The very mention of the name ‘Bermuda Triangle’ sends a chill through our spines despite the fact that the anomalies of the area have ceased to exist. What if we say there is yet another place that challenges the infamous Bermuda Triangle with the only difference being that it’s no water this time – it is all dense green? We are talking of a forest located in Romania which is today dubbed as the Romanian Bermuda Triangle. There are many creepy stories about people going missing and UFO sightings in that forest. Let us learn 20 interesting Hoia Baciu Forest facts and find out what makes the place so creepy and haunted.

Interesting Hoia Baciu Forest Facts: 1-10

1. Spanning over an area of 250 hectares and located near Cluj-Napoca near Enthographic Museum of Transylvania lies the forest of Hoia Baciu forest.

2. People have reported strange things in the forest that include unexplained apparitions, ghost sightings, emergence of unexplained faces in photographs that were not visible otherwise to the photographers and more…

3. The forest came into focus when UFO sightings were reported in late 1960s and one resident of Cluj ended up photographing the UFO.

4. Several analysis were done and it turned out that the photograph was not a fake one and looked very authentic.

5. People who visit the forest often end up reporting very unusual feelings. They report anxiety and often say that they felt as if someone has been watching over them constantly.

6. Even weird, the trees in the forest are pretty unusual in shape and charring on branches and tree stumps appear without any explanation.

7. What really makes thing creepy in there is that electronic devices often end up malfunctioning inside the forest. While this may be due to some kind of natural magnetic and electrical phenomena of the area, paranormal investigators at once attribute the events to some kind of supernatural activity.

8. That’s not all! There have been reports of people developing unexplained rashes and suddenly falling ill after entering the forest.

9. Other paranormal activities include sudden appearances of light orbs, sudden breaking of drop-dead silence by shrill giggling of females and people getting scratched with no one else around. No one has been able to provide a valid explanation to the strange happenings of the place.

10. If all of that is not enough for an adventure-seeking brave heart, there is more in store. Reports of a heavy black fog appearing out from nowhere is quite a common tale.

Interesting Hoia Baciu Forest Facts: 11-20

11. In 1960s, Alexander Swift – a biologist, went out on a mission to study the magnetism and light phenomena that were previously reported. He studied it for quite some time and collected a huge archive of photographs.

12. In 1993 Swift died but within a few days after his death, most of the photographs he collected went missing and were never recovered. Only a few were left which were later published in a book titled Fenomenele de la Pădure Hoia-Baciu. The book was authored by Adrian Pătruț – a professor of chemistry and a friend of Alexander Swift.

13. The strange happenings of the forest have led many people to believe that the woods provide a gateway to a completely other dimension.

14. Probably, the strangest of all is that of experiencing missing time. This is one of a type story that has been associated with the Hoia Baciu forest. There have been stories floating around which say that many people who entered the forest went missing for quite some time and when they came back, they had absolutely no memory of the time they spent in the forest or what they did!

15. One of the most popular stories is that of a 5-year-old girl who accidentally wandered off into the forest and was never found only to come back after 5 years wearing the same clothes she had been wearing when she was lost. Interestingly, the clothes were completely untarnished and the weirdest part – she had absolutely no memory of what happened in those 5 years.

16. There is yet another popular story about the unusual happenings in the forest. It is being said that hundreds of Romanian peasants were once ruthlessly murdered in the forest. Ever since then, their tormented souls have made appearances in form of observing green eyes and sometimes in form of the unknown black fog.

17. Even the light orbs that have been reported were actually tested using thermal detectors and no thermal signatures have been detected from those orbs. However, the truth of this story cannot be validated.

18. Even weirder is the circular vegetation dead zone inside the forest. This refers to a particular place in forest which is devoid of any kind of flora. Nothing ever grows in that area. The area is a near perfect circle and scientists have tested the soil in the area but did not find any kind of unusual chemicals or soil composition that can lead to a dead zone!

19. As mentioned at the very beginning, the Hoia Baciu forest is located near Transylvania – the place that is world-renowned for the Dracula legend. The fame of this forest today seems to be catching up with the legendary Dracula story and many believe that the hauntings of the Hoia Baciu forest are true.

20. Finally, the name of the forest has an interesting story. It is being told that long ago, a shepherd went inside the forest with 200 sheep and was never seen again. The shepherd’s name was Hoia Baciu and ever since then, the forest has been named after the shepherd.

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