, the non-edible parts (the parts that humans cannot eat) can actually be used as food for animals that are domesticated!

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