20 Interesting Narendra Modi Facts

by Sankalan Baidya
interesting Narendra Modi facts

Narendra Modi is India’s one of the most influential leaders. In this article on interesting Narendra Modi facts we will take a look at his life and his views. He is actually an epitome of the classic rags-to-riches personalities. From absolutely nothing to the Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy – Narendra Modi’s life has been quite interesting.

This is not a biography type article and don’t expect a whole lot of details about his life. We will only pick up some interesting facts that are worth sharing.

A few quick facts about Narendra Modi

  • Date of Birth: 17th September, 1950
  • Place of Birth: Vadnagar, Gujarat
  • Full Name: Narendra Damodardas Modi
  • Father’s Name: Damodardas Modi
  • Mother’s Name: Hiraba Modi (Heeraben)
  • Marriage and Wife: Jashodaben Modi (Parental name: Jashodaben Chimanlal). Arranged marriage that was never consummated.
  • Educational Background: MA from Gujarat University
  • Religion: Hinduism

Interesting Narendra Modi Facts: 1-5

1. Modi was born in a family of grocers. The family belong to a community of Modh-Ghanchi-Teli that is classified as a backward class by Indian Government.

2. Modi used to help his father in selling tea on railway stations. A few years later, Modi and his elder brother started running a tea stall at a bus terminus.

3. At the age of 13, he was engaged to a girl named Jashodaben Chimanlal and was married to her when he was 18 years old. However, the marriage was never consummated.

4. Soon after the marriage, Narendra Modi left his house and started off with his 2-year-long travel. He visited several Hindu ashrams.

5. He kept his marriage a secret even when he became associated with RSS or Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh. He became a pracharak (propagator) of RSS. However, he had to disclose it in 2014 when he filed nomination for the General Election. His marriage was kept a secret for nearly 50 years.

Interesting Narendra Modi Facts: 6-10

6. Narendra Modi loves Hindi – the national language of India. That is why he puts his signature in Hindi whether it is a casual occasion or an official document.

7. Modi studies a 3-month long course from USA on public relations and image management. He has put good use of the lessons he learned.

8. He completed BA in 1978 from Delhi University. He studied Political Science. In 1983, after a few years of gap, he completed his MA in the same subject from Gujarat University.

9. He follows the ideologies spread by Swami Vivekananda. Just like Swamiji, Modi is also a great orator. Did you know, Swamiji’s real name was Narendra too (His full name was Narendra Nath Datta)?

10. When he was a child, he wanted to become a sanyasi. When he became a teenager, he ventured out of a 2-year-long travel and visited Ramkrishna Mission of Belur Math and Rajkot and eventually went to Himalayas to spend some time with sadhus. He even lived a gypsy life.

Interesting Narendra Modi Facts: 11-15

11. Narendra Modi writes poetry in Gujarati – his mother tongue. Some of his works have been published. He is also a photographer and an exhibition was held in which his photography works were showcased.

12. Shinzo Abe – the Japanese Prime Minister follows only four people on Twitter. Narendra Modi is one of those four people. Modi has a follower base of 12 million on Twitter, making him the most-followed Asian leader and second-most followed world leader. In terms of world, US President Barack Obama takes the first position.

13. In 2005, he was denied of US Diplomatic Visa on the grounds that he was responsible for Godhra riots of 2002. The human rights group of American Justice Center filed a lawsuit against Modi on September 25, 2014 for being involved in Godhra riots of 2002 but in January 2015, the lawsuit was dismissed by US.

14. The clothes he wears does not have any crease. He always wears well-ironed dresses. This is a habit he developed since his childhood. He in fact came up with a self-devised iron to press his clothes. He used a brass container filled with hot water for the purpose. More interestingly, he wears custom-made clothes from a textile company brand known as Jade Blue. The company is an Indian company located in Ahmedabad.

15. Modi is an early riser. He wakes up anywhere between 5:00 and 5:30 AM in the morning – 365 days a year. That’s when he wakes up even if he goes to bed late.

Interesting Narendra Modi Facts: 16-20

16. Narendra Modi is very tech-savvy. He uses technology to stay in touch with Indians and also maintains a Facebook and Twitter account that he follows regularly to check for criticisms. He is also the first Indian politician to make use of social networking sites for his election campaigns.

17. During the Indo-Pak war of 1965, Modi aided the Indian soldiers at railway platform. He was only a teenager then but it reflects his patriotism.

18. In his 13 years of service as Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi did not take a single day’s leave. He is purely workaholic and prefers to call himself a Common Man. In fact, when he was Chief Minister, he was quoted saying that he was always a CM of Gujarat and will always remain so because CM for him is Common Man and not Chief Minister.

19. In Modi’s hometown, there is a lake known as Sharmishtha Lake. That lake is home for crocodiles. As a child, he used to play in that area. Once a croc managed to attack and hit Modi with its tail. Modi was seriously injured but luckily he survived the attack.

20. When he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he navigated the state to an exponential growth path. In 2010, Forbes ranked Ahmedabad – Gujarat’s largest city as the 3rd fastest growing city in world. The top two positions were taken by Chongqing and Chengdu – two Chinese cities.

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